You're Fired!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Erica tries to manipulate Adam, Samuel and Dre come to an understanding, Kendall tries to mend fences with Amanda and Babe, JR gets Colby to an AA meeting, and Jesse looks into Annie's accident.

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At the Chandler mansion, JR and Babe follow Colby to the door, telling her that she needs to attend an AA meeting. She doesn't want to and insists she doesn't have a drinking problem. JR and Babe won't listen so to get them to stop, she agrees to go. Babe leaves for work.

JR and Babe go to an AA meeting at the hospital. JR sits down and recounts his crimes while he was drinking. After the meeting, Colby says she isn't like the other people at the meeting and storms off. JR follows but Colby won't open up to him. She says she is nothing like the wacked-out alcoholics in the room - or him for that matter! She walks off.


Angie comes into the kitchen, telling Frankie that Cass is still sleeping. They talk about her problems, wondering how they can help. Frankie says Cass will be fine because Dre is a good guy. He brings up his date with Randi. Although she is disappointed, Angie admits that Frankie is old enough to make his own decisions. Just then, Jill arrives! Angie apologizes and says she completely forgot about dinner. Jill asks about Cassandra and then leaves. Angie tells Frankie to let her have it but he doesn't go off on her. Instead, he quietly says he is capable of making his own relationship decisions. Angie says he can't predict what Fletcher will do. He promises to take care of himself and leaves for work. In the hall, two thugs attack Frankie!


At the Chandler manse, Carmen disrupts Adam's work by vacuuming. Erica arrives and demands that Adam help Dre! He says there is nothing he can do for Dre because he is in just as much trouble. Erica won't give in. Carmen suggests that Adam buy a replica car. Erica keeps pushing him but Adam refuses to consider helping Dre. He accuses Erica of using Dre's problems to get in good with Sam - and find her eleventh husband! Carmen defends Erica. Adam fires her! He walks out. Erica says she can fix the problem and calls Kendall for help. Kendall doesn't pick up the phone.

At home, Zach convinces Kendall that they have to go to Vegas with Ryan and Annie to keep an eye on her. He says this is the only way they will know if she is competent enough to be around the boys. Kendall worries about Annie and then realizes she has a bigger problem - leaving Amanda and Babe to look after Fusion again.


At the police station, Samuel takes a call from Carl as Jesse gives Dre his walking papers. Melvin is there and once Sam is off the phone, leads them away. Zach arrives and asks to see Annie's accident report. An officer goes to get it; Jesse arrives. Zach says he is looking into Annie's accident and Jesse says it is an open and shut case. The officer returns with the file and Zach leaves. Jesse says he wants a copy of the accident report, too.


Sam, Dre and Melvin arrive at the Valley Inn. Samuel angrily hangs up on Carl for the five-hundredth time, saying he may need to find a new job if he can't handle the press! Dre apologizes again. Sam says he is just sorry Dre didn't feel he could come to them. Melvin says both men need to start talking openly; Dre says he can't talk to Sam because of all the phone calls. Samuel turns off the phone and says he is ready to listen - then he suggests that Dre drop Cassandra! This angers Dre until Samuel says Cassandra needs her family and stability, not more drama. He says if Dre keeps coming around, Cass will never get over the trauma of the accident. Dre reluctantly agrees with him. Samuel hugs Dre as Melvin says they did a great job at their first talk.


Amanda is the only one at Fusion when Babe arrives. They complain about the missing-in-action Greenlee, Kendall and Annie, saying the women are taking advantage of them! Kendall arrives with snacks and coffees but they give her the cold shoulder. She finally gets Babe talking about Colby and JR and things start to feel normal. Then she says she is leaving town for an extended weekend with Annie, Ryan and Zach. "I quit!" Babe exclaims and storms off. Amanda follows. Kendall stops them at the elevator and explains about Annie's issues. She begs them not to quit. Babe points out that Annie and Ryan need time alone - not with her! Kendall says this trip is the only way to find out what is really wrong with Annie. Babe and Amanda finally give in and agree to hold down the fort once Kendall agrees to consider raises and a better work schedule in the future. Kendall gives Babe hiring power to get them some more office staff and leaves.

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Fletcher confronts Frankie.

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