Pine Valley mourns Colby Chandler.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Ryan arrives at Kendall's house with breakfast. Shel asks if they're going to act as if "nothing happened."

Amanda and Jonathan recap their lovemaking the previous nightand Jackson walks in as they're embracing.

JR awakens Babe, who's sleeping on the sofa, and asks her to promise to never spend another night away from him.

Pine Valley mourns Colby Chandler. image

Krystal walks into the living room and asks why Babe slept on the sofa. Babe says "nothing'; Krystal disbelieves her and asks where she went last night, and if Josh helped her get her mind off things.

A shattered Adam walks in, and announces that "his little girl is gone." The search has been called off.

JR and Babe hold each other, and he tells her he couldn't make it without her.

Colby is still in the tunnel; she darts out for a second, grabs Sydney and asks for her help to get away, and demands the safe combination.

Tad comes over to the Chandler house to offer his condolences. Colby is shown sitting in the tunnel, crying and saying "I'm so sorry, Daddy."

At the Fusion office, Simone tells Josh the campaign is "awesome." They're shocked when he tells her, Danielle, and Erin that he's been fired. She says Babe chose JR over him. Simone says she needs him for a project and hires him back. He says she has to check it with Babe. Danielle says JR is a "jerk" and offers her help.

At the conFusion office, Jackson tells Jonathan he deserves all the happiness he can find, and shows him the tabloid headlines. Jonathan says the most important thing is that Lily heals and gets her life back. They shake hands.

Amanda returns, reads the tabloid with disgust and starts to call its editor to demand a retraction. He takes the phone away from her and says that everyone he cares about knows the article is a lie.

Krystal asks Babe if she broke her marriage vows, and Babe nods and admits she did. Does she still want her marriage? Babe admits she doesn't know, but wants a man who looks at her the same way Adam looks at Krystal.

Babe says he has problems knowing just what she's feeling about JR, and that Josh gives her something JR never has. Is it possible to be in love with two men at once?

Krystal says Babe has to decide what she honestly wants. If it's JR, she should never let JR know what happened.

The doorbell rings and Brooke is there to offer condolences to Adam, and embraces him. She tells him she knows that losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

After she's done speaking with Adam, Brooke sits down next to Tad and tells him he can't strike back at Dixie just out of anger, and that what he says in court today will affect JR and Jamie for a long time.

A distraught Sydney tells Winifred she has to leave! Adam overhears and asks her to sit with them, and assures her she's part of the family and that he wants her to stay.

Colby is still in the tunnel and overhears all the conversations.

When Babe goes to answer the doorbell, Josh is standing there. She's shocked to see him and asks what he's doing there. He says he wants to talkand they overhear the voices in the tunnel.

He opens the door and reveals Colby and Sydney. "You look pretty good for a dead person!"

Ryan and Kendall are discussing their relationship when Jamie arrives and says he believes Tad is behind the rumors trashing Dixie. Kendall asks if he thinks that Tad's lying and he looks stricken. He says he can't say anything against his father, and Kendall reminds him that it's her husband and future they're also talking about. Does he have proof? He says he doesn'tjust the expression "in Dixie's eyes."

An angry Kendall tells Jamie that Dixie's expression means nothing to her. Jamie asks if they "know something"; they say they don't. He rushes out.

Kendall tells Ryan she had "one moment of hope" for her marriagethen says she shouldn't be discussing this with Ryan. He says she can talk to him. The doorbell rings and Annie arrives with papers for Ryan to sign. Kendall asks if it's true she's staying in Pine Valley. Annie says it's because Ryan convinced her. It didn't take her "very long to get her claws into Ryan" says a sarcastic Kendall.


Dixie confronts Kendall.

Colby tells JR that she "heard everything" when she was hiding in the tunnel.

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