Vasectomy? What Vasectomy?

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Tad suspects Adam is as crazy as JR claims he is; Jesse suspects something strange has happened to Cassandra; The FBI suspects something is fishy about Robert; Greenlee suspects she's lost Aidan for good; Ryan suspects nothing as Annie hides some pretty important information about the vasectomy that never was.

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At Oak Haven, Adam gets a special visitor: Tad! It's hardly a meeting between friends and Adam can't wait to tell Tad that he's there because Dixie won't leave him alone. As Adam blusters about what a horrible spirit Dixie is Tad warns him, crazy or not, to watch his mouth when talking about her. Tad, watching Adam rant and rave at nobody, surmises that JR is right and Adam's crazy, the guilt of being such a horrible person having finally gotten to him. Suddenly, Dixie, having finished begging Jake in his sleep to help Tad find Kate, appears in Adam's room again, ready to harass him some more. Adam tries to convince Dixie to show herself, even trying to toss a blanket over her so Tad can see that she's there, but she won't show herself to Tad. Dixie taunts Adam big-time, poking at and tickling him, and Tad becomes more convinced than ever that Adam has lost his mind. Colby and JR show up at Oak Haven to visit Adam as well, and JR assures Colby that Adam won't be there for long, that they'll figure this out together. Tad comes out of the room and tells them that it doesn't look good for Adam. He offers to help. "You're being so nice about him. That means he's really sick, isn't he?" a worried Colby asks. After talking to JR and Colby, Tad goes back into Adam's room. He tells Adam that they're trying to help him. But despite Tad's olive branch, Adam's still not feeling friendly. Instead he suddenly lashes out at Tad, shoving him backwards onto the bed. Adam tries to make Tad jealous about Dixie, but it only further serves to freak out Tad. Tad comes back out of the room, and whisks JR and Colby out of there. In his room, Adam vows to destroy Tad. Dixie warns him that he will only be the loser in that fight. "You have no idea what pain is coming if you don't do this one thing," she warns.


Stuart has just shown up at the Hubbards' house, interrupting Robert who is just getting ready to bring Cassandra out of the drug-induced hypnosis he's put her in. Robert gets flustered and tells Cassandra that when she wakes up, she'll remember nothing, and will answer the door slowly, giving him time to escape out the back fire escape. As he leaves, he drops a piece of paper out of his pocket onto the floor. Cassandra opens the door, very groggy, and Stuart is suspicious that something's wrong (plus, he says, he heard voices!). But Jesse and Angie show up and Stuart gets sidetracked, asking them to come down and look at his new gallery show, which is going to be love-themed and center around Jesse's and Angie's love story. Cassandra is clearly out of it, and Jesse notices. After Stuart leaves, Angie and Jesse question Cassandra about what's wrong with her. She doesn't remember anything that happened to her with Robert. She thinks she took a nap and is just having a hard time waking up from it. Angie goes right into doctor mode, wanting to take Cassandra's temperature and blaming it on the flu. But Jesse is a little more suspicious about Cassandra's symptoms. After more questioning, he says something like this happened to him a long time ago. Angie pulls Jesse to the side and takes him to task for his line of thinking. "I don't want you hunting for clues while we're standing at the altar looking as fine as can be," she says. He agrees to let it go.

In his own room, a frustrated and enraged Robert listens through a bugging device and watches through binoculars as Stuart hands Cassandra her stuffed elephant. He can't see where Cassandra takes the elephant to put it away, which makes him even madder, especially when he sees Jesse and Angie come home. "Jesse Hubbard, your day has come." Robert growls. There's a knock at his door. Robert puts away his surveillance equipment and answers. It's one of the FBI agents, there to ask some questions about the shooting down at the hangar.


At home, Annie is miserable, having just overheard Ryan tell Kendall that he's not in love with Annie. She falls to the chair, buries her face in her hands and cries. Emma interrupts, wondering why mommy is crying. Annie sucks it up and tries to pass it off like she's not crying, telling Emma that she had a bad dream is all. Ryan comes home and it's a friendly but uncomfortable greeting between the two of them. Annie puts on her happy face, but doesn't tell Ryan the news that his vasectomy was never performed. Instead, she gets some wine to celebrate his new memories. But Ryan's not feeling so celebratory. He wants to watch a movie, and holds off Annie, who's got love-making on her mind. She sits on the floor next to him, and he moves, putting a coffee table between the two of them. Soon, uncomfortable, Ryan wants to check on Emma, leaving Annie by herself. Alone, Annie pulls out the class action lawsuit papers and rips them up. "You don't need to know about this. You just need to give me another amazing gift," she says.


Greenlee, too, is heading for Fusion, upset about her baby conversation with Aidan. She busts in on Ryan and Kendall saying she needs help, but when Ryan questions her about what she needs, she plays it off like it was all about business. Ryan asks about the wedding and she tells him everything's going great. Once alone with Kendall, however, Greenlee worries that she "screwed up, big!" She tells Kendall about her big baby-fight with Aidan. Kendall tries to reassure Greenlee, but Greenlee's convinced that Aidan has left her forever. Greenlee is sarcastically optimistic, saying at least this time the love of her life didn't die; he's just walking away. Kendall insists that Aidan took a leap of faith to be with Greenlee and that Greenlee should take a leap of faith, too. Over donuts, the two swap old love stories, trying to one-up one another in the bad love choices department. They're interrupted when Kendall gets a text message. She gets a wicked smile. "We are getting out of here!" Kendall says. They ditch the donuts and leave to have some fun.


Jake wakes up from his nap and asks his parents how Tad's doing, just acting on "a feeling." But Joe has other plans. He wants to talk about what it'll take to get Jake to stay in Pine Valley. Tad joins up with Jake, as he gets dressed and ready to leave the hospital, discharged. The brothers leave to get a drink and catch up on old times.

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