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Friday, March 21st, 2008

Frankie convinces Colby to follow him. Jesse tries to con his captors. Mrs. Remington dies. Tad and Adam are in an accident. Erica meets her new cell mate.

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Jack visits Erica's jail cell, telling her that she will be transferred to the prison that night. The closer she comes to the transfer the more upset Erica becomes. As Jack leaves, her new cell mate is brought in - it's Carmen from the courthouse! Carmen is stunned; she is Erica's self-proclaimed biggest fan. Erica is a little taken aback by Carmen's effusiveness. Carmen tells Erica about her own arrest - her boyfriend robbed a bank and left her with the car. She was arrested with the boyfriend and now has a 10 year sentence. Erica asks about the boyfriend and Carmen admits she loves him. Carmen tells Erica that she is going to bust out of prison and get back at her man - and Erica is going to help her!

Sam is meeting with his campaign manager at the Valley Inn. Over dinner, Carl tells Samuel that he needs to keep the pressure on Erica and keep his own name in the headlines. Samuel says he isn't going to keep using Erica to further his career and Carl gives in. Jack walks in. He and Samuel have a drink at the bar, exchanging barbs about Erica's incarceration. Jack finishes his drink and leaves for the penitentiary to meet Erica.

In the crashed car, Tad asks Adam what happened. Adam says he was just light-headed, which angers Tad. Adam wants to continue on but Tad tells him to get out of the car. Tad convinces Adam that he shouldn't drive and takes the wheel. He wants to take Adam to the hospital but Adam pulls a gun on Tad, telling him to keep driving to the hangar!

Rob, still using the voice distorter, and Rafael are behind the blinding white lights in the hangar when Jesse walks in. He asks about the kids but Rob won't tell him. They argue and finally Rob tells Rafael to go get the kids.


In the plane's cargo area, Frankie is nearly done unscrewing the panel and Colby is becoming more freaked out the closer he gets. A few minutes later a bad guy comes to get them. Frankie hollers at Jesse that they are okay; Jesse promises to get both kids out of this. Jesse tells them to let Frankie and Colby go but Rob won't. When Jesse keeps arguing Rob pulls a gun, cocks the hammer and says it's time for one of the kids to die! Desperate, Jesse says he'll tell them anything if they will just leave Frankie and Colby alone. Rob has the kids taken back to the plane. Jesse tells Rob that the information he wants is hidden and offers to take him to it. "No deal," Rob says. Jesse keeps talking, hoping to get Rob away from the kids; Rob asks who Jesse told about their meeting. Rob asks Jesse to describe exactly what he has hidden; Jesse makes up a story about a case with millions in treasure. Whispering, Rafael tells Rob that Jesse doesn't know anything. Rob disagrees. He says Jesse has all the answers he just doesn't know it yet. Rafael pulls a gun and says there is only one way to get those answers. Rob keeps talking to Jesse and threatens to kill him. Jesse isn't afraid and tells the man that if he is killed they will never find what he has!

Back in the plane, Frankie finally loosens the last screw. "Yes!" he exclaims. They escape from the plane and Frankie leads Colby away from there. She is very scared but Frankie promises to keep her safe. Frankie hears Jesse and Rob talking and goes in that direction. He has Colby throw something across the room to distract the captors. Just then, Tad and Adam bust through the door and Rafael is pushed in front of the lights. Colby runs toward Adam as shots ring out!

At Mrs. Remington's, the medics arrive as Angie and Krystal are doing CPR. The medics pronounce Mrs. Remington dead. Angie turns to Krystal wondering just what happened to the older woman. She brings up the necklace that Mrs. Remington showed her, Jesse's case and Remy's death believing that all three are linked! Krystal says they need to talk things over with Tad. Derek arrives to go through Mrs. Remington's house and says she must have been burglarized. He questions Angie and Krystal, wondering why they were there. The more questions he asks the more agitated Angie becomes and he realizes something is wrong. Krystal convinces Derek that Angie is just upset because Mrs. Remington died in her arms. She tries to distract him by asking about his love life! Derek says he'll ask the questions. Krystal and Angie leave to return home. When they arrive no one is at Tad's house and they wonder where everyone has gone.

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Angie and Krystal worry about their men.

Colby is shot!

Erica's prison transport wrecks!

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