Opals Rocks Don't Scare Me!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Opal tries to find Adam's ghost. Frankie hurts Colby's feelings. Julia announces a big move. Hazel helps Tad and Jesse. Zach encourages Greenlee. Babe realizes she's been had by Richie.

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Opal agrees to see what she can find out from Adam's ghost. She tiptoes through the sitting room as Adam chatters on about the "evil" spirit. Opal begins questioning him about what tricks the ghost has played and Adam tells her everything. He gets jumpy. Adam changes his mind about the exorcism and tells Opal he must be imagining things. He hears a whisper of wind. Dixie appears and starts giving Adam a hard time; she doesn't reveal herself to Opal. When Opal turns her back, Dixie picks up one of her crystals and moves it; Opal thinks Adam is playing tricks on her! She tells him off and storms out. Laughing, Dixie says she is there to help Adam save his soul and helping Tad find Kate is the only way to do it. Adam says his soul doesn't need saving! Dixie tells him to look in the mirror if he wants to see the future and then disappears. At the mirror, Adam's reflection turns into burning flames! "Time is running out," Dixie whispers.


At the Philly bar, Jesse chats up Hazel while Tad watches from outside. Two thugs approach so Tad backs away. Back inside, Jesse says he knows exactly who Hazel is. Nervous, she tries to make him leave but Jesse won't go. He makes up a story about his wife giving up a child and asks if Hazel can help him. Hazel is about to offer up some information when the thugs walk Tad inside. Hazel recognizes him! Tad pleads with her for information but she swears she doesn't know anything. Jesse threatens to ruin her business and Hazel gives in. She says Kate was taken to New Mexico by Dr. Madden. She swears she knows nothing else. Outside, Tad exuberantly thanks Jesse.

Greenlee arrives at Cambias to check in with Zach about Aidan. He brings up the bomb shelter and tells her she saved him - and he won't let anything happen to Aidan. As they chat, Zach says she'll be able to see Aidan's location soon through their communication device.


Colby and Frankie are chatting at the hospital when JR arrives. She grabs a soda while Frankie checks out JR. He says he still doesn't know who kidnapped him. The subject turns to Colby and Frankie says he can't stop thinking of her as JR's little sister. Colby returns just in time to hear this. Frankie turns and sees that he hurt her feelings. Colby tells Frankie that she isn't a little kid and reminds him of the things she has been through. Frankie apologizes. After he leaves, JR and Colby talk about Adam. He says he'll make sure Adam is okay.


Angie arrives, late, to the hospital. Julia tells them both about her job offer in Australia! She is very excited about the prospects there. Joe and Angie try to change her mind but Julia is certain that Australia is where she and Kathy need to be. Over coffee, Angie wishes Julia the best; Julia says she still loves Pine Valley but that there is nothing for her here anymore. Frankie walks in and Julia leaves.

In the waiting area, Julia asks Joe about possible replacements but he is distracted. He admits that a call from Jake is long overdue and he is worried.


At the park, Treena keeps pushing Richie for more money. Krystal walks up and Babe tells her how stupid she feels for believing in Richie. She leaves little A with Krystal and confronts him! He tries convincing her that he doesn't know Treena but Babe doesn't buy it for a second. He just keeps talking, though, and Babe says she jumped to conclusions. He leaves. Babe goes back to Krystal but then spots Treena - and slugs her! She tells Krystal she has to find JR to apologize.

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Warren Buffet visits Pine Valley.

Aidan and Jake are threatened by the rebels.

Greenlee sees a final message from Aidan and then the video feed loses power!

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