Dead Wrong!

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Tad learns about Jake's kidnapping. Opal brings Erica a visitor. Rob finally meets Cassandra. Greenlee is certain that Aidan can't be dead. Adam asks Stuart to intervene with Dixie!

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Opal brings Warren Buffett to see Erica. Bill Gates calls so Warren leaves Erica and Opal alone. Erica reminds the fawning Opal that Warren is happily married. Opal dismisses Erica's concerns. He returns a few minutes later. Erica says she'll do anything to get out of prison. Opal suggests setting a fire and sneaking her out but Warren says all Erica needs is a few bridge partners! He hands her a deck of cards and leaves. Opal tries to distract Erica with a game of cards but Erica tells her to leave.


Adam finds Dixie in his bedroom and asks why she is sleeping in his bed. She floats a pillow across the room, exposing another of Kate's adoption certificates! She locks the door so he can't leave. He receives a business call and realizes he's late for a meeting in Arizona. Dixie says he isn't going anywhere until he tells Tad the truth about Kathy/Kate. Adam opens the closet to pack and flames leap out! She produces a single suit for him to wear since his other clothes have gone up in smoke. Adam finds another adoption record in his pocket! "Lives are in the balance, Adam," she says, reminding him that this is his chance to save his soul. Adam accuses her of being too afraid to face Tad herself and gleefully tells her about Tad's new life with Krystal and Jenny. Stuart arrives and Adam asks how he got through the door. Concerned, Stuart asks who Adam was talking to. Adam admits that Dixie is haunting him! He asks Stuart to talk to Dix for him. Stuart looks at the ceiling and asks Dixie to please leave Adam alone. He rattles on about his heart and the panic attacks. A cold breeze blows through Adam. Stuart doesn't feel anything and says Adam just needs a vacation. Adam remembers the Arizona meeting but doesn't want to reopen the closet. So, he just follows Stuart out. Dixie is sitting on the bed when he slams the door. Outside, she promises he'll come through. She follows him to his private plane, pretending to be his flight attendant!


Tad is at The Comeback with Krystal. He decides to leave just as Julia and Kathy arrive. Tad overhears Angie ask Julia to stay for the wedding. He is stunned to learn of the job offer and says he'll miss them both. Julia joins Jesse, Angie, Joe and Cassandra for dinner. At the bar, Krystal tells Frankie that he better not hurt Colby. Frankie points out that he isn't leading Colby on. Rob arrives and focuses on Cassandra. Frankie introduces them, telling Rob about Cass's time in Paris. Rob asks if she was into the art scene. When she says she sketches a little, Rob asks to see her work. Jesse and Joe go outside to talk about old times. Across the room, Angie tells Krystal about finding Cass in that New York alley and adopting her. Jesse fills in Julia and Joe about the lead they found on Kate. Little A and Kathy are playing with Cassandra's bag; he pulls out the stuffed elephant!


Kendall brings coffee to Zach, Ryan and Greenlee. She and Greens are stunned that Jake is the man Aidan was sent to rescue; they haven't heard anything since the explosion hours before. Tad arrives just as Ryan gets the feed back. Kendall asks if they can see Aidan or Jake, startling Tad. Looking at the feed, all they see are burned walls. Zach and Ryan tell him everything. Zach says he was trying to protect the Martin's and assures Tad that Jamie wasn't involved in the crisis. Ryan pans the camera and they see Aidan's watch! Zach begins to doubt his motivations for sending him but she insists he did the right thing. Tad disagrees and says Zach's hatred for Aidan cost Jake his life! He leaves to break the news of Jake's death to Joe and Ruth. In the other room, Greens tells Ryan Aidan isn't dead. Kendall and Zach return; Greenlee tells them about falling in love with Aidan. "I said I love you, too," Aidan says from the door!

Tad returns to The Comeback and watches his family inside. He can't bear to tell them about Jake but finally goes inside.


Angie returns to the hospital. She discusses a patient with the nurse and is stunned to see that it is Jake! He tells her not to call his family.

Next on All My Children:

Adam fights with Dixie.

Tad and Joe learn Jake is alive.

Aidan and Greenlee reunite.

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