Dangerous Operations...

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Jake has a chance to escape. Dixie tells Adam exactly what he can expect from her. Tad receives a clue to finding Dr. Madden's nurse. Annie places her Get-Fired plot in motion. Zach and Ryan research the Sudan.

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Zach calls Ryan to the office and tells him about the worker who has been kidnapped. He fills Ryan in, since he doesn't remember the AIDS project that he was spearheading. Ryan wonders why Zach didn't tell him immediately and he says Aidan is on the case. Ryan is startled when Zach shows him Jake's picture. He wants to tell Tad and the Martins but Zach says they have to keep it quiet or Jake could be in more danger. Ryan and Zach look up maps of the area and begin to formulate a plan, then they leave the office for the night.


Annie puts the finishing touches on the Fusion presentation - by adding the pole-dancing footage! She imagines Kendall and Greenlee firing her and how Ryan will come to her rescue. When she sees Greens and Kendall arrive, she closes the computer so they can't see what she did. Amanda and Babe bring in the Japanese buyers. With the presentation underway, Babe takes over and Annie cycles through a few actual storyboards. She hits a button on the computer and the pole-dancing footage begins to play! Amanda laughs but Kendall and Greenlee are incensed. They lead Annie away from the businessmen and Greenlee goes off on her. Kendall calms her down, telling Greenlee that she is overreacting. Annie volunteers to quit her job since she's embarrassed the company. They are all surprised when the businessmen aren't put off by the video - they love it! They leave and Annie's job is safe. She goes downstairs to drown her not-fired sorrows. Ryan is there and asks if everything is okay. She says no and kisses him passionately. Then she takes another drink.

Back in the Fusion offices, Kendall tries to cheer Greenlee up by suggesting a celebration at ConFusion; she promises that Aidan will be okay but Greens isn't so sure. Zach arrives.


In the Sudan, Jake continues to operate on the rebel leader. He finally grasps the bullet as the other rebels run from the cell. With the rebel leader unable to stop him, Jake goes to the door. He can't leave the rebel, though, and returns to finish the surgery. The leader is surprised; Jake reasons that he wouldn't have gotten far without a gun. He finally gets the bullet out and closes the wound as the other rebels return. They take the leader away and lock Jake back inside.

Cassandra can't find her MP3 player and begins to search for it, narrowly missing Robert. She calls Angie, but Angie doesn't know where it is. Giving up, she and Colby leave for the manse. With the girls gone, Rob searches Cass's room and finds her diary. Inside is a sketch of an elephant.


At The Comeback, Krystal tells Tad to give Adam a break because he is really sick this time. Tad doesn't believe her. He tells her to stop wasting her time and her heart on Adam! Jesse and Angie arrive and talk of the wedding takes over. Krystal offers to help Angie with the dress; Jesse and Tad play pool. After Cassandra's phone call, Krystal warns Angie that Adam has had more "episodes" and Cass may not stay the whole night. Angie offers to talk to Adam but Krystal says it won't help. She wonders why she can't just forget about Adam but Angie doesn't know. At the pool table, Tad tells Jesse about Adam's insanity ploy. Later on, Jesse offers to help with the search for Kate. Tad gets a call from his contact, who has found Dr. Madden's old nurse!


Adam sees Dixie's reflection in the mirror and spins around - but no one is there! He yells at Father Clarence, asking what he wants and pretending that the visions aren't bothering him a bit. Adam thinks back and realizes the visions began when he was prescribed the anti-anxiety meds; he throws them away. In his briefcase, he finds another adoption certificate! Dixie starts laughing! She appears and when Adam isn't frightened, she snaps her fingers to make the lights flash and causes the fire in the fireplace to flare up. Adam asks what he's done to deserve a haunting and Dixie laughs again. She grabs Kate's adoption paper and says, "I'm here to help you do the right thing." Adam tells her to just give Tad the papers but soon realizes she can't. He goes upstairs but she chases him back down, saying he has to do it - and she's going to make sure he does! Colby and Cassandra walk in and ask who he is talking to; Adam says he's practicing a speech and sends the girls upstairs. When the girls are gone, Dixie reappears and begins humming. Adam says she is a lousy ghost but she was a great mother. Dix says he better start playing by her rules - or else! Then, she disappears.

Next on All My Children:

Aidan is taken hostage in the Sudan.

Kendall cheers Greenlee up with a bridal shopping extravaganza!

Adam asks Opal for help with his haunting problem.

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