Will Spike Hear Again?

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

It's a big day for the Slater's and Lavery's when a doctor visits Spike. Derek has news about the body from the bomb shelter. Angie won't let Jesse disappear again. Both Tad and Frankie try to track down Angie and Jesse.

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Krystal is feeding Jenny and little A when Tad walks in. She asks what he is going to do about Jesse and Tad says he is going to find out what is going on with him. Just then Frankie arrives and tells them Angie is missing! Tad tells Frankie to calm down and Krystal tells him that Angie's flight was delayed. She suggests that Angie took a detour to have some time to herself. Frankie still believes something is wrong. Tad promises to make a few calls while Krystal sends Frankie into the kitchen for a snack. Krystal asks Tad if Angie could have taken the train and run into Jesse. "Or maybe the bad guys got to her first," Tad says. Tad calls Joe, who calls New York but Annie hasn't been in touch with her hospital. Krystal asks where Angie and Jesse would go if they were still in town and together. Tad thinks for a while and remembers the cabin in the woods. Frankie hears them talking and then suggests they file a missing person's report. He leaves. Tad grabs some old maps and tries to find the old cabin.


Angie and Jesse wake up in the cabin. She asks about their tree and starts talking about the dreams they had to let go. Jesse begins to worry about the people who are after him and Angie asks him again to tell her everything. Jesse says he remembers being shot and her holding him but he doesn't remember much after that. "They told me they needed me to be dead," Jesse says but he doesn't even know who "they" are. He says they began questioning him and when he couldn't answer their questions they tortured him. He says he fought his way out of holding but one goon tied him up and was getting ready to bury him alive when Jesse was able to turn the tables. He took the bad guy's gun and buried him instead. "And I've been running ever since," he says. He hid in Canada for a while, then Europe and then Africa but he never stayed anywhere very long. He says he has to leave now because the men after him are still chasing him. He talks about moving on. "Wherever you're going, I'm going," she says and won't take no for an answer. Jesse laughs, telling Angie she is too much. He kisses her. They cuddle a little and then Jesse hears a noise outside. Someone is there! It's Tad and Krystal. Tad says they can help him but Jesse insists that everyone just let him go. They all hear another noise outside and get quiet. Tad goes outside and finds Frankie. Angie follows him out and then asks Jesse to come and meet Frankie. Slowly, Jesse walks from the cabin.


Greenlee arrives at Fusion. Babe is there and they look through the newspaper reports of Erica's arrest. Babe suggests that they call Kendall to warn her but Greenlee insists they don't because Spike is having his implants turned on today. They chat about the fashion show and Erica. Greenlee tells Babe about her night with Aidan and Babe tells Greens about her night with JR. "Do you think there is sex in heaven?" Greenlee asks! Babe giggles. She calls JR, leaving a message about the night before. When she hangs up Greenlee asks where things are going with JR but Babe isn't sure. Babe asks about Spike and tells Greenlee that she has to let go of the guilt associated with the kiddo. Greenlee says they should just stick to talking about sex. Aidan walks in and likes that idea! He has a picnic basket and blanket and Greenlee asks him to come up on the roof with her. He pulls fruit and wine from the basket and talks about his childhood a little bit. Greenlee asks him more questions but Aidan says he would rather concentrate on the present and future. He kisses her. Babe walks up and tells Greenlee that the police are on the phone for her! The police have news about the bones in the bomb shelter and ask her to come down to the station house. "One day of bliss and I'm dragged back into the bomb shelter," Greens says.


Zach and Kendall are waiting for the doctor to arrive when Ryan knocks on the door! Ryan says he just wants to be there for Spike and swears there will be no arguing or anything. Kendall asks about Annie; Ryan tells her that Annie threw him out! Ryan doesn't blame Annie, he says she is having problems with his memory loss. Zach suggests that Ryan go check on Annie and then Annie walks in the door, saying she is just fine! Ryan asks how she is; Annie repeats that she is fine. Rachael brings Spike in and Zach hands him to Ryan, who asks if turning the implant on will hurt. They assure him it won't. The doctor arrives. She explains how the implant will convert the sounds he hears and then asks Zach, as Spike's dad, to turn it on. Zach turns to Ryan and tells him to do it. Annie shows him how to do it and then Ryan turns the implant on. The doctor goes behind Spike and claps loudly. Spike turns. He heard her! Ryan starts talking and Spike watches him. Annie cries and so does Kendall. "He can hear," she says. Ryan takes Annie's hand. The doctor leaves. Ryan watches Annie closely for a bit and then tries to talk to her. Annie tells him not to worry about her and then turns to focus on Spike. Ryan continues to watch Zach and Annie with Spike; Kendall stands by, watching them, too. Zach hugs Kendall. Ryan talks about how much he has missed out on. Kendall reaches out to him, telling him he can get it back. With Kendall and Zach preoccupied, Annie tells Ryan they have to decide what to tell Emma. She gathers her things and leaves the house. Ryan gathers his things and talks to Kendall about Spike for a second. He asks Kendall about Zach and fatherhood; she says Zach is the best. Alone, Kendall asks Zach to put Spike down for a nap so they can spend a little time in the bedroom. Just then Derek calls and asks Kendall to meet him right away.

When Ryan leaves he wanders over to the condo where Kendall used to live. He waits outside her door, remembering the old days. He thinks about proposing to Kendall.

Derek arrives at Fusion just as Zach and Kendall do. Greenlee asks what is going on. He says the body they found in the bomb shelter was murdered!

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Angie believes Jesse was tortured because of her.

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