A Visit From an Old Friend.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Adam gets a dire warning from Dixie; Aidan and Greenlee vent; Wedding preparations are interrupted by a visit from Greg Nelson!

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Tad and Jake show up at The Comeback for a drink to celebrate Jake's decision to stick around Pine Valley for awhile. Julia walks by Jake at the bar, chatting on a cell phone, working out details of a career move she's planning. Aidan shows up, in a foul mood, and he and Tad sit at a nearby table for a chat about babies. Tad is skeptical that Greenlee won't ever change her mind about having kids, and questions whether or not this is really about having a family or about a "measuring contest" Aidan's got going on with Ryan. Aidan insists this isn't about Ryan, but admits he's rethinking his and Greenlee's relationship. Jake joins them at the table and Tad offers up a toast to women. Aidan questions whether or not women are worth the trouble they put men through. But just as he's convinced that they're not, he jumps up to "get another pitcher of beer." Instead, he surreptitiously gives Greenlee a call but gets her voice mail and hangs up.


Greenlee and Kendall arrive at Confusion, where Babe and Amanda are waiting to join them for a Girls Night Out. Greenlee tries to resist, but they won't let her out of it. The girls sit around and chat about motherhood, swapping horror stories about their moms. Greenlee says none of it matters because Aidan bolted when she told him she didn't want kids anyway. To change the subject, Greenlee turns the spotlight on Babe and her love life. Babe admits she was wrong about Richie and JR, but especially JR. She tells the girls about what Richie did to set up JR and reveals to her friends that she plans to get even with Richie. Conversation turns again and at the same time that Aidan is wondering about the benefits of women, Greenlee is doubting the benefit of having a man around. She, too, jumps up to "get another round of martinis," but instead gives Aidan a call. She, too, gets voice mail because he's calling her at that exact moment and she, too, hangs up.


JR bursts into Zach's office, miffed about some missing reports. Zach says he'll give JR the reports he needs if JR will give him what he needs: information about who ran him down. JR hints that he has some ideas who might have been the guilty party, but puts the squeeze right back on Zach, saying that kind of information will cost him. "We have a common enemy. Together we can take him down," Zach says, as JR leaves the office.


Adam and Dixie are still having it out in Adam's room at Oak Haven, where Adam vows to never give in to Dixie's demands that he reveal Kate's whereabouts to Tad. "Something terrible is about to happen," Dixie warns. But Adam doesn't believe her. Dixie hints, however, that the pain and suffering coming down the pike might not be directed at Adam, but at someone he loves instead. She tells him that the bad thing can only change if he does the right thing. She disappears before revealing to Adam who will suffer, her voice echoing only that the people who will suffer are the ones he loves the most. Stuart shows up and Adam tells him about Dixie's threat. "I can't let this happen. I've got to find a way to stop her!" Adam says. But Stuart tells Adam that he's the one who needs to stop. He advises Adam to "act normal" when the doctor shows up to evaluate him so maybe he can go home. And then, Stuart says, he'll talk to Dixie again and ask her to stop haunting Adam. As soon as Stuart leaves, Dixie materializes again, with a "last warning." JR shows up at Oak Haven just as Adam is being seen by the doctor. JR's getting impatient, but before he knows it, Adam steps out, looking like his old self again, released from the hospital.


Wedding preparations are well underway at the Hubbard house as Frankie shows up with a mysterious "surprise" for Angie. Greg Nelson walks through the door! "Just an old friend," he says. Angie can't believe her eyes. She hugs Greg and cries. Greg gives Jesse a long look. "This is like a dream come true. Come here, man!" Greg cries and pulls Jesse in for a hug. Angie says there's only one thing that would make the reunion perfect: Jenny. Cassandra is introduced to Greg and she right away digs out an old photo album to look at a photo of Greg and Jenny together. Things get nostalgic as they swap Jenny stories. Angie announces that there's something they need to do, and she, Greg and Jesse leave.

Jesse, Angie and Greg go to the cemetery, where they visit Jenny's grave. They talk to "Jenny," flashing back to old memories. Greg steps forward and apologizes for being away for so long. He, too, remembers the first day they met, and flashes back to old memories about their life together, including their wedding day. "I meant it, Jenny," he sobs. "I've never stopped loving you. And I never will." Jesse and Angie leave him alone there, where he tells Jenny he wishes they could have a miracle, too, just like Jesse and Angie got. He lays a red rose on the tombstone, kisses his fingers and places them on her name, and says, "I'll see you again. I'll see you again someday."


At Rob's, the FBI agent is full of questions for Rob. "We think you might have shot the wrong man," the agent says. He asks Rob to come down and help them figure out what went wrong. Rob says he'll be by the Bureau "in a couple days" to help sort things out. Later, listening through his surveillance device, Rob overhears as Frankie and Cassandra pack to leave, taking the backpack (and the elephant) with them. "By tomorrow I'll have my prize," Rob says to himself. He tucks a gun away in his jacket, walks past the slumped-over FBI agent, puts a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, and leaves.

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