Erica, Jeff & Josh Have a Heart to Heart.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Erica and Jeff tell Josh the whole truth. JR asks Babe to keep Josh out of her life. Julia and Jamie end up horizontal. Kendall asks Zach if he kissed Dixie.

Erica, Jeff & Josh Have a Heart to Heart. image

Erica defends Josh against Krystals attacks of kidnapping Babe. She then tries to comfort Josh and Jeff interrupts, asking him not to leave. They beg him to go somewhere to talk, to listen to what they have to say, they want a second chance. Josh remains cocky.
Erica defends josh against Krystal. Erica tries to reach Josh, he responds cocky. Babe calls out to Josh not to leave, as JR looks on. Babe goes to convince him to stay and listen to what Erica & Jeff have to say as JR stands in the background glaring at Josh.

Tad tells Zach that Kendall just overheard me stating that you slept with Dixie. Zach gets in Tads face, but Tad doesn't relent claiming he knows what he saw. Tad goes on to explain the passionate intense lip lock in the hotel room before Zach slammed the door on him. Kendall insists Tad is lying to her, that Zach would never cheat on her. Tad keeps baiting Zach. Later Kendall and Zach discuss Tads' accusation. Zach tells Kendall that Dixie did kiss him. Kendall runs out yelling ...I'm so sick of that stupid bitch....
He catches her assuring her ...never was, never will be, not intereted, enver gonna happen, anything between him and Dixie........ Kendall believes him. She asks him to keep Dixie out of their lives, and end the friendship and begs him not to share an attorney. After wearily attempting to defend Dixie's innocence, Kendall leaves.

Dixie and Adam talk over lunch at the reunion of everyone. Adam tells her he wants to find a way to beat this murder charge so JR doesn't have to suffer anymore with their son not having her around. Dixie laughs at the thought of Adam having compassion for her.

In walks Tad, they ask him to join them. Tad tries to avoid looking at Dixie. Adam tells Tad to pull up a chair. Dixie and Tad talk... she tries to reach him. They exchange words from the past. Adam and Krystal get up to leave. Dixie yells at Tad to quit attacking her. Tad yells back about lethal injection ending his hostility towards her.

Erica, Jeff and Josh go to the boat. They offer him a blanket and to shower and clean up. He refuses any ...parenting... or concern from them. He tells them he's sick of their games and to go back to their busy all important careers. Jeff tells him that maybe he doesn't need them but THEY need him. Josh asks Erica why she'd want to play mom to the kid she ditched. To the kid she tried to terminate? Erica tells Josh the truth... about her terminating the pregnancy. She deliberately kept that baby a secret from Jeff. I was afraid you'd hate me says Erica. But you have no reason to hate Jeff. Josh asks her how she could still want him AND be ok with trying to terminate him as a fetus. But Erica tries to tell him everything. She tells Josh that when she heard his plane went down, she was devastated, that she couldn't bear the thought of him being dead. She pleads with him that she wants to be a part of his life. Josh, feeling overwhelmed, tells them it's too much information for him to deal with right now and walks out.

Babe, happy and relived to be home, can't let go of little Adam. Happy, she says, to be home with her son and JR. Adam is put down for a nap and Babe & JR talk about their lives, their future. Babe remains cold to JR though how it's quite ironic that she almost lost her life now when it wasn't that long ago he tried to rid himself of her. JR pours his heart out, how it was killing him to think of never holding her again, never being a family. Babe reaches out to kiss him and JR pulls back to ask her about Josh.

Babe, confused at the rejected kiss, asking why he'd bring up Josh right now. He tells Babe that Josh is using her, playing her. He asks for himself, for Adam, for their family, to kick Josh out of her life. Babe refuses, saying he's the only real friend she has right now. Telling JR why should she bail on Josh, just because he doesn't like that you're a free man when I lied to keep you out of jail? She then tells JR that Josh is in love with her. JR, horrified, tells her that's all the more reason to get him out of their lives. That Josh won't just settle for friendship. Babe tells JR that he has to trust her! HER! His wife!

Julia and Jamie are in the midst of their passion for eachother when Jamies mother walks in on them. Embarrassed and uncertain what to do, she tries to leave. Jamie starts to laugh telling her it's ok mom, just give us a minute to get dressed. Julia gets up and leaves the room. Still laughing, Jamie tells his mom that he's head over heals with Julia. His mother, very surprised by this asks what they could possibly have in common. He glances down at the bed telling her they have a lot in common and not to worry, it's not just a fling, they're really into eachother. He then asks him mom to leave them alone for awhile and goes to find Julia again.

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