Get Outta Town!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Cassandra insists on leaving town, Greenlee creates a romantic evening for Aidan, Annie and Kendall have it out, Erica undermines Carmen's confidence and Jack makes a huge decision.

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Angie tries to cheer up Jesse but he can't forget what Cassandra said about Frankie and he thinks she might be right! He says he should have been more understanding with Cass; Angie says he was fine and offers to talk to her. She goes to Cass's room; she is packing. She insists on leaving and won't listen to Angie. Angie grabs her and says she isn't allowed to run - she has to stand and fight. Cass says they are a family - she is an outsider. No matter what Angie says, Cassandra can't believe that Jesse loves her or that she belongs with them. Angie begs her to reconsider but Cass refuses. They go back to Jesse, who says he has cleared things with the DA. Cassandra apologizes for being so difficult and then hurries off to see Dre one last time. Angie is heartbroken that she is leaving town. She says she didn't realize how tough this would be for Cass; Jesse says Cassandra will be fine. Angie says he doesn't get it - she has been trying to control their family from the beginning and she's afraid she has gone too far. She goes on and on about the error of her ways. Jesse says she didn't do anything wrong. Angie emotionally says they can't be the same people they were 20 years ago!


Cassandra meets Dre at BJ's. She takes his hands and says she is leaving for Paris because she doesn't fit in with her Pine Valley family. Dre thinks this is his fault but she insists it is all because of Jesse. He says they should disappear together! Cass says they can't be fugitives. He kisses her and says he only wants to be with her.


Erica is dressing Carmen and suggests she start dating. Carmen brings up Jack and asks if Erica still loves him. Jack arrives with Erica's last release papers. She chatters on about Carmen; Jack can't take his eyes off of her but Erica doesn’t notice. Carmen tries to make a quick getaway but Jack brings up Greenlee and their night at ConFusion. Jack tells Erica everything, stunning her. Jack leaves. Erica brings up the dinner and Carmen says it was a business dinner but that with everyone else showing up they got distracted from work. Erica asks what Carmen wants and she says she has everything she needs - a job, her freedom and friends. Erica brings up Jack and asks about romance. Carmen says Jack is Erica's and therefore hands off to her. Erica says Jack isn't hers any longer - but that he isn't over her! This saddens Carmen, who thinks she can't appeal to a good man. Erica says she can attract anyone she wants to but then says she shouldn't even consider a rebound relationship with Jack. The more she talks about Jack's good points, the more upset Erica becomes. She tries to focus on Jack's bad points - his stubbornness and rigidity. "You don't want me to date Jack, do you?" Carmen asks. Erica backtracks and says Jack deserves to have some fun and then says she doesn't care who Jack dates. Carmen is excited and leaves.

Greenlee calls Aidan at BJ's and says she has a surprise for him when he gets home. Tad overhears and says he is whipped! Over a drink, Tad tells Aidan about the downside of marriage. Aidan would rather focus on the good parts so Tad tells him there will be days when he can talk to Greenlee without saying a word.


Zach answers the door at home to find Ryan and Annie waiting. Ryan asks if they can take Spike to the fair. Kendall pipes up that he isn't home because Rachael took him to music camp. Annie says Kendall should have told them; Ryan says Kendall told him and he must have forgotten to pass along the information. She gets snippy with both of them - and says Kendall is just trying to keep Spike from her! Richie appears to instigate Annie's anger. Ryan and Zach try to diffuse the situation but Annie won't back down and neither will Kendall. Annie reminds her how she stood by the family when Spike was in danger and doesn't understand why things have changed. Kendall ignores her and says she should go home! "You witch," Annie says and runs after Kendall. Ryan and Zach follow. Zach takes Annie, who is still distracted with Richie. She says she still feels uncertain about Ryan because of Greenlee - she says Greenlee is ruining her marriage. She points out that they were going to renew their vows until Greenlee showed up. Zach says Ryan chose her and Greenlee is happily married. Annie insists Ryan is being pushed away from her and stares at Kendall. "Somebody's starting to smell like road kill to me," Richie says. Meanwhile, Ryan takes on Kendall who won't give up on the secret key. He says it was just a diary key and that Kendall needs to back off. She says he has to leave Annie immediately. She says it is only a matter of time before Annie takes things out on Spike and says he needs to have her committed! Ryan refuses. Kendall gives in but says she'll only let Spike spend time with them if Annie isn't left alone with the kiddo. Across the room, Richie keeps pushing Annie. Ryan decides to take Annie home. Kendall changes her tune and suggests and overnighter for the next day.


Outside the house, Annie says Kendall is up to something. Ryan says Kendall is just trying to be nice. Annie won't give in and says Kendall is undermining her. Ryan lashes out and tells her to leave it alone. He walks away.


At the penthouse, Greenlee realizes that Jake is packing to move. He sees her romantic dinner and tries to help since she isn't a cook. Greens reminds him that he doesn't have to rush away but he says it is time to move on. He helps her with some more dinner preparations and they have a glass of wine. He says he'll stay in a hotel for a while but that he is leaving town - very soon. She says he is running and suggests that he think about what he really wants and fight for it. Greens says she knows of a great apartment if he'll stay; he says he'll think about it. Greenlee says Pine Valley needs him and he leaves. Jack arrives and Greenlee, thinking he is Aidan, opens the door with her dress undone. She laughs and he closes his eyes while she fixes herself up. Greenlee asks what is going on with Carmen. He says he is finally over Erica and that it's nice to be around a woman without an agenda. Jack changes the subject and Greens tells him about Aidan's house plans. She quickly turns the tables and says he needs to ask Carmen out on a real date. He says he did but Carmen hasn't answered yet. She convinces him to call her and not hang up without a yes. Jack leaves. Greenlee realizes her fondue is burning - so dinner is off. She gets another idea. Aidan arrives home and finds a trail of breadcrumbs leading up to Greenlee - dressed in lingerie - on the buffet table!

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