Putting On A Show

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

The Fusion girls take dancing lessons. Erica makes Sam an offer. Aidan wants out of his bodyguard gig. Joe gives a stranger information about Angie. Annie believes her life with Ryan is over.

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Erica is cleaning up her nearly cleaned out New Beginnings office with Pam and Val when Jack walks in. She insists that she can keep the network from canceling her show but Jack says she can't stop it. He shows her the morals clause in her contract. Erica tells Pam and Val to re-file her papers and replace her makeup on her makeup table. Erica insists that buying her shares of Chandler was only a good business decision and that Adam didn't tell her when or how much to buy. Sam walks in and tells Erica that she will be convicted because she knew that Adam was taking back his company before she bought the stock. Erica doesn't see that as a bad thing. Then, she whispers that Sam is guilty of exactly the same thing! She tries to compare what Sam is doing to her to the way she purchased the Chandler stock. Before she can really get going, Jack butts in and tells Sam they want to make a deal: a suspended sentence and a million-dollar fine! Both Sam and Erica turn down the offer. Sam has his own offer: a $5 million fine and a 6-month jail sentence! He gives them one day to decide and leaves. Jack tells Erica they should seriously consider the deal because Samuel has the goods on her. Erica insists she'll put Sam away!

Zach arrives at Cambias to find Annie in his office with coffee. She tells him about the talk with Emma, letting Zach know that Ryan may feel free-and-clear to pursue Kendall now. Zach says he'll handle it. Annie stays for a while and asks Zach what she should do next; she is considering divorce! Then she asks Zach if everything would have been better if Ryan had been killed by Hannah! She leaves without waiting for Zach's answer.


Meanwhile Ryan is waiting for Joe in the hospital office and looking through a book on brain injuries. Joe arrives and tells Ryan that he just needs to give his mind time to recover; Ryan says he doesn't have any time. "I need to remember now before I destroy my entire life," he exclaims. Joe says there is no drug or surgery that can help because the memory loss is psychosomatic. He tells Joe that he can't handle being 2004-Ryan and asks Joe to have him committed! Joe refuses. Ryan brings up electric shock but Joe refuses that kind of treatment, too. He tells Ryan to talk to a therapist but Ryan says that isn't enough. Joe says having no memory is horrible but points out that Ryan can move on without his memory to live a full life. He leaves for the ER.


Kendall and Greenlee are working when Amanda and Babe walk in. Kendall asks them to help with the new "Charm" fragrance. Greenlee hits the music while Kendall tells the girls what they are looking for and puts them to work. Greens mixes up the first scent as three men walk in. It is Maksim from
Dancing With The Stars
and a couple of dancers. Kendall tries to refocus everyone on the scent. Amanda has a sneezing attack from the scents and Kendall breaks a few containers. Greenlee tells her to calm down; Kendall admits she doesn't want to go on the book tour. Greens says a trip away from Pine Valley - and Ryan - is exactly what she needs. She teases Kendall about Aidan, which sets Kendall off on a new tangent. Greenlee says she is only joking. Annie arrives and the girls start brainstorming once more. Annie brings up the fragrance that Kendall created for her book and suggests they try it. Greenlee takes the girls into the lounge where Maksim has set up a pole-dancing studio! Maksim tells the girls a bit about dancing and Annie volunteers to go first! All of them take a turn on the poles. Maksim and the guys leave; Annie says they need to make a few adjustments to Kendall's book fragrance. Amanda and Babe leave as Annie, Kendall and Greenlee take to the poles again. Ryan walks in! He can't take his eyes off of Kendall. She tells Ryan to try a pole dance and she and Greenlee push Ryan to Annie's pole! Annie tries to instruct Ryan in the dance but he is more interested in the dancing Kendall and Greenlee are doing than in the dancing of his wife! Annie notices Ryan's distraction!


Aidan walks in to Tad's office. Tad laughs about the Kendall-trip until Aidan tells him about Ryan's memory problems and his behavior toward Zach. Tad teases him about spending time with Kendall and Aidan snaps that watching Kendall isn't a walk in the park. Tad tries to get Aidan to talk but Aidan stonewalls him and walks out. Aidan and Zach meet a few minutes later at conFusion; Zach tells him about Annie and Ryan. He gives Aidan the hotel information and Aidan objects to the adjoining rooms. Aidan doesn't want to go to LA with Kendall any longer. Zach brings up another job: as head of Cambias Security! Amanda and Babe come downstairs and order drinks. They tell the guys about the pole-dancing lessons. Both men are intrigued.

Tad drops by the hospital to see Joe. He asks a few veiled questions about the transfer of Jesse's body to the morgue but Joe doesn't remember anything from back them. Joe is distracted by a few phone calls and Tad leaves. Joe tells his caller about Angie's work on Frankie's case and then gives the caller Angie's contact information at the New York hospital. He hangs up. The caller notes the information in a file with old pictures of Jesse!

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Zach teases Ryan about pole dancing.

Richie tells his goons to get rid of JR!

Jesse tells Angie they may be in trouble.

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