Tad and Dixie talk about the murder.

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Babe and Josh are kissing passionately on the roof.

Tad tells Dixie he's as guilty as she is.

Zach is going to tell Kendall everything!

Tad and Dixie talk about the murder. image

At Kendall's porch, Ryan stops Erica from interrupting Kendall and Zach, and takes her home. She insists Ryan and Kendall should be togethernot Zach! Ryan says Kendall has to be the one to make a choice between them, and he won't do anything to interfere.

Inside the house, Kendall tells Zach he's as guilty as the person who killed Madden. He agrees, and acknowledges all the things he's done that are wrong. He says he even more ruthless than his father, and always hurts the people he cares about most.

Kendall insists he a good manbut he says she knows who he really is. He says he loves her with everything he has, and that she loves him so much she ignored the real Zach. He is what he is. If she wants Ryan, she should go and get him.

She can't believe that Zach has no remorse for the live burial of Madden. Can she live with that? "Godo you know who buried Greg? Will you tell me?"

Zach refuses, and leaves.

Tad admits to Dixie that he enjoyed "playing God" with Madden's life, just like Madden did with Kate. Dixie tells him to look forward, and to find Kate. Tad doesn't know if he can deal with his guilt, and breaks down. Dixie tells him a person sometimes does what he has to do. He understands now what motivated Dixie, and apologizes for judging her.

Dixie tells Tad he can trust her. He pulls out his Madden files and she agrees to help him. Derek arrives and tells him he knows what Tad didand there's no chance he's going to get away with it! He accuses Tad of deliberately lying and ruining his caseand puts him under arrest for perjury.

Josh and Babe are making love on the roof, and are half-dressed, when Babe says she has to leave and return to her husband. She rushes away.

Back at home, a snide Colby asks Babe how she manages to jump from bed to bed. Babe tells Colby she's "on" to her; Colby calls her a "hypocrite." Krystal walks in on their loud argument, and orders Colby to stay out of their livesthen tells her that while she can't replace Colby's mother, Colby can count on her. Colby refuses, and mentions Babe's rendezvous with Josh.

Krystal asks if it's true, and Babe says she can't talk about it now, and leaves the room.

At conFusion, Di's angry at Aidan for not being in Pine Valley to help Dixie, and tells him to "go to hell." She then thanks Jamie, who angrily tells her to "drop it."

Josh walks in and confronts Jamie. He taunts him about "Martin v. Martin" in court. He angrily tries to get Jamie to reveal the real killer. Jamie tells him he'll never figure out who buried Greg.

Aidan returns to the club and tells Di how much he's missed her. They walk out together.


Erica tells Jackson she's going away.
Kendall tells Ryan she's not through with Zach.
Josh says he and Babe should tell JR together.

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