It's Really You!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Erica and Carmen are taken to prison. Zach encourages Kendall. Rob points all the blame at Rafael. Angie and Krystal worry about their men.

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At the police station, Erica is trying to instruct Carmen on how to better herself in prison. Carmen is only interested in getting back at her ex and says Erica should just run off into the sunset and skip prison. Erica says she can't do that because she wants her real life back. Kendall and Zach arrive and Carmen gets even more star-struck. She promises Kendall to take care of Erica and introduces herself as "Sugar". Zach and Erica both try to encourage Kendall. Erica turns to Zach and points out that Erica just got over the "flu" and that he needs to keep a close eye on her. Zach takes Sugar away so Kendall and Erica can talk. When they are alone, Erica tells Kendall to forget about the past with Aidan, her friendship with Ryan and to concentrate solely on Zach and her children. Kendall angrily says she is already doing that. Erica reminds her of Aidan's bodyguard status and Ryan's wife and says she needs to visualize the men as anything other than the sexy men they are. She asks Kendall to get Zach so they can chat. Kendall stays with Carmen, who tells Kendall about her life. Across the room, Erica begs Zach to trust in Kendall and protect her. He promises. An officer arrives, handcuffs Erica and Carmen, and leads them to the transport van. The transport gets underway and Carmen tells Erica more about her life. She rants about Mondo and says he was her one chance at love. The driver loses control of the van and it skids off the road!


On the way to the airport, Jack and Greenlee talk about Erica. He doesn't want to listen to Greenlee's anger at Erica so he asks what is going on between Greens and Ryan! She says she isn't obsessed with Ryan and doesn't even care about Ryan but Jack doesn't believe her. She keeps rambling about her attachment to Ryan, which only solidifies Jack's concern. She turns back to their prison trip and asks why he is so concerned about Erica. "She's a part of me," Jack says. Greenlee says prison will be a breeze for Erica but Jack isn't so sure. He asks if prison was easy for her! Greenlee doesn't answer. They arrive at the airport and Greenlee tells Jack that Erica will be fine in prison.


Zach takes Kendall home. She turns to work but Zach soon grabs the phone from her and tells her to calm down. He tells her to stop worrying about Erica and about her issues with complete honesty because he trusts her. They make love.

At the Martin home, Angie begins to panic because she can't reach either Tad or Jesse. Krystal tries to calm her but can't.


Meanwhile in the airport hangar, shots ring out and Colby falls to the floor! Tad and Adam run to her side! Frankie hurries over to care for Colby. The lights come on and Rob calmly walks out. Colby wakes and they realize she only hit her head. Rob says he followed Tad and Adam to the hangar and pulls out a badge, saying he is an FBI agent who has been looking for Rafael for years! Frankie tells Colby she did a good job. Rob tells everyone about Rafael, code name Papel. Tad doesn't completely trust Rob but Adam does. Rob asks what Rafael wanted but Jesse doesn't know. He borrows Tad's phone to call Angie. She cries as soon as she hears his voice. She drops the phone so Krystal talks to Jesse, who says they'll all be home soon. He hangs up as Derek arrives. Jesse turns to Tad, who tells them about Adam's heart pains. Colby overhears and tries to get Frankie to look Adam over but Adam won't allow it and charges off to talk to Rob. Derek returns to Jesse and they get acquainted. Derek asks him to come by the stationhouse soon to make a full statement. He agrees, then asks Tad to take him home. On the way out, Jesse asks Rob more about Rafael/Papel but Rob says they have never been able to figure out what Papel wanted. Derek fills in Tad and Jesse about Mrs. Remington's death. Rob assures them that even though they don't know what Papel wanted, it is over now. Jesse and Tad leave. Rob turns away and whispers, "This is very personal."


Back at the Martin home Krystal calls Winnifred so she can sing to Jenny over the phone. The silly song makes Angie smile. They talk about Easter, sad because they didn't get to do the traditional family things this year over the holiday. She tells Krystal about the egg hunts she used to put on for Frankie. They start dinner. Frankie, Colby and Adam arrive in a few minutes. Krystal hugs Colby and Angie hugs Frankie, who sings Colby's praises. Krystal tells Adam to sit down and relax before he collapses. She fusses around Adam for a while with Angie and Frankie backing up her doctoring methods. They invite Adam to stay for dinner, shocking him. Tad and Jesse arrive and Angie runs to hug him and begins to cry. Upstairs, Colby spots Rob on the porch. She asks Tad why he hasn't come in yet. On the porch, Rob is talking to a cohort and says he'll convince everyone that he's a good guy. Then, he pulls Mrs. Remington's necklace from his pocket! Inside, Tad and Jesse wonder if they can trust Rob. Just then Rob knocks and Tad invites him in.

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