Planes, Trains and a Fashion Show

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Krystal convinces Angie to take a train; Jesse realizes Tad is up to something. Kendall refuses to take the pregnancy test; Jack is suspicious of Sam. Ryan and Zach argue about Kendall.

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At the airport, Krystal struggles with guilt and almost tells Angie the truth. Instead, she hands Angie the family picture. A ticket agent says there is a delay so Krystal sticks around. She suggests Angie not wait for a flight and grab a train instead. Angie calls the train station to check departure times. She cashes in her ticket and decides to take the train.

Tad returns to Jesse at the train station. Jesse knows he bribed the ticket agent. Tad tries to blackmail Jesse, saying that Jenny would be heartbroken to know he was in hiding. Jesse still refuses to come forward. Tad suggests flying since he is in such a hurry. Jesse realizes Tad is trying to trick him and refuses. Tad admits that Angie is at the airport and leaves. In the boarding area, Jesse sees two cops canvassing the area. He takes a roundabout route and finally boards the train from the rear. He takes his seat and gazes out the window, thinking about his talks with Tad and listening to Angie. Angie arrives; her train is delayed so she goes inside. She buys the ticket and is waiting on the platform when Jesse's train pulls away from the station. Angie looks up and sees him in the window! She starts running after the train, screaming Jesse's name. He never looks at her. "Come back! Come back, Jesse, please," she says, falling to the tracks and crying. When the train is out of sight, she turns back to the station. The train starts rolling backward and Angie turns around. Jesse steps off the train!


Erica is having the final fitting for the fashion show when Jack arrives. Pam arrives and Erica gives her instructions. Jack tries to talk to her about the FCC and the IRS but Erica won't talk about it. Pam returns with the Sam Woods footage and all three watch. Pam leaves to finish editing; Jack tells Erica she needs to distance herself from Sam quickly! Erica thinks he is jealous. Jack says Sam is a shady character but she won't listen. Aidan is finishing his fitting as Josh arrives, looking for Kendall. Aidan asks Josh how his love life is and tells him to take a chance on a woman.


In the bathroom, Kendall insists she is just sick. Greenlee says she should find out for sure. Kendall flat-out refuses, saying she doesn't want to get Zach's hopes up. She and Greens leave. Erica spots Kendall as she exits the bathroom; Kendall says she took the test and it was negative. Erica is thrilled. Jack spots them and asks what is going on with Kendall now. Erica passionately kisses him. Kendall runs into Josh at the light show table. She asks about Zach but Josh hasn't seen him. On the stage, Emma asks Annie if Ryan is coming. Annie says Ryan is still feeling sick and he probably won't come. Emma doesn't understand. Colby and Corrinna take Emma for more practice. Babe, Amanda and Ava surround Annie, offering support. Annie checks her phone several times but Ryan hasn't called. Babe offers to call him but Annie says no. She tells them about their "first date" the night before. Both Babe and Amanda tell her to hold on to hope. Greenlee runs into Aidan and he buys her a Bloody Mary. Annie comes by and tells Greenlee to stay away from Ryan! Jack runs into Erica and asks what the kiss was all about. She says love and hurries backstage.


At Cambias, Ryan talks about Erin, his job and Kendall and asks Zach if his plan all along was to ruin Ryan's life! Zach points out that they worked together to bring Alexander down and says Ryan turned away from the business. Ryan refuses to believe him and says he wants his life from 2004 back! He keeps needling Zach until he finally fights back. Zach talks about Ryan walking out on Kendall and then leaving Greenlee in the lurch. Ryan prefers not to remember those things. He insists Kendall is better off with him! He accuses Zach of being a fraud and says he doesn't deserve Kendall. Zach agrees, saying no one does. He tells Ryan to move on with his life because the rest of Pine Valley has.


Krystal and Tad arrive at the fashion show. She tells him about what she did. Tad says he did the same thing with Jesse! The fashion show kicks off with Kendall and Greenlee center stage. They talk about Fusion and the Campbell's cause. Samuel Woods is in the audience and Jack stares at him. Kendall invites Erica on stage who talks about strong women. She introduces the first male model - Aidan! He struts the catwalk, throwing roses to the ladies in the audience and then kisses Greenlee before leaving the stage. Babe hurries over from backstage to ask Krystal about JR; he isn't there yet. Tad wonders if he'll see Jesse again. Zach arrives at the fashion show and hugs Kendall. Erica makes a beeline for Samuel, who flirts a little with her. Jack watches them, not happy at all. He interrupts but Sam blows him off. Kendall finds Annie and asks if she is okay; Annie says she is as okay as she can be. Just then Ryan arrives. He can't take his eyes off Kendall but tries to talk to Annie. Babe rushes around a little more, looking for JR but not finding him. Aidan notices that Greenlee is distracted; she asks if he can keep a secret.

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"Is it really you?" Angie asks Jesse!

Greenlee tells Kendall's secret.

Tad spots Adam and Krystal together.

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