The real murderer is...

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Tad and Dixie fight about "the damage he's caused." Tad says everything he did, he did for Dixiehe got her acquitted.

Zach comes to Kendall to see if "there's anything left for us."

Josh asks Babe "What happens next? Is this it?"

The real murderer is... image

Babe tells him that she's married and this has to be only a fling. Josh says he knows that's the answer expected, but that she has to tell him what she wants to come next. She insists she want to put JR and her baby first.

Josh says the only reason he hid when JR discovered Babe on the roof was to protect any future he'd have with Babe. Babe tells him to move on, that she loves her husband. Josh tells her it she who has to move on. He begs her to tell her it's overshe tearfully says she can't, and they passionately kiss.

Tad admits to Dixie that Zach was in on the entire scheme. Jamie was in on in as well, and Aiden was able to call in a marker with Kaganwho did alter the security video time stamp. Dixie realizes the depth of Tad's hatred. So why wouldn't he let her go to prison? Because Tad is the murderer!

He explains how he found Madden with a drugged Erica, ready to take off and disappear forever. Tad smashed Madden on the head with the first thing he found"something came over mesomething evil." He carried Madden to the cargo storage area, put him into a crate and wheeled them out, using a stolen car, which turned out to be Dixie's rental car. He explains how he buried Madden, set up a voice system, and went how to "wait for that bastard to wake up."

He'd hoped that Madden will break and tell him where Kate was. He thought about leaving, and then Dixie was arrested. He couldn't let her take the rapso he decided that nobody would pay for Madden's death. But all of them are paying for it, and always will, because Kate is gone. A tearful Tad tells Dixie "he's so sorry."

Zach tells Kendall he still loves her like crazy and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and Spike. She wonders if he may be guilty. He can't just expect her to "trust him", and she can't deal with his apparent devotion to Dixie. She says there's "two Zachsthe one who'd die for her" and the other who left her to help Dixie. Why won't he tell her the truth? "Because I don't want you to really know who I am."

Zach asks if her feelings are influenced by her feelings for Ryan; she insists she wants to know everything about himeven the "dark places" he talks about. He tells how he discovered that Madden had been buried, and how he made the recording.

A shocked Kendall asks why Zach didn't do something to help him. "Because I didn't care." He did nothing to save Madden because of the horrible things Madden did to people's children.


Babe admits her love to Josh.

Zach says "Go get Ryan if you want him."

Derek tells Tad that he knows he's the murderer.

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