Is Tad lying under oath?

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Jamie announces to the court that Tad's lying and Dixie's innocent. Tad is called back to the stand and in a fiery outburst, shows his hatred of Dixie.
Krystal has some major news for Adam.

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The court calls a recess to deal with Jamie's bombshell. JR confronts Tad; Tad tells him it's a good thing, since Jamie has put "reasonable doubt" in the jury's minds. He's standing by every word he's said.

Kendall and Zach share a charged look across the courtroom. She tries to rush out of the courtroom to talk to Jamie; Ryan restrains her. But what if Zach is telling the truth, she asks. She turns towards Zach and sees Dixie running her fingers through Zach's hair.

David sits behind Dixie and taunts her.

Jeff and Erica try to comfort an upset Josh, who tells them he didn't "ask for anything." He says he has to be there to see this trial through to the end. He just wants "an answer" to who killed Greg Madden, so he can put this behind him.

Babe sits down next to Josh, and says she doesn't know who to believe.

Krystal asks Adam for a few minutes to talk with him, but he's too busy searching for Colby. Sydney spills the beans and reveals that Colby's gone to see Sean.

Adam rushes over to Sean's house and bursts in just as Sean and Colby are about to kiss. He angrily demands that Sean "get his hands off [my] daughter."

Adam hands Sean a ticket to Barcelona, and tells him he's going to be reunited with his mother. Sean says no way--especially with a coach ticket! Adam leaves with Colby and warns Sean to stay away.

"Daniel Kagan" is called by Livia as a new rebuttal witness. He's director of security for Pine Valley Airport. He says Jamie told him that Tad's an eyewitnessbut Jamie has to be lying, since Tad was locked in the airport during the time in question.

He shows security footage of Tad locked into the airport offices at 10 PM on 6/5/06, and for the entire night. He says he talked to Tad the following morning, and got copies of Tad's driver's and PI licenses. Copies of the licenses are put into evidence.

Tad is recalled to the stand. Livia shows him a picture of Kagan and he says he doesn't know who he is. He's asked again where he was on the night of 15 June. Is it still his testimony that he witnessed her clients in the commission of a crime? Yes, he insists.

She shows him the security video, and he insists it's a fake. She says he concocted the story as revenge against Dixie. Tad becomes enraged. "That woman's buried meshe's taken everything I've got. That selfish bitch!...You are a murdererso help me God, I'm going to make you pay."

Back at the manse, Krystal gives Adam the big news: she's pregnant with his baby.


The jury is back!

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