Shots Fired! Julia's Down!

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Angie and Jesse's dream wedding turns into a nightmare as Rob makes his getaway, taking Angie hostage and shooting guests on his way out!

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Still at the wedding reception, Aidan, Kendall, Zach and Greenlee are reeling from Greenlee's harsh words and the punch in the face Aidan received at Zach's hands. Kendall tries to get Greenlee to leave with her so they can sort things out, but Greenlee wants nothing to do with Kendall. Instead, Zach and Kendall are forced to leave the reception alone. In the car, Kendall rehashes what just went on inside. She wants to go back and find Greenlee but Zach won't let her. "You betrayed her trust," he says. "Her whole world is turned upside down." He's optimistic that, with a little time, Kendall's and Greenlee's friendship will be fine, but Kendall needs to give Greenlee that time to heal. Kendall, worrying that now even Fusion will be done for, obsesses about it. Zach gives up on Kendall, telling her to go ahead and go inside and "make it worse," because he knows she won't listen to him no matter what he says. No sooner does Kendall pile out of the car then Greenlee gets in, asking Zach to take her home.


Inside, Tad tries to get Adam to leave and stop making a scene. Adam yells for JR. Dixie, nearby, tells Adam that he can't protect his family in this way; the bad things are already in motion. Both Krystal and Adam are upset to hear that JR is in a room with Babe, and Adam sets off to find them. Tad catches him on the way out and says he needs to be in a mental hospital. Adam rambles about his kids not being safe and threatens to break Tad "like a stick" if he tries to stop him from protecting them. At every turn, Dixie appears in front of Adam warning him that people are about to get hurt. He's cocky and leaves Dixie and her advice behind as he sets off again to find JR and Babe.


The party is winding down and Jake announces to Julia that he's going to leave, but as he starts to make his way to the door, Dixie knocks a chair over in his path. She whispers to him again, saying he can't go, he needs to be there to help Tad. Jake backtracks and tells Julia that for some strange reason he feels like he should stick around. Kathy stops by and says she needs a trip to the ladies' room, and Colby offers to take her. But when Colby and Kathy try to leave the restroom, the door won't open. Dixie's on the other side, holding it closed.


Upstairs in the Hubbards' private room, Jesse's still got Rob at gunpoint. Just as it looks like Jesse has the upper hand, Angie walks in, giving Rob the chance he needs to get away. Rob grabs her and holds her hostage, making Jesse drop his gun. Now Rob's got Jesse at gunpoint, so Jesse decides to play hardball, pulling out the diamond and waving it in the air. "You let her walk and I'll give you the diamond," Jesse promises. Angie begs Jesse to listen to Rob, who threatens to kill both of them if he doesn't get the diamond. Jesse kicks the diamond over to Rob, but Rob still won't let them go. "Who would've known 'until death do us part' would come so soon?" he taunts. Angie gets more and more hysterical, begging Rob to spare Jesse and kill her. She pleads him to take his diamond and go, but Rob plans to take Angie with him. He pulls Angie out of the room and then turns and points the gun back into the room at Jesse. Angie screams, her voice echoing throughout the entire hotel. Rob decides not to shoot Jesse, but to just get out and quick. He forces Angie toward the elevator.


JR and Babe are still in bed together, making love, when they hear Angie's scream. They rush to the door to investigate. As soon as they open the door, they see Rob escorting Angie to the elevator. Rob shoots his gun at JR, but misses. Suddenly Jesse bolts out of the room across the hall and pounds frantically on the elevator door, and then runs for the stairs to try to catch the two of them. Shaken and crying, Babe says it's a reminder that they can't take life for granted. "I love you so much," she whispers and they kiss.

Downstairs, the elevator opens and Angie and Rob step out, spotting Aidan. Angie screams for Aidan's help and Aidan pulls his gun, but Rob bullies him into putting it away. He drags Angie into the reception, and the crowd shrinks back when they see the gun. To make matters worse, Aidan bursts in behind them with his gun drawn. There's a brief pause of a standoff, during which Dixie begs Tad to leave. Tad doesn't hear her, of course, and slowly Rob points the gun and shoots. Julia slumps over. There are screams as everyone rushes to help Julia. Rob pulls the trigger again and Greg is hit in the arm. Satisfied, Rob drags Angie out of the reception. Things aren't looking good for Julia, who's slipping away despite attempts to help her. The ambulance comes to take her away. Colby and Adam try to console Kathy, who's worried about "Aunt Julia."

Jesse, Tad, Jake and Frankie try to head off Rob and Angie as they get into the elevator again, but he threatens to kill Angie and once again wins out. It's back to the stairwell for Jesse, this time with help from Tad, Jake and Frankie. Rob and Angie are also in the stairwell and as she yells that they're headed for the roof, Rob shoots blindly over the rail at the pursuers. Rob and Angie reach the rooftop, where the helicopter is waiting. Rob approaches the helicopter and shoots the pilot, then drags Angie inside. Just as he's about to board the helicopter himself, the guys pile out of the stairwell. Rob hails the doorway with a barrage of gunfire. The helicopter takes off and the guys run out on the rooftop to catch it. Rob shoots out the window of the helicopter and, though Dixie tries to stop it from happening, Tad runs right through her and is hit by a bullet! Jesse dives off the edge of the building, hands outstretched to catch the runner of the helicopter...

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Jesse defeats Rob in a mid-air fight.

Dixie hovers nearby as Tad barely clings to life.

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