It's About The Business!

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Babe tells Kendall to get a grip on Fusion, Annie argues with Kendall about Greenlee, Frankie watches over Randi, Ryan and Greenlee go sailing, Zach takes his frustration out on Richie and Myrtle gives Zach advice.

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Frankie brings Angie in to consult on Randi's case. Frankie says he has been working with Randi and refuses to believe the officers who brought her in - they say Randi's a prostitute. Jesse arrives and tells Frankie to listen to the cops. Jesse tries to be the go-between for the cops and for Randi but the cops don't want him anywhere near their case now that he has chosen the University position over the Chief position. Jesse tries to explain that the Chief position wasn't right for him. The two cops give him a really hard time about it and then tell him there is no doubt that Randi is a prostitute. Angie watches Jesse with the cops and then sees Frankie sitting by Randi's side.

In the jail basement, Richie screams for the guards but no one comes to help him. Zach raises the metal pipe and pushes Richie down. Richie keeps yelling for help but Zach won't let him go. "There are no witnesses here," Zach says quietly and reminds Richie there was no one for them in the bomb shelter either. The guards return a while later. Zach is gone - and Richie is beaten up!


Meanwhile, Aidan arrives to see Richie but the guards tell him Richie is being checked out in medical. Aidan decides to wait. A while later Aidan is shown to Richie's cell. "Oh, that must hurt," he says when he sees Richie. He jokes about bringing Richie a rope so he could kill himself this time around. Richie tries to shrug off Aidan's threats. Aidan brings up Greenlee and Richie locking her in the hole. Richie curls up on his bunk, refusing to talk. Aidan says no one will forget what he did - so he better get used to a few beatings! Aidan leaves.


Amanda and Babe show up at Fusion just after Lucy Danzinger, the reporter, arrives. Kendall introduces everyone and then Babe and Amanda tell her there are problems with Atlanta's distribution. Lucy leaves after Annie arrives. Amanda offers to listen if Annie needs to talk. Annie begins to break down, telling Amanda that she feels guilty because of Richie. Amanda can relate to that because of Janet. Annie tries calling Ryan but he doesn't answer. Kendall goes to Babe, who is very standoffish because Greenlee has been ignoring the company for weeks. Kendall tries calling Greens but she doesn't answer. Annie jumps to the conclusion that Greenlee and Annie must be together. Kendall returns to Babe who says she is upset because now that Greenlee is back, she is being treated like she isn't worthy of running a stapler. Kendall says she is taking her anger about Richie out on Fusion. Babe angrily screams that she didn't sleep with Richie. Tired of Greenlee's missing-in-action tendencies, Annie tells Kendall they all have stuff to get through but at least they take work seriously. Kendall says she'll talk to Greens. A while later, Kendall corners Annie and asks her about the break-in. Annie angrily says Greens overreacted to the whole thing, especially when compared with the stunts Kendall and Greens have pulled in the past. She wonders why Kendall is on Greens' side all of a sudden and tells Kendall to just back off. She reminds Kendall of Spike's kidnapping, Greenlee being incommunicado for more than a year and the Satin Slayings when Greenlee ignored everyone. She brings up Aidan. "I get it - as long as Greenlee's away from your husband, you don't care," she says. She returns to her desk and stares at a picture of Ryan and Emma. Amanda comes to her side as Annie cries. She encourages Annie to hold on to Ryan. Babe returns to Kendall and tells her they all need to start treating the business like a business and not as a hobby. Annie apologizes to Babe because of Richie, trying to make her feel better. Babe beats herself up because of her belief in Richie. All the girls try to boost her spirits. "How do you know who to trust in life?" Babe asks. Later, Annie apologizes for taking her fears out on Kendall.

On the boat, Greenlee and Ryan relax. Greenlee starts rambling about Aidan and her father; Ryan says his problems are just as big. Then he reminds her, again, that he doesn't want to talk. Greenlee keeps chatting though. They sail a little farther with Ryan more or less ignoring her. She brings up Annie and the break-in; Ryan reminds her that she demolished his place with an ax. When Greens keeps talking about what happened, he admits that is very strange. Greenlee decides they both need a break and suggests they just follow the ocean current. She brings up the alternative treatment and Ryan tells her about the complications. Greens changes her tune and says he can't have the surgery. She offers to be his personal memory maker; Ryan says that won't help. She says he just needs to move forward and begin making more memories.


Zach returns to his office and surprises Myrtle. Myrt asks what is wrong and Zach says he can't stop the bad thoughts he's been having. They have a drink and Myrtle says Zach has every right to his bad thoughts. She tells him to concentrate on Kendall and the boys because that will keep him sane.

Zach goes home to find the boys playing trains with Rachael.

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Greenlee tries to make amends with Aidan.

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