I'm Not Going Anywhere!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

JR confronts Adam, Dre is ready for prison, Annie and Ryan receive good news, Randi surprises Frankie, Jesse, Sam and Jack search for the truth and Tad confronts Krystal about her secrets.

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In the holding cell, Adam demands that Barry get him out of jail - and keep Colby out, too! JR is standing by, twisting the knife in Adam's side by questioning his competency. Adam asks if this is something else JR will use against him; JR says he is going to focus on Colby - for now! He says he could have helped fix the situation. Adam asks him to help now. JR agrees and then leaves. Erica walks in and asks Adam how he could hurt Colby - and Carmen! - this way! "You have jeopardized the terms of Carmen's bail," she says! Adam could care less about his new maid. Erica tells him to fix the situation - or else!


Meanwhile in the squad room, Jesse and Samuel come to an agreement to keep all of the kids out of jail. Jesse leaves to check on Dre. Erica arrives and asks if there is anything she can do. She reaches out to Sam just as Jack arrives! Samuel thanks Jack and fills him in on Dre's confession. Jesse returns. Jack asks about Adam's arrest and they leave to go over the case file. Sam thanks Erica for coming by and then several reporters burst into the room asking question after question about Erica, Dre and Sam's political career. He says he will stand by Dre no matter what that means for his career and then leaves. The reporters question Erica. She will only say that she supports Sam and Dre. Jesse returns and shows the reporters the door.


In the interrogation room, Dre goes over everything with Jack. He says he wasn't sure they had hit Richie until Petey ran the blood tests on the car. Jack realizes that with the blood only being on the bumper it could prove that Richie was already dead or dying. He asks where the car is now but Dre doesn't know. Jack goes to the hall and asks Jesse about the car; he says it was probably destroyed because all Adam will say is that it was stolen. Jack returns and tells Dre everything will be fine. He and Sam go into the hall where Erica is waiting. Sam is worried about his son; Jack says Dre is too willing to take all the blame. Erica begs Jack to keep Dre out of prison and then tells Sam that there is no better lawyer than Jack. Jack gets a call that Dre's arraignment is set. He and Dre walk out together. Sam and Erica hang back to make a dinner date.

Jesse goes to Adam's cell and tells him that if he hadn't gotten rid of the car, the kids might all be in the clear now. Adam says this is all Jesse's fault and that he shouldn't have questioned the kids in the first place. Adam threatens to sue Jesse and the police department. Jesse shows Adam one more piece of evidence - a piece of Colby's car found at a local landfill! Jesse says they are going to scour all the landfills they have to until they find the rest of the car! "Destroying evidence. Judges hate that," he says. Adam makes bail and walks out.


Tad and Krystal take Colby home. She is wrecked because of Dre's arrest and Cassandra's breakdown. Krystal and Tad say she can get through this but Colby isn't so sure. She goes upstairs. As soon as they are alone, Tad asks Krystal how she could have kept Adam's secrets! She insists she was trying to help Colby and begged Adam over and over to go to the police. He reminds her how much Adam has hurt his other children and says she should have come to him. She says she didn't intend to help Adam but she didn't see another way to help Colby. Tad says she shouldn't have lied to him; she says she never lied! Tad steps back and says she may not have lied but she wasn't 100% truthful either. She says she loves him and will make this up to him. Tad reminds her of Adam's bad side and asks when she will open her eyes and see the real Adam. She says she'll prove that she can stay away from Adam - if he'll just give her another chance. Tad takes her in his arms and says she doesn't have to prove anything, she just needs to trust their love! Krystal suggests they let Colby move in. Tad agrees. Colby comes back downstairs as they are headed up to bed. When she is alone, she pours a drink. JR walks in and asks what she is doing! She admits she is drinking and JR drags her to an AA meeting.


At the hospital, Jake tells Ryan and Annie how lucky they were and then leaves to get the release papers going. Annie talks about their miracle but Ryan is quiet. He leaves to check messages so Annie calls Rachael and asks her to bring Emma to the hospital. Ryan returns and says Dre was just arrested for the hit-and-run! Annie pretends to be shocked that they really were the culprits. Ryan doesn't believe she is upset about the arrest. She plays up to him, saying she is at fault for everything because she brought Richie to town. When he sees how stressed out she is, Ryan changes the subject by saying they need to focus on their family. Annie looks across the room and sees Richie in the corner! Emma arrives. They show her the ultrasound and she says she wants a sister. Then, she asks if Ryan is going to live with them again. Emma falls asleep. Ryan apologizes to Annie for causing her any doubts. He says he'll be better from now on and caresses her belly. He says he'll get things right this time around. Ryan goes to get her release papers. Annie sees Richie again. He tells her she is crazy and she tells him to leave her alone.


At the admit desk, Jake questions Frankie about Cass, Colby and Dre. Frankie doesn't have any more news but says he wants to hurry home to talk to Cass. Jake wishes him luck and then leaves for a run. Frankie finishes some paperwork and then Randi arrives! She says she heard about Cassandra's arrest and wanted to be here for him. They talk in the waiting area. Randi says Cass will be fine thanks to him, their mom and dad. "Strong family," she says. Frankie asks her to dinner and she agrees.

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