Everyone's at the courthouse as the trial begins.

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

The Pine Valley courthouse is filled to capacity as the murder trial of Dixie Martin and Zach Slater is about to begin. Almost everyone is there--except Jamie and Di--they're at the airport searching for clues.

Everyone's at the courthouse as the trial begins. image

In the courthouse, Dixie asks Tad "You ready to burn me at the stake?"

Palmer tells Dixie that he's certain she'll be acquitted. David laughs at them, and Dixie tells him to go away. Livia tells Zach and Dixie to be careful not to show any rage or anger at the trial.

Palmer enters an anteroom where Tad is waiting, and tells him he has a way out to keep him from testifyinga pistol he's carrying. Tad disarms himan anguished Palmer says he hopes God strikes him dead on the witness stand.

Brooke enters the anteroom to tell Tad that she can't find Jamie anywhere in the courthouse.

The DA tells Josh that Dixie and Zach are "as good as convicted."

At the courthouse, JR, accompanied by Babe, asks Josh not to reveal Colby's action, saying she's 16 and made a mistake. Josh says the secret's safe with him.

Zach tells Ryan to take his "good luck speech and stuff it", saying Ryan's only interest is moving in on Kendall. He admits he does want Kendallbut not by default.

Kendall tells her staff that they have to continue working and not focus on the trial. "Consider this an official memo: Zach Slater and the trial is not a subject for this office. Zach Slater doesn't concern me anymore."

At that moment, Myrtle enters. She sits down with Kendall, and tells her to go to the trial. She's sure that Zach is innocentbecause he told her. Myrtle says she knows Zach and what's deep inside him. Kendall believes he's guilty and that Zach did the murder for Dixie. Myrtle tells here that sometimes we know"zip."

Erica and Jeff sit down next to Josh in the courtroom, saying they want to show their support for him. Dr Joe enters at that moment, and sits down in the back of the courtroom.

In the prosecutor's opening remarks, he claims to have ironclad evidence that Zach and Dixie committed murder.

Livia says that while Zach and Dixie had a motive, but didn't commit the murder, the prosecution evidence is circumstantial, and Tad is motivated by revenge and hate.

She cross-examines Derek; hereacts angrily when Livia accuses the police of questionable activities,

Josh has images of Julia attacking and injecting Madden; Di and Del planning to bury him; David digging the grave [but promising to release him if he tells the truth about Kate's whereabouts]; JR helping David; Dixie is observing.

Tad is called to the stand, and admits that the police bugged his house. He admits that Dixie eventually admitted to him that she and Zach were lovers. He says he saw Dixie and Zach in the airport parking lot the night Madden disappeared, and were putting a body in Dixie's car.

Livia asks Tad if it's true that he's there because Chief Frye told him if he didn't testify, he'd go after JR and Jamie for stealing evidence. Tad admits it's true.

He also admits that David helped Dixie get away from him when she was pregnant, and he believed her to be dead. Livia questions his feelings about Dixie not asking for his help in finding their daughter.

The prosecutor asks Tad about his "anger" regarding Dixie's actions, and whether that's affected his testimony. Is it the truth? Tad says it's all the truthand Jamie and Di burst in, Jamie yelling "Liar! Everything he's said is a lie, and I can prove it."


Tad tells Jamie not to do this.

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