Kendall Attacks Her Stalker!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Kendall defends herself. Tad, Jesse and Angie discuss their plans. Ryan convinces Annie to talk about the past. Erica finishes her press conference. Robert pays a visit to Tad!

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At Tad's office, Jesse insists that it is time for him to run again. Tad and Angie angrily tell him that he can't run away this time so Jesse says he will make it known to anyone and everyone that he is still alive so that his captors will try to catch him again. Tad objects to that plan, too, telling Jesse that one funeral was more than enough. Jesse starts to pack, ignoring Tad's and Angie's pleas to stop. Angie points out Tad's family and Frankie could also be in danger. This only makes Jesse more certain that running is the answer. Angie brings up John Remington again and suggests that might be the trail to follow. Someone knocks on the door; Jesse and Angie hide.

In his casino room, Robert Gardner looks through the surveillance tapes one more time. He calls an associate and makes threats against Jesse. Rob leaves the hotel and goes to Tad's office!


Erica finishes her press conference. Opal has arrived and says how proud she is. A few reporters stay behind to ask questions but Erica won't answer any of them. Pam asks Erica if she is certain she did the right thing and Erica says yes. Jack says this may have been a colossal mistake. He is even more annoyed when he realizes Opal convinced Erica to come forward with her plea. Jack angrily quits as her defense attorney! Sam approaches Erica and surprises her by saying he isn't angry at her maneuver. They exchange a few barbs, with Erica stating she still doesn't think she did anything wrong. Then, she threatens to find whatever secrets Samuel has - and tell the world about them! He walks away. Sam runs into Jack, who tells him that just because he doesn't work for Erica doesn't mean he isn't watching her back. Jack walks off. Sam turns and watches the reporters fawn over Erica.


Zach and Greenlee are at the bar talking when he asks what happened between her and Ryan. They return to Fusion and Greenlee asks Zach to hit the lights in the lounge. The poles are still set up and Greenlee tries to get Zach to dance for her! Greens reminds him of his bomb shelter promise (that he would grant 3 wishes for her) and says him pole-dancing is wish one! Zach dances a little for Greens and then they sit down to talk. Zach asks, again, what is going on with her and Ryan. She says she tried to help Ryan remember but didn't have any luck. Zach says Greenlee should just leave Ryan alone so she can focus on Aidan. Greenlee says she and Aidan are just fine no matter what happens with Ryan. When Zach keeps pressing her, Greenlee puts space between them. Zach follows and they face off on their different pole stands. He says Ryan needs professional help, no friendly help. Greens realizes Zach is trying to protect her and gives him a break. She takes another spin on the pole and then says she has another wish to be granted. Greens spins right off the pole and into Zach's arms! Both are uncomfortable with that and back away. Zach offers to take Greenlee home.


At the casino Ryan convinces Annie to stay and talk to him for a while. He says he really wants to talk about their past because he needs to know more about them. Annie doesn't believe him 100% but stays to talk anyway. They chat for a bit and then Annie tells him that she won't go into the past until he can actually remember something. "When you can remember all of that, call me," she says and walks away. Ryan grabs her and convinces her to talk to him. Annie angrily tells him about her family history and is about to walk off again when he kisses her passionately. They get a room at the yacht club and make love. After, Annie sleeps and Ryan tries to remember but his only memories are of Kendall!


In L.A., Kendall tries to convince her fan to come to the book signing later in the day but he insists that she sign his book right now. Kendall changes her tune very quickly when she realizes he won't leave and says she'll sign anything he wants. Then, she asks if he would like some champagne because she has some on the way up. He grabs her, saying they won't need champagne. Kendall tells him he is going way too fast for her taste. When the phone rings Kendall tells him to answer it but he throws it across the room instead! He tries to grab her again but Kendall fights him off and bites him on the arm! He says she will regret the move. Kendall asks if he has read and book and he says he didn't need to read it - he only needed to see her portrait on the dust cover. Kendall convinces him that he needs to know her before they go any further and begins to read from the book. The stalker becomes distracted as he listens. Kendall turns, hits him and runs for the door but he catches up before she can get out of the room. The stalker throws Kendall down on the bed and says she'll regret trying to run. He pulls a switchblade from his pocket! Kendall kicks him and then grabs a pillow and begins hitting him until he falls to the floor. She runs for the door again. She grabs her purse and sprays mace in his face!


Aidan, downstairs in the hotel lobby, is still chatting up the fans when he realizes that Kendall should be downstairs already. He starts to head up but the girls ask him to stay with them for a few more minutes. Aidan decides to call up to Kendall's room but no one answers. He tries calling Kendall's cell but she doesn't answer that, either. Aidan decides to go upstairs and check in. The girls ask him to take their books to be signed and then mention a creepy guy who stole one of their books! They describe him and Aidan becomes very worried. He goes upstairs. Aidan bursts in to the room just as Kendall sprays the stalker. As he clutches his eyes, Aidan punches him. "I got him, Aidan. I got him," Kendall repeats.

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