A Lightbulb Moment!

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Tad and Jesse search Annie's car, Ryan and Annie burst in on Greenlee's wedding, Petey declares his feelings for Colby, Cassandra desperately wants to save Dre and both Amanda and Babe make hiring decisions.

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Colby and Cassandra arrive at the Yacht Club. Cassandra runs to Dre, crying. She can't understand why Dre has been arrested when Richie was such a bad person. As they talk, Cassandra suggests that someone else killed Richie before they hit him; Dre says that couldn't have happened but Cassandra reminds him of how many other people hated Richie. Dre says whatever happens, he will be okay. She promises to be there for him no matter what happens. They kiss.

Petey sidetracks Colby, who thinks he is stalking her. He says he just likes her. She asks about college and he says he is tired of being a brain and is taking a break. Colby says they can never have a romantic relationship. "But I love you," blurts Petey! Colby gets really nervous. Petey pretends it was a joke.


In the garage, Jesse questions what Tad is doing. Tad says Jesse should get on board so they can figure out who actually killed Richie. Tad goes ahead with his breaking and entering and Jesse turns his back so that he won't compromise any future investigations. Tad notices that, for a car that hit a tree, it is in surprisingly good condition. He says most of the damage looks minor - like someone hit the car repeatedly with a pipe! Tad checks out more of the car and realizes one of the tires looks brand new. He checks the trunk and sees that there is no spare tire and that the wrench is missing! Jesse says an awful lot of things are disappearing - and every missing thing surrounds Annie! He remembers what Angie said about the head trauma; he realizes Dre may be innocent.

Kendall corners Zach and demands to know what he knows; he says he didn't learn anything conclusive. Kendall jumps to the conclusion that Annie actually killed Richie. Zach tells her again to relax and promises that he won't let Annie hurt the kids. He also points out that they all could have killed Richie that night, given the opportunity. Kendall won't listen. She insists that they tell Ryan straight away; Zach won't let her. He leads her back to the bar.

At the bar, Ryan tells Annie that he wants to marry her again. He says they should consider this trip their second chance. Annie loves that idea.


Annie, Ryan, Kendall and Zach head for the wedding chapel but they have to wait because another ceremony is already underway. They wait but Annie gets impatient, especially after Ryan brings up how Greenlee crashed their first wedding. She convinces everyone to crash the wedding already going on.


In the wedding chapel, Aidan brings up friends and family, wondering if Greens is serious about getting married. She swears she only wants him and that she doesn't care about a dress or attendants. Aidan says, craziness and all, Greenlee is the most sane person he knows. He accepts her proposal. They kiss and then Aidan runs from the room to find witnesses and a justice of the peace. He finds Babs and Foster and they agree to be the witnesses. The ceremony gets underway and they say their vows. They realize at the last minute that they don't have rings. Greenlee takes off her earrings to use as rings. Just then, Ryan, Annie, Kendall and Zach arrive. Greenlee thinks it is funny that Annie and Ryan were planning to renew their vows at the same chapel where she is saying hers. The minister continues with the ceremony by asking if anyone objects to the union! Ryan watches but doesn't say anything. Annie seems triumphant. Aidan places an earring on Greenlee's finger and she does the same. Annie claps as they kiss but both Kendall and Ryan look heartbroken.

Randi and Amanda meet up again at ConFusion. Randi asks her about Jake and Amanda asks Randi about Frankie. They talk about men and then Amanda offers her a job.


Meanwhile, upstairs at Fusion, Carmen asks Babe if she can see Kendall. Babe explains that Kendall is out of town; Carmen says Adam fired her and Erica thought she could work at Fusion! She starts to leave but Babe stops her, saying she just received hiring power and can't believe her luck! She is worried, though, that Kendall will fire Carmen as soon as she returns. She goes out on a limb, though, and hires her. Amanda arrives a few minutes later and introduces Randi as their new hire; Babe says they can't hire Randi because she already hired Carmen. They argue and Amanda says they are turning into Kendall and Greens! Babe apologizes to Randi, who is very gracious and says she understands why she can't be hired. Amanda apologizes to her and so does Babe. She also tells Randi that she will be their next call. Amanda leads her away. Carmen returns and bumps into Randi. "What are you doing here?" they ask at the same time! Carmen clams up when Babe questions how they know one another and says she doesn't want the job. She leaves!

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