A Memory, A Near Meltdown and An Award!

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Taylor surprises Jesse and Angie with Frankie's heroics, Annie nearly melts down on the plane home, Ryan saves Greenlee's day and Carmen takes a trip down Memory Lane with Randi.

A Memory, A Near Meltdown and An Award! image

On the plane to Pine Valley, Aidan makes a toast and surprises Greenlee with a wedding video. Ryan can't watch it and fixes a strong drink; Annie says he shouldn't drink on a plane. They sit down as the video ends. Greenlee goes to the bathroom. Annie has another morning sickness attack so Ryan sits with her for a while. Greenlee calls Kendall, who has been very quiet, which worries Zach. Kendall convinces Zach to distract Aidan with a tour of the plane and since Annie is sleeping, asks Ryan to come with her - to fish Greenlee's wedding earring out of the toilet! Ryan and Greenlee are alone in the bath when she asks his advice for a marriage and lasting happiness. He tells her things will be fine as long as she remembers that she deserves total happiness. Turbulence tips the plane and jams the door - they are stuck inside!


Back in the cabin, Annie sees Richie. He turns the knife, telling her that Ryan couldn't wait to have time alone with Greenlee. Kendall comes over and Annie demands to know why Ryan snuck into the bathroom with Greenlee. Kendall says it isn't a big deal and Annie gets angry. Just then, turbulence tips the plane. Annie insists on getting to the bathroom but Kendall won't let her. Richie appears and goads Annie, who focuses on a fire extinguisher. "What are you going to do to me?" Kendall asks. Before Annie can do anything, Ryan bangs on the door and yells that they are locked in. Kendall goes after Zach and Aidan as Ryan tries to keep Greenlee calm. She pictures the house Aidan is building for her to keep from freaking out. As she talks, Ryan is captivated by the picture she paints. Aidan and Zach arrive; Zach calls the pilot. Greenlee starts to break down inside the small space; Kendall takes Annie aside, telling her that they have to put their differences aside. Ryan gets Greenlee to sing to help ease her fears. Kendall tells Annie the whole ring-losing story but she is still angry. She wants him out of the bathroom now! She wonders where the key is, which gives Kendall the only opening she needs. She tells Annie she knows about the hidden key and so does Ryan! "Care to share?" she asks sweetly. Annie refuses. Richie appears and she says none of this would be happening if he'd killed Greenlee in the first place! Kendall overhears part of the conversation and asks who Annie was talking to. Aidan finally gets the door open as Ryan and Greenlee begin laughing.


At home, Tad and Krystal flirt with making love but since Kathy is due home from camp, they don't do anything. Krystal asks Tad for some bonding time with Kathy and he agrees but when Kathy gets home, she won't have that at all! Tad convinces her that she'll have a good time and leaves anyway. Krystal offers to help Kathy redecorate her dollhouse with the new toys Krystal bought but Kathy won't let her. She daydreams that Tad comes home and creates a new game - one where they kill Krystal! Kathy turns to Krystal and says, "Wanna play a new game?" She tells Krystal that it is a hiding game; Krystal is first to hide. Kathy counts but as soon as Krystal goes outside to hide - she locks her out! Krystal tells her to open the door but Kathy won't. Jenny starts to cry, worrying Krystal even more. She is still banging on the door when Tad returns home. She runs upstairs to Jenny. Tad goes to Kathy and says she was wrong to lock out Krystal - and now she's not getting her gift. "But I want her to go away," Kathy says as Krystal walks in with screaming Jenny.


Carmen and Randi meet at Myrtle's old shop and relive old times. They used to visit the shop, when Myrtle still owned it, as kids to window shop. As they talk, Carmen tries to get Randi to open up about the past but she refuses. They walk to BJ's for lunch and Carmen still tries to get Randi to talk but she won't. She says she isn't the same little girl she was when she followed Carmen around, hanging on her every word. Carmen apologizes for leaving Randi behind and asks about work. They both agree that things are going well for them. Randi finally admits her doctor is real. Carmen wants to meet him but Randi refuses. Carmen checks the time and realizes she is late for work. She and Randi decide to meet again later and she leaves.


At the Hubbard apartment, Taylor tells Jesse and Angie about her family's military history and says she was very impressed with Frankie in Iraq. She mentions that she is going back for another tour, which angers Frankie. She says she is needed there. Then, she goes to her bag and takes out a Silver Star, which Frankie received for his service there. He is annoyed that Taylor brought it and says it doesn't mean anything. Taylor, Angie and Jesse think differently. They ask what happened but Frankie doesn't want her to tell the story. Taylor tells them that during a suicide bombing and attack, Frankie saved 14 soldiers by dragging them away from the battleground. "But I didn't save everyone," Frankie says. Jesse and Angie give them some space. Frankie asks how long Taylor is going to be around and she says until her new orders come in. He says she'll never survive Iraq until she realizes the war cannot be won! Frankie looks at Taylor's foot, which has been giving her problems for months. He says she has to get her injury fixed or she'll never make it through a tour. He offers to take care of her treatment himself. She says no. Frankie walks her to the door, worried about her. She swears she is fine; he hugs her. Randi walks up and sees them together. She turns around and leaves.

In their bedroom, Angie turns to Jesse, nearly in tears. She finally realizes just how dangerous his life was while he was deployed.

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