Nobody Likes a Buttinsky!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Zach sets Kendall straight, Annie tries to manipulate Ryan even more, Greenlee makes a huge decision, Jesse talks about the case with Angie, Jake and Taylor officially meet and Cassandra continues to act out against Jesse.

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Erica stops by Samuel's to see how he is holding up. He says even she can't derail his campaign when she asks how it is going. Erica comments that maybe they should back off, just in case. Sam asks if she is giving him an out - or trying to take one for herself! She says she is just trying to do the right thing. He asks about Jack and Erica tells him about the break up; she makes it sound like the break up was her idea. He kisses her and says their relationship won't hurt his campaign. She admits she is a bit scared to take this step; he admits to some fears, too, but says he wants to jump right along with her.


On the beach, Jake sees the mystery woman again. This time when she stops he gives her running advice. She asks what qualifies him for advice and he says he is a doctor. She laughs and says she can take care of herself. He swears he isn't flirting with her, he is just trying to help her. They introduce themselves and then part ways.


At BJ's, Frankie and Cassandra have milkshakes. They talk about the hit and run and Dre; Frankie says Cassandra is in a good place thanks to Jesse. "Oh, please," she says, certain that Jesse doesn't care about her at all. Frankie says she knows better than that so she starts to leave. He changes the subject and she asks about Randi; he admits he likes her but says he doesn't know where things are going.

At home, Jesse is giving an officer orders to look for the lug wrench along the highway when Angie arrives home. She asks when things are going to get back to normal, with Frankie as well as Cass. Jesse says Frankie can handle himself and he'll protect Cass. He says all of the kids may get off because the hit-and-run may have happened after Richie was already dead. Cassandra and Frankie arrive. Jesse tries to make nice with her but she takes everything he says the wrong way and storms out. A woman in an Army uniform knocks on the door and asks for Frankie - it's Taylor! Frankie hugs her and they laugh, making Jesse and Angie curious.

In the hall, Cass calls Jacob.


Annie and Ryan go to their hotel room. She kisses him, saying this would have been a second honeymoon night - and then runs for the bathroom. He gets club soda and crackers for her; she tells him to go have fun but he won't leave her. As they talk, Annie brings up Greens, upsetting Ryan, because she won't drop the subject. She asks what would have happened if they would have stayed together but Ryan can't answer her questions. She points out that it couldn't have worked because Greenlee didn't really want kids and reminds him how happy she and Emma are to have him in their lives. She asks if he is happy and he swears he is. Just then, Richie's ghost appears and laughs at her for believing that Ryan wants her and not Greens. She pulls away from Ryan and insists they leave right away. She starts packing. Ryan has no idea what is going on.


Aidan and Greenlee get to their hotel room, which is covered in flower petals. Aidan carries Greenlee inside and they make love. After, as they are talking, Greenlee states she isn't going to change her name or who she is to fit into Aidan's "wife" box. Aidan says he doesn't want her to change anything about herself at all! He says he isn't Ryan and won't make her flip herself inside out. She wonders if he really means it and he swears they will do things right. She decides it is time to go home.


Zach takes Kendall to their room; she asks if he would like to renew their wedding vows - and he says no! She can't believe him until he says he wouldn't marry her again on a boat - he'd only marry her in the Sistine Chapel. Kendall laughingly says he would really want the Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit. He agrees. Kendall starts talking about their friends again, upsetting Zach. She apologizes but can't stop thinking about Ryan's feelings and Greenlee's actions and Annie's craziness. He says they should just spy on Ryan and Annie but Kendall says they can't. She won't stop talking about how sad Ryan is and how strange Annie is acting. Zach cuts in and says she needs to stop focusing on their friends and start focusing on their relationship! Kendall says they are together just like always; he says they are together but they aren't living their life. She says the Vegas trip was his idea. He asks about the boys and she realizes that they haven't been spending time as a family. She sadly hugs him and says, "Lets go home."

In the lobby, Aidan and Greens, Zach and Kendall and Ryan and Annie barely miss running in to one another as they all leave the hotel. Greenlee decides to place one more bet but loses - and Ryan runs into them. Zach and Kendall walk up, too. He invites everyone to join them on the Cambias jet; they leave together.

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Kendall questions Annie about the key.

Carmen and Randi talk about their past.

Taylor introduces herself to Frankie's parents - and then returns his Silver Star!

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