No Risk, No Reward!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Jake tells Ryan about an experimental procedure, Richie knows Annie's secret, Erica tells Kendall to take control, Greenlee, Jack and Zach say their goodbyes to Lily.

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Ryan is just finishing up an exam with Angie when Jake stops in. Angie tells Ryan she'll take another look at his file and tests to see if there is anything they can do. Jake says he may have an idea. He tells Ryan about a deep brain therapy that has been used with Alzheimer's patients to repair some memory function. Ryan is excited about the possibilities but Angie is more leery. Jake gives Ryan more information. Annoyed, Angie says Ryan should look at other options before he turns to surgery. Jake and Angie argue about what is best for him; Angie wonders if Jake is really worried about Ryan - or himself! They keep sniping at each other about the best course of action. Angie leads Jake into the hall, telling him not to give Ryan hope about an experimental procedure that may not happen. She reminds him that he isn't even a doctor at Pine Valley Memorial. Jake reminds her just who he is and warns her not to talk to him this way again! He walks off. Angie returns to Ryan and takes a blood sample, telling him the amnesia could be viral. Ryan asks about Jake's idea. Angie says it is something to look into but not something to jump into! "It could be fatal," she says and reminds him that a quick fix isn't the best option. Angie leaves. Jake returns and tells Ryan the surgery is a long shot but could be worth it. "No risk, no reward," Ryan says.


Jesse and Samuel meet at BJ's. They talk about Sam's Senate campaign for a few minutes and then Sam reminds Jesse of his service to the community. Sidetracked, Jesse starts thinking about leaving his family for the last 20 years. Sam brings up his wife, who was killed in the 9/11 attacks. He wonders what might have happened if he'd chosen to spend a day with his family instead of work. Jesse tells him not to think that way. Sam brings up the open Chief of Police position. Jesse isn't sure it is a good idea but Samuel keeps pushing him. He says Jesse needs the job for his family as much as for himself. Finally, Jesse decides to think about it.

Jesse runs into Angie at the hospital. He tells her about Sam's job offer. Angie asks how Sam took it when Jesse turned him down!


At the prison, Kendall tells Erica about the fight with Zach. After a little nudging, Kendall spills the beans about everything. Erica says the real problem isn't Greenlee or their friendship - it is Kendall! "You let Greenlee control your life," Erica says. Kendall insists Greenlee isn't controlling her but that Greens' feelings matter to Kendall. Erica asks if Kendall sees Opal pulling things on Erica the way Greens pulls things on Kendall. Kendall admits she doesn't but insists that their friendship is different from Erica's and Opal's. Erica keeps pushing until Kendall says she'll try to focus less on Greenlee. Erica suggests laundry or some other mundane chore to create a quiet routine so she can shut out the chaos of Greenlee. The guard interrupts to take Erica back to her cell. "Be strong and be confident," Erica says, "be yourself." Back in the cells, Erica tells Carmen about Kendall's visit. Another inmate sees New Beginnings - with a new host at the helm! The new host is a reality show contestant. Carmen tries to calm Erica with talk about yoga but Erica can't take her eyes off the screen. She throws a fit - and several newspapers! - all over the cell.


Josh calls Greens about another date; Greens turns him down. Zach overhears and says she is too late to keep her one-night-stand a secret! Zach teases her a little but she doesn't tell him who she slept with. She tells him about running into Aidan at ConFusion. Zach is surprised that she is being so cavalier and when she goes on about Aidan's theories on their breakup, Zach agrees with him!


Jack meets Lily at the Yacht Club. They talk about MIT; Lily is worried about leaving Jack alone. When Lily talks about leaving and missing her family, Jack starts to cry. This worries Lily until Jack tells her how happy he is. Lily begins to cry. "No matter where you are, you'll never be alone," he says and holds out his hand. They hold hands for a while. Greenlee and Zach come over to say their goodbyes. Lily suggests that Greenlee work on her non-smiling problems by spending more time with Kendall. Jack and Lily leave. Zach offers to walk Greenlee to her meeting with Kendall, saying she might be able to line up her new conquest while they walk. Kendall arrives at the Yacht Club just then and sees Zach and Greenlee walking together.


At the penthouse, Annie opens a letter from Ryan's doctor about the vasectomy. The letter tells Ryan about a possible lawsuit. Richie barges in and grabs the letter from her! He realizes Annie has kept the vasectomy news a secret.

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