New Beginnings Is Over!

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Erica receives more bad news from Pam. Kendall and Aidan come up with a new lie. Greenlee wants to blow up the bomb shelter. Angie tells Jesse about Remy. Ryan finally talks things out with Emma. Richie puts a new plan into action.

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Ryan stops by the condo to finally talk to Emma; Annie begs him to act normally. Emma comes downstairs and Ryan sits down with her, telling her that he can't live with them any longer. She believes it is her fault! Both Ryan and Annie assure Emma this isn't. Annie reminds her of Ryan's memory loss and Emma kisses his forehead, hoping that it will bring back Ryan's memory. It doesn't. Annie sends Emma off to get a picture she drew for Ryan. When Emma is gone Ryan tells Annie that he can't leave! He says he can't leave Emma and is offended when Annie remains strong and says until he tries to get help rather than trying to renew his relationships with Kendall and Greenlee he can't live with them! Ryan insists that he wants to remember her but Annie doesn’t believe him. Ryan goes to say goodbye to Emma. When Ryan returns Annie tries to be strong, telling him that she'll fix things for Emma. He says he'll call and leaves. When she is alone, Annie breaks down in tears.

Ryan pauses outside the condo door but then quickly walks to the elevator and leaves.


Kendall stops by the Montgomery house to check on Erica. When she tells Erica about Aidan's new bodyguard duties Erica practically blows a gasket and tells Kendall she has to stop Aidan from tagging along before they blow everything wide open. Kendall tells Erica that refusing Aidan's help would be a red flag to Zach! Kendall tries to change the subject, telling Erica to start focusing on her own money problems rather than Kendall's issues. Erica insists that Samuel is only using her to get more headlines and everything will blow over. Kendall doesn't believe her. Erica shows Kendall to the door. She calls a few guests to confirm their appearance on New Beginnings. A few minutes later Pam arrives and says the network has canceled the show!


Greenlee and Zach are having a drink at conFusion when she suggests that they blow up the bomb shelter so that they can finally move on. Zach kind of likes the idea but points out that it is a crime scene now. Since they can't blow it up, Greenlee suggests they just get drunk together! Zach pours her another drink and they talk about friendship and sex. Both agree that their friendship will never lead to sex. Greens asks if sex could have happened if they would have been in the shelter a few more days. Zach says what they experienced was more intimate than sex could ever be. Greenlee brings up Ryan and tells Zach that she is happy to keep Ryan occupied for a while. Zach tells her to keep her distance from Ryan and his wonky memory. Aidan calls Tad from conFusion to let him know he'll be out of town. He turns to go and bumps into Kendall. Both are uncomfortable. Aidan tells Kendall that Greenlee keeps asking him about when and where they found the bomb shelter plans. Kendall tells him to make up a story that she became angry and threw something at him and when he retrieved it, he found the plans. When Aidan keeps obsessing Kendall brings up Ryan and tells him to worry more about Ryan and less about their sleeping together. They go to Zach and Greenlee's table. Greenlee and Aidan stay but Zach and Kendall leave.


Richie stops by Babe's condo with more questions about JR's donor status. He asks how she got JR to agree but Babe says it doesn't matter. Richie pretends to accidentally spill some coffee on his shirt and Babe takes it to the laundry. While she is gone, Richie calls his goons and tells them to keep JR there and under wraps until he arrives. Babe returns and asks about the call. Richie makes up a story about a new donor match in Austin. He thanks her for helping with JR but says he doesn't want to owe JR anything and he is going to Austin. Babe tries to stop him but he is adamant. He says he loves her and is going to win her heart without JR's blood running through his veins! Babe says taking JR's bone marrow won't matter to her but he insists that it will. When Babe goes to check on Richie's shirt he grabs his jacket and, shirtless still, tells Babe that he has to get going to Austin. He says he'll be back soon and then leaves. Babe calls JR and leaves a message about Richie's other donor match.


Angie and Jesse are ready to leave the cabin when Derek calls to ask her about Remy. Angie says she hasn't seen him in years and can't help. When they hang up she turns to Jesse and tells him about dating Remy all those years ago. As much as Jesse hates the idea of them dating, especially since the bullet he took was intended for Remy, he tries to be understanding. The more Jesse thinks about it, the more certain he is that Remy could have had something to do with Jesse's "death". Angie can't remember anything strange or unusual that happened when they were together at first but then she does remember that their house was broken into a few weeks after she broke things off with Remy. Jesse goes for a walk and when he returns Angie has candles lit. Taking her hands, Jesse worries that his "death" and Remy's murder may be connected. Angie tries to remember more about the burglary but can't. She suggests that they tell Derek everything they know. Jesse tells her to talk to Derek alone but advises her not to bring up him at all. They make love. Jesse has a nightmare about his torture.


The doctors with JR decide it is time to move forward and leave the room to get ready. While they are gone, JR comes to and wonders where he is. He gets up from the bed but is wobbly on his feet and knocks over trays and tables on his way to the door. The doctors and goons are waiting when he reaches the door! They put him back to bed and knock him out. Richie arrives and sits beside JR, ready for the procedure.

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Erica confronts Sam.

Maksim comes to Fusion to teach pole dancing!

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