She's back!

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Colby's back from the "dead."
Dr David plants something in Tad's house.
Ryan sees Zach at the courthouse and is accused by him of trying to put the last "nail in his coffin."

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Kendall accuses Annie of exploiting Ryan. Annie says Kendall is trying to "claim" Ryan, and that says she has no plans for Ryan, and that she's just trying to establish a life for herself and Emma. She tells Kendall to admit she wants Ryan.

Kendall says she only wants Ryan as a friend, and accuses Annie of wanting Ryan as a new daddy for Emma. Annie denies that.

Ryan visits Zach at the courthouse, and says he's been covering Zach's assdespite Zach being an ass, since he helped Spike and Kendall. Ryan tells Zach that Kendall's put everything into protecting him.

Dixie admits to Zach that she spied on Kendall, and asks why Kendall isn't there at the courthouse. She tells him Ryan was with Kendall that night. Zach tells Dixie to stay away from his wife, and admits he still loves her.

Tad confronts tells David, and says that getting rid of him would make David look like a hero to Dixie. Tad demands to know if David planted something in his house, and has him wait while he conducts a search. He finds nothing, and as David leaves, he tells Tad that he'll eventually send him an email explaining it all.

Colby "wakes up" and feigns amnesia, claiming she can only remember water and music. Neither Josh nor Babe believe her, and ask Sydney for the 411. She breaks and spills the beans; Colby angrily tells her to shut up, and claims Sydney promised to help her.

Colby tries to incriminate Sydney, and Babe tells Sydney "shame on her" for knowing Colby was alive and not letting them know. Colby asks them to help her escape, but Babe tells her she can't do that.

"You're going to play it my way," says Colby. "If I don't have amnesia, I just might remember what I know!"

At the Chandler manse, Dixie tells JR she doesn't want him in the courtroom, hearing all the things they're going to say about her. Adam enters, and Sydney rushes in, announcing "she's back."

Adam hurries to the other room and is reunited with Colby. She continues with her amnesia ruse. JR coldly asks why Josh is there. Colby acts as if she doesn't know Adam or JR; Babe tells everyone that Colby's lying.

Adam reacts angrily, Colby crumbles and admits "everything spun out of control." She tells Adam she was going to hide until she could get awayfiguring Adam didn't want to love her anymore. She denies knowing she drank alcohol, believing it to be lemonade, and Adam forgives her.

After Adam and Krystal leave the room, JR compliments her on a "great performance." Colby spitefully tells JR she heard "everything" about Josh and Babe while in the tunnel. JR asks how she can trash Babe after all she's been putting the family through.

Colby says Josh and Babe slept together but JR doesn't believe her. He says he and Babe love each other, and if Colby says one more thing about Babe, she'll regret it.

He tells her she can't con him or Babe. "You both suck!" cries Colby and runs out of the room. Josh tells Babe he loves her and would trust her with his life.

Back at Fusion, Josh and Kendall discuss his relationship with Babe.

Josh asks if he's going to the trial. Kendall says she's going to be smart from now on, and not focus on feelings, since Zach has made it very clear how he feels about her. She can understand why Josh is going, but she doesn't need the hurt.

Josh tells her she's still Zach's wife and should be there, but she claims he doesn't care about her.

Ryan and Annie watch Emma play. He asks if she ever thinks about finding Emma's bio father or if he even knows he's a father. Annie says he has no idea Emma exists, and declines Ryan's idea they search for him. "Maybe someday," she says.


Tad is called to the stand in Dixie's trial.
Kendall tells her coworkers to not mention the trial.

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