A Job Offer!

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Zach agrees to Greenlee's plan. Kendall is very worried about Aidan. Erica may have made a prison mistake. Jesse tells Tad his plans. Angie questions Krystal about Adam. Emma has a close call.

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Annie turns to Ryan on the beach and tells him to stop trying so hard and the memories might come to him. He doesn't feel like he can wait. Emma returns to them with a seashell; Ryan sends her off to find more. Annie takes a handful of sand and drops it bit by bit in his hands. She says if he relaxes and feels safe, his memories may return. Emma returns with another shell. He asks her to find another shell. When they are alone Annie says she'll wait for him. He kisses her hand. Ryan has another memory flash but before he can react Emma screams in pain. They rush to her side. They get Emma to the hospital where Frankie treats her for an allergic reaction to a bug bite. Julie gives her a shot and then takes Emma for a lollipop. Emotionally, Ryan says even though he doesn't remember being Emma's dad before he loves her now. A few minutes later, Annie watches as Ryan tells Emma how much he loves her.

In prison, a guard brings Erica and Carmen into the laundry and tells them to get to work. Erica doesn't want to touch dirty laundry and says so but the guard won't take her guff; Carmen gets right to work. While she separates the lights from the darks, Erica says her time could be better served with another job. Carmen tells her she needs to just get along. Erica brings up Samuel. Carmen doesn't believe for a second that he'll help her. Erica believes Carmen is giving up. The more she talks the more Carmen wants to believe her. Carmen says she can't meet with Samuel. She is worried that another inmate will notice her new high-powered attorney, get jealous and make things bad for her inside. She warns Erica to watch out, too. Erica says she isn't going to change who she is to appease any prison bullies! She mentions a threatening note she received, worrying Carmen. Erica says everything is okay because she sent the note to the warden. "That note meant something," Carmen says. Erica says during her other incarcerations she had no trouble with gangs or bullies. Carmen warns her to watch out. Just then four tough looking ladies come in, asking if she got their message!

Jesse meets Tad at the PI office to tell him about the grave-digging plan. Tad can't believe it. Jesse says that whatever was buried in the grave could tell them who Papel really was and what he was after. He brings up Robert and Tad says they can't trust him. Tad wants to call in Derek and the cops but Jesse refuses to allow that. Jesse argues with him, saying that Robert thinks it is a good idea. This makes Tad even more determined not to help. Tad tries to warn Jesse off but he is certain Tad's misgivings are related to Ray and not Robert. Rob arrives.


Zach turns down Aidan's request for a job, saying he doesn't think it is a good fit. Aidan asks what he has done. Just then Greenlee calls. Zach tries to get rid of her but she won't hang up; he hears Kendall and gets worried. She is worried, too, when she hears Aidan is with Zach. He puts the phone on speaker so all four of them can talk; Greenlee tells the guys about her dinner party idea. Kendall tries to give Zach an out but Greenlee begs. He says he'll rearrange his schedule so they can all meet. When they hang up, Aidan says he isn't comfortable with Greenlee being so rich and him having no real money. Zach pours him a drink and says he can have the job.

After she hangs up Greenlee asks Kendall what is really going on. Kendall changes her tune and says she was right about the invitation. She leaves to change clothes and calls Zach. She tells him that they have to come up with an excuse but Zach says things are fine and hangs up. Greenlee catches up with her at the elevator and tells her not to leave. A group of school girls comes in at the last minute. Greenlee and Kendall give them a tour and agree to an interview for their school paper. When the young girls leave Kendall feels better about her friendship. Downstairs, they find the guys toasting. Aidan tells them about Zach's job offer. Greens is excited about it but Kendall doesn't like the idea at all. Greenlee asks a waiter to take their picture.

Angie and Krystal meet at BJ's for lunch. Angie asks her questions about Adam, making Krystal nervous. Krystal says Adam is in the past but Angie isn't sure. Angie is worried that Krystal and Tad are more like friends than lovers. Krystal asks about Jesse to change the subject. Angie admits she is worried about his plans. Angie asks about Robert and is surprised to learn that Tad still has his guard up. Derek calls, looking for Jesse and Angie tells him to call Tad's office. Angie becomes worried and leaves.

Derek calls Tad's office, tells Jesse the cops are digging up the grave and hangs up. Jesse fills in Tad and Rob and then says he'll be there when his grave comes up! Tad wants Jesse to stay out of it but Rob thinks it is a good idea to go. Just then Angie walks in.

Next on All My Children:

Jesse tells Angie about his grave digging plans.

Carmen gets between Erica and the tough inmates.

Greenlee realizes something is up.

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