Adam Wants A Fresh Start

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Joe still can't figure out what is wrong with JR. Tad comes up with a plan to keep Krystal safe. Jesse needs a new hiding place. Frankie tries his stealth abilities on Rob. Ryan surprises Kendall in LA.

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At Tad's office, Rob asks several times for Jesse's or Frankie's name but neither will tell him. He finally leaves; Frankie offers to follow Robert but Jesse says not to worry about it. He sends Frankie home for the night. Once he is alone Jesse allows his worry about Rob to come to the surface. Angie and Tad return a few minutes later and worry Jesse even more when they say they were followed. Jesse says Rob stopped by. Tad decides Jesse needs a new hiding place. He leaves. Angie tells Jesse more about Mrs. Remington, sad for the older woman. Angie makes bad coffee and says she isn't going to let him leave her again.

Tad returns home and tells Krystal about the visit to Mrs. Remington's. Worried, he says everyone in their family could be in danger and begs her to leave. Tad comes up with a list of places to hide but she doesn't want to leave. Neither can think of a suitable place at first but then Tad comes up with a solution - Adam's! Krystal can't believe it. Tad says it is Adam's or a life on the run and she gives in.

Frankie follows Rob to the casino and watches him for a while. Rob isn't fooled and sends Frankie a drink! Frankie goes to Rob's table and he explains his connection to Ray Gardner.

Joe updates JR on his status as Adam walks in. Joe believes two suspicious punctures on JR's hips are the cause of a bacteria infection and says he wasn't drinking. Adam reminds JR of the time he broke his arm and says he loves him. As they talk, Adam brings up Babe but JR refuses to talk about his ex. Adam tries to focus on the kidnapping but JR doesn't want Adam's help. A nurse announces the end of visiting hours. JR turns away from Adam and he leaves. Adam returns to the Chandler manse to find Krystal - and Jenny - have moved in!


Josh and Zach are working on a new deal for Cambias but the deal falls through. "I smell Chandler all over this," Zach says, ordering Josh to find out what Adam has planned. Josh leaves as Annie shows up. She has articles about Spike's implant and tells him about Ryan's breakthrough. Zach reads Spike a story and Annie laughs at his animal noises. As they chat, Zach's business contact calls back and says a meeting definitely won't happen. Annie charms the Italian into changing his plans. A little later, Annie apologizes for bringing up Ryan - again. Zach shrugs it off. Annie leaves for work. Outside Zach's, Annie tries calling Ryan but doesn't get through.

In LA, Ryan asks why Aidan is playing bodyguard. Kendall asks Ryan to leave but he refuses. Aidan says a sane person doesn't fly 3,000 miles to "talk". Ryan tells Kendall about the memory and asks if they can go to that same hotel. Aidan says she needs to talk to Zach before going any further. This annoys Kendall but she returns to Ryan and turns him down. As he is leaving, Kendall talks to him in code, to set up a private meeting later on. When they are alone, Aidan tells Kendall she isn't responsible for getting Ryan's memory back. She says she is tired but when she is alone, Kendall leaves! She and Ryan meet at the other hotel bar.

Aidan calls Zach and tells him about Ryan's visit. Zach is worried until Aidan says he handled everything and Kendall is asleep.

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