Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Greenlee rips into Aidan and Kendall for their betrayal; Babe and JR get their romance on; Jesse solves the crime!

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At the wedding reception, as Aidan, Kendall and Zach try to figure out why Greenlee's suddenly fallen silent, she stares at them unbelievably, recalling Jack telling of their betrayal of her. In her mind, she plays out images of Aidan and Kendall making love and her anger becomes visible. First, she lays it on, Greenlee-style, sweetly calling Aidan's decision to take her back an incredibly unselfish act on his part. She announces that she's changed her mind and wants to have children after all. "Kendall," she says. "I'd like for you to carry Aidan's and my baby for us." She turns to Aidan. "After all, you'd have another shot at doing Kendall, you cheating, lying son of a..." Everyone is shocked into silence while Greenlee rants and raves that she knows what happened between the two of them. She discovers, through their silence, that Zach already knew about it. Greenlee gets more and more worked up, calling Kendall names and punching Aidan in the chest. "It was wrong and we've regretted it ever since," Aidan insists by way of apology. But Greenlee won't buy it. She says she and Zach should've made love while in the bomb shelter, too, and suggests that they do it now, angrily trying to rip his suit coat off of him. She then lunges at Kendall as she, too, tries to apologize. Greenlee's out of control, so Zach whisks her away. Alone, he explains to Greenlee that he didn't want to hurt her by telling her what happened. He asks her to try to understand what Aidan and Kendall did, to pick up the pieces and move on just like he has done. Aidan storms in on Zach and Greenlee, accusing Zach of sending him away so he would get killed. Zach's answer: a hearty punch to the face. "If I wanted you dead, you wouldn't be here right now," Zach breathes.


Meanwhile, Tad offers up a toast to the happy couple and once again introduces Ne-Yo, who sings for the bride and groom's wedding dance. The party's in full swing as couples pair off and hit the dance floor. Opal begs Rob to dance with her, promising to give him whatever information he needs about Jesse and Angie if he'll join her in a dance. During the dance, she's slightly put off when she discovers he's carrying a gun. But he explains it away and Opal believes him, soaking up his charm. Opal's feeling naughty and agrees to visit a supply closet with Rob for a little alone time. She tells him that Tad has arranged for a surprise helicopter to whisk away the bride and groom after the wedding. Rob pulls out his handy syringe and gives Opal a shot of goodnight. He leaves her there and heads out with a purposeful look.


Joining in the festivities, Babe and JR dance, and Babe thanks JR for not calling her an idiot for believing Richie's lies. She suggests that she has a plan for revenge that she will let him in on later. They have a seat and just as JR is wondering why Dixie would be haunting Adam but not making herself known to him or Tad, the waiter brings a plate of chocolate chip cookies to the table. JR and Babe are freaked out by it. Who ordered these? They dig in as Dixie stands next to JR, her hand on his shoulder. Friendly companionship turns serious when Babe licks some warm chocolate off JR's finger. Next thing you know, the two are making plans to go somewhere a little more private. They make their way to the hotel front desk to get a room for the night. They barely make it into the room before they're ripping each other's clothes off. "Do we really want to do this again?" Babe asks. They fall into bed together...


Jesse and Angie take a break from the dance floor, just in time for Greg to give them a wedding gift. It's a t-shirt from The Steam Pit. Later, they split up and dance with their kids. Cassandra thanks Jesse for making Angie so happy. He thanks her for keeping an open mind and giving him a shot. "You make it really hard not to like you," Cassandra says. "I think things are going to work out just fine for our family." Later, Angie, too, thanks her daughter for accepting Jesse into her life. They notice Jesse is missing.


On the sidelines, Frankie tries to talk Dre into asking Cassandra to dance. Dre reluctantly gathers up the courage and pairs off with her. While Frankie looks on, Colby joins him. She's trying to get her flirt on, but is interrupted by a phone call from Adam. He's worried that she's in danger and is calling from the road, as he instructs the driver to take him to the casino, pronto! Adam arrives at the hotel and is immediately confronted by Dixie, who tells him that time is running out and he'd better get moving. He rushes into the reception and yanks Colby out of the dance. She resists and Tad comes to her aid. "You're not welcome here," Tad says to Adam. As Colby struggles to get out of Adam's grip, Jake steps in to back his brother. Adam starts to throw a fit, but Dixie taunts him, daring him to 'fess up what he knows.


Rob schmoozes the hotel's front desk clerk, pulling out his FBI badge to get a key to the Hubbards' room. In their room, Rob finds the elephant. He whips out a knife and cuts it open. He pulls out all the stuffing to find no diamond. He curses and tosses the elephant to the floor. But before he can think of what to do next, he hears a voice in the doorway. "Lookin' for this?" Jesse asks, holding a giant diamond in one hand and a gun in the other, pointing it directly at Robert. Rob tries to wriggle his way out of it again, weaving a ribbon of lies, but Jesse won't hear of it. "Stop it!" he yells. "I know who you are. I know what you are!" Jesse forces Rob to drop his gun and proceeds to tell Rob how he solved the puzzle. Jesse pulls out a bug, one used by the FBI. He talks about Cassandra's grogginess the other day. Then Jesse holds up the origami crane, saying he put together all the pieces once he found it. "Now it's payback time," Jesse says. Rob suggests that he and Jesse cut a deal. But Jesse's bitter. Rob's anger ratchets up as he recalls his obsession over the diamond for the past 20 years. He dares Jesse: Give me the diamond or go ahead and shoot me.

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