Jail Break!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Carmen and Erica go on the run. Derek and Samuel begin searching for the duo. Kendall is worried about Erica. Annie learns Ryan has been lying to her.

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At the penthouse, Aidan is helping Greenlee pick out her outfit when the perfume distributor calls - the bottles of Charm perfume have been mislabeled "Harm"! She calls in Annie, who brings Ryan with her to the office. Neither woman knows what to do. Ryan says they need to offer the retailers a reward for keeping "Harm" off the shelf. Aidan and Ryan offer to help when Greens can't reach Amanda or Babe. The four of them get to work. Greenlee contacts the West Coast suppliers and Ryan reports that the manufacturer is going to pay for all of the money shelled out to the retailers. Greens asks how things are going with Ryan and Annie but then Aidan interrupts, needing Greenlee's assistance. Annie thanks Ryan for helping with Fusion's problems and then asks him to keep his memory issues between the two of them. Across the room, Aidan and Greenlee contact another group of states. He tells Greens that she may be overstepping and should stay out of Ryan's personal business. But, as soon as Aidan and Annie are distracted, Greenlee asks Ryan if Annie is buying his "I Remember" routine. Annie sees them and then overhears Greens talking about faking it. Soon, they have contacted all the retailers and are calling it a night. Greenlee makes another comment about advice for Ryan and Annie asks exactly what is going on. Greens tries to gloss over any advice but Annie won't drop the subject. Both Ryan and Aidan try to break up the brewing fight but Annie and Greenlee just keep going. Greenlee accidentally says they kissed and both Aidan and Annie are angry. Ryan explains it wasn't a romantic kiss. "Well, why didn't you just sleep with him?" Annie asks. As she is trying to explain, Greenlee lets it slip that she suggested Ryan fake his memory returning! Annie storms out. Ryan follows her. Aidan asks Greenlee if there is more he should know. She says no but he isn't sure what to think. He walks out, alone.

Ryan follows Annie home, begging the entire way for forgiveness. He insists he was only trying to get his life back. Annie refuses to listen and says she deserves more than he has given her. Ryan sadly leaves the penthouse. Annie picks up a bottle of wine and drinks straight from the bottle!


At home, Kendall can't sleep because she is too worried about Erica. "She doesn't deserve this," Kendall says and Zach agrees. He tells her that Erica can handle it, though, and says Erica will probably write another book and make a few more millions. Kendall is still torn up and wonders how she'll survive without her mom. Kendall falls asleep but hears Erica begging her for help. She wakes Zach and says they have to get to Erica right away. Zach tells her to settle down but Kendall is adamant. Their raised voices wake Spike and Ian so Zach brings the kids in to bed with them, which calms Kendall down immediately.


After the van crashes, Erica tries to call for help but Carmen won't let her. When she sees the guard unconscious, she grabs his gun and tells Erica they are escaping - together! Because they are handcuffed together Erica has no choice but to tag along but she tries many times to make Carmen return to the truck. Carmen is focused on finding Mondo and making him pay for her arrest and conviction. Seeing that Carmen won't turn back, Erica tries to get her to go on alone but Carmen won't let her return to the van. Erica sits down on a log and refuses to move! Carmen grabs the gun and threatens to shoot but not kill Erica. They fight over the gun but Carmen is stronger than Erica and tells her to get moving. "It's your turn to catch a bad break," she says. They keep walking but a storm is brewing so Carmen decides to take shelter at a nearby farm house. They find an old horse blanket and try to keep warm in the barn. Carmen insists that going after Mondo is the only way to regain her self-confidence and heart. Erica brings up Kent's death and says killing isn't an easy thing, even when it is an accident. She gets nervous because of the approaching storm so Carmen tries to distract her by talking about celebrities. Erica pretends to sleep until Carmen does fall asleep. Erica watches as Carmen sleeps fitfully. She reaches for the gun!


Derek runs into Samuel at BJ's and they discuss Erica. Derek warns Sam to watch out for Erica once she is out of jail. Sam asks if it was necessary for Erica to be cuffed to Carmen and Derek says it was standard procedure. He reminds Samuel that nothing can happen on the way to the prison but calls the guards to check in anyway. He doesn't receive an answer. Just then Samuel gets a call from a highway patrol officer who just found the crashed van! He and Derek hurry away. At the crash site, Derek calls Kendall. "Erica's missing," he says. After hanging up, Derek tells Samuel the guards went against protocol and that Carmen now has a gun!

Greenlee calls Kendall for advice but Kendall won't listen. She tells Greenlee about the accident and Greens agrees to meet them at the police station. At the station house, Kendall is pacing when Samuel and Derek arrive. They update her on the search. Greens and Aidan arrive. Zach tells Aidan that Erica is apparently handcuffed to Carmen, a violent criminal.

Next on All My Children:

Carmen thwarts Erica's plans.

Kendall makes a plea for Erica's safety.

Angie is ready to move on.

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