Somebody's Spying On Pine Valley

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Frankie and Jesse talk about the past; Angie makes a big decision. Derek opens a murder investigation for John Remington. Richie puts a diabolical plan in motion.

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Aidan and Kendall both want to forget about the body in the bomb shelter, and the bomb shelter in general. Greenlee and Zach both have questions, though. Derek returns and says they have identified the body! "It's John Remington," Derek says and explains that Remy was a cop. He is the one who was supposed to be shot the day Jesse was killed. The whole town though Remy just left town but now Derek is very curious about what really happened to the ex-cop. He says he is launching a full-scale investigation and then leaves. Zach asks Greenlee to talk to him in private; Kendall and Aidan wonder if things will ever return to normal. Kendall tells Aidan they have to find a way to return to normal around one another. She looks through pictures from the fashion show; Aidan rips up the pictures of him. Kendall brings up the shelter and tells Aidan that she will talk to Zach about the bodyguard deal.


In the lounge, Greenlee asks Zach when things are going to get better. Greenlee pours two drinks and then asks him about Ryan; Zach admits that he has no idea how to deal with Lavery. He tells her about Aidan's new bodyguard duties. Greenlee isn't thrilled with the idea and tells him so. He offers to get someone else but Greenlee backs off and says it will be fine. They return to Kendall and Aidan. Aidan tries to back out of the bodyguard business but Greenlee insists that he go.

Richie gives his goons one more instruction: bring back JR alive. Then he says JR may not stay alive for long after the marrow donation!


JR stops by Babe's for lunch. They talk about the bone marrow donation and JR says he is completely on board. He says it feels good to be able to help someone else. He kisses her and they make love. Babe says this is just a one-time thing but JR doesn't believe her. She turns the conversation back to Richie and the marrow donation, telling JR how much he has changed. JR leaves. A goon follows him. JR arrives at the hospital and the goon calls to let his buddies know JR is on the way up. The upstairs goon knocks JR out and then both of them carry him to a getaway van!


Richie stops by Babe's. She tells him that JR is the donor match! He pretends to be surprised and then really is surprised when she says JR has volunteered to be the donor. "He's on the way to the hospital now," she says! Richie doesn't believe her when she says it was JR's own idea. She says not to worry about it and just get on with his life. He asks if she could be in his future but Babe won't commit to anything. A friend calls so Richie goes outside. "You get to live, you get Babe and JR gets the short end of the stick," he says to himself.


Jesse steps forward to talk with Frankie but Frankie isn't so sure he wants to talk to his father after all this time. Angie asks him to give Jesse a chance and they go inside together. Angie waits with Krystal and Tad outside. Inside, Jesse explains that he never wanted them to know he was alive. Frankie angrily asks why Jesse abandoned them in the first place. Jesse tries to explain that his death was faked and that he was kidnapped but when he can't explain why they wanted him, Frankie doubts Jesse's story. Jesse continues with his explanations and Frankie realizes he is telling the truth. He is still angry, though. "We needed you," he says, "and you weren't there." Frankie demands to know exactly what happened but Jesse won't tell him. Frankie slaps Jesse and then hugs him.


Outside, Angie paces. Tad tells her to calm down and asks how she is reacting to everything. Angie feels like she is in a dream. She thanks both of them for what they have done. Angie tells Tad that Jesse has given a few hints but not the whole story. She believes the men who took Jesse did it because of her! They wait a while longer. Krystal tells Tad how lucky she feels to have him and wonders if things will work out this time for the Hubbard's. All three go inside. Jesse insists that they let him go but Tad and the others stand firm and tell him they won't let him go alone. Jesse angrily says he won't let them be hurt because of him. "Don't you dare tell me what I need," Angie says when Jesse insists on leaving them again. He starts to walk out but Angie grabs him, forcing him to listen to her this time around. Frankie, Tad and Krystal all say he deserves a second chance and should let them help. Crying, Jesse says he doesn't want to take chances with her life or with Frankie's. "Okay," he whispers and then pulls Angie and Frankie into his arms.

Somewhere, a security guard and another man are looking through surveillance tape from Pine Valley Hospital. "Jesse Hubbard is alive," another man says, "We finally have him where we want him."

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Angie tells Jesse about dating Remy.

Greenlee and Zach become closer.

Kendall worries about Greens and Ryan.

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