Dressed for Arrest!

Monday, February 18th, 2008

JR and Babe make a bargain. The fashion show continues. Sam's plan takes shape. Angie and Jesse talk about the past.

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Erica officially opens the fashion show. Backstage Aidan asks Greenlee about Kendall's big secret. She swears Aidan to secrecy and then says Kendall could be pregnant! Aidan is stunned. Babe and Greenlee send Colby to the stage to strut her stuff. Aidan grabs Greens and asks why Kendall is keeping this a secret from Zach; Greenlee doesn't know. JR and Adam arrive, still arguing about the bone marrow transplant. They spot Colby on stage and blow her kisses. Ava is next up. Babe peeks around the corner ands sees JR. Amanda spots Babe trading dresses and they argue about it. Babe says she needs Amanda's dress to get what she wants from JR! She asks the make-up artist to give her an edgy look. The fashion show hits a break. Erica hurries backstage to give everyone support. Jack comes back, too, and asks Erica why Sam Woods is there. Greenlee interrupts, pulling Erica back on stage. Erica introduces Samuel Woods to the attendees. Backstage, Jack becomes even more annoyed. Corrinna is the next model. JR passes by Adam but Krystal can't. She asks Adam to give them the information on Kate. Tad sees them and asks what is going on. Krystal says Adam is keeping secrets! Krystal says she dropped a picture of Jenny and Adam picked it up. Tad gets mad but Krystal "finds" the picture in her purse and drags him away from Adam before he can do anything terrible.


Erica introduces Babe, who looks stunning. She blows a kiss to JR. Amanda is next on stage. JR, meanwhile, has slipped backstage to find Babe. He undoes her zipper and Babe lets the dress drop! JR hold her robe and Babe turns to him, saying she knows about the donor match. Babe propositions JR, saying she'd like to revisit their wild and crazy past. Ava interrupts, telling Babe to get ready for the finale. Babe takes off her robe and tells JR they'll continue their discussion later. Off to the side, Zach tells Kendall about Ryan and their talk at Cambias. Kendall is very worried about Ryan but Zach tells her to stay away from Ryan because he has to figure things out on his own. She looks past Zach and sees Ryan, with Annie, staring at her. Greenlee sees them, too, and goes over to talk to Ryan. She tells him to give things time. Annie watches them from across the way. Ryan brings up Zach's nefarious past but Greenlee sets him straight, telling Ryan that he walked away from Cambias just like he walked away from Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan refuses to believe her.


During a second show break Erica and Sam are chatting about his guest spot on New Beginnings. Pam interrupts and says they need to fill time while the catwalk lights are being replaced. Erica suggests Sam fill the time. He and Pam head for the stage. Seeing Kendall is alone, Aidan makes a beeline for her and asks what is going on. Kendall, angry, says she isn't pregnant and even if she were it would not be Aidan's child! Aidan keeps questioning her, asking what is really going on. She walks away to focus on the fashion show. Zach grabs Aidan and asks him to come have a drink. Zach shows Aidan some hockey tickets, saying he got roped into the show to get Kendall to come with him. Aidan says he was supposed to be putting up shelves for Greenlee until he was roped into things, too. Around the corner, Erica tries to talk to Kendall about the pregnancy but Colby interrupts, saying the catwalk lights are up again. Erica returns to the stage where she introduces Annie and Emma. Ryan watches them and waves at Emma. Greenlee, standing with him, asks how he can't love Emma and Annie. Ryan says he just doesn't feel anything for them. Greenlee tells Ryan to keep his distance from Kendall until he figures out what is going on in his mind. Erica calls Greens and Kendall to the stage. Ryan can't take his eyes off the women; Annie notices this from the side of the stage and so does Zach. During the break before the finale, Adam corners Samuel, asking what brings him to Pine Valley. Jack sees them together and asks what Sam wants from Erica. Just then Kendall takes the stage and welcomes the audience back. Sam returns to his seat. All of the models take a final walk and then Kendall introduces Erica, who walks the catwalk in a gorgeous dress. Sam makes a call, telling someone to get ready! Jack calls a friend, too, and gets bad news. Meanwhile the crowd goes wild as Erica struts her stuff on the stage. The models leave the stage as Erica wraps up the show. JR catches Babe backstage. She asks him to play a game of poker; if she wins he'll be Richie's donor and if he wins, he gets whatever he wants! Annie finds Ryan and asks him to come home with her. He doesn't want to leave. Zach and Kendall, Greenlee and Aidan are talking about how well the show went. Still on the stage, Erica answers questions from the reporters in attendance. She talks about fashion for spring and summer. Jack tries to get Erica off the stage but she won't go. Sam makes another call and says, "Now." Then he and several others approach the stage - and place Erica under arrest!


At the train station, Jesse steps off the train and Angie just stares at him. Slowly they walk toward one another, walking faster as they get closer. They stop a few steps apart, both have tears in their eyes! Jesse takes her hand and Angie falls into his arms, crying. Angie asks how this is possible. Worried that they might be seen, Jesse asks her to come with him. "It's you, it's you," she repeats. Jesse pulls her away from the train. They go to the cabin in the woods. Jesse can't keep his hands off Angie and she can't keep her hands off him. He kisses her hand. Jesse makes her listen to him, saying no one can see them together. Angie thinks he just wants time alone with her and Jesse can't bring himself to tell her the whole truth. They kiss passionately. He leads her to the bed and talks about their past a bit. She says he has always done the right thing for her; she says she doesn't want to know what has happened or where he has been for the past 20 years just yet. "I just need you to give us tonight," she says. They lie down on the bed, talking about the past - before and after his "death". Jesse tries to tell her about what has happened but can't make himself do it. He begins to cry, asking Angie to be strong and then runs for the door. Angie follows, saying she won't let him leave her again!

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