Valentine's Day in Pine Valley

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Kendall tells Erica about That Night. Ryan learns about Erin's death. Colby and Babe talk about JR. The Go Red Fashion show begins. JR confronts Adam.

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Krystal and Angie are talking over coffee about Jesse. Angie packs her things. Krystal looks around for Tad but can't find him. Angie leaves. Angie hesitates outside but finally leaves. Once she arrives at the airport, though, Angie realizes she is missing her ticket and her wallet!


Meanwhile in the Martin basement, Tad tries to change Jesse's mind. They hear Angie leave. Tad heads upstairs as Krystal comes down! "Somebody better tell me this isn't Jesse Hubbard," she says. Krystal and Tad argue about Jesse, while he just stands in the background. Jesse finally steps in and tells Krystal to shut up and listen! He says Angie and Frankie are safer if he remains dead. Jesse begs Krystal to keep the secret, too. She agrees. Jesse apologizes and leaves with Tad. Angie calls Krystal about the missing wallet and ticket. Krystal finds the things on a table. She offers to take Angie's things to her. Krystal arrives at the airport just in time. She hesitates and then tells Angie they need to talk!

Tad and Jesse arrive at the train station. Jesse buys a one-way ticket to Toronto. Jesse falls asleep and Tad bribes the ticket agent for Jesse's destination.

Annie finds Ryan sitting alone in the family room. He turns to her and angrily asks when she was going to tell him Erin was murdered! Annie tries to explain that she didn't know how or when to tell him, which only makes Ryan more angry. Ryan says he is going to his job - at Cambias! - and won't listen when Annie tries to stop him.


At the Go Red Fashion Show, Amanda and Babe are finishing up a few details. Erica blows through, taking them - and Corrinna - to task for things they didn't do right. Erica, still on a terror, sees Greenlee and immediately calms down. She hugs Greens, wishing her well. Greenlee thanks Erica for taking charge because Kendall has been very distracted lately. Greens asks Aidan if he has noticed anything. He asks why he would notice anything; Greenlee goes to call Kendall. Across the way, Babe and Amanda are placing swag bags on the seats and chatting about JR. Amanda wonders why Babe is seeking out JR and pesters her about it.


Kendall and Zach wake at home. She grabs a quick snack of chocolate! Zach reminds her that she ate the same thing when she was pregnant with Ian. Kendall says the chocolate is for stress. Greenlee calls and asks Kendall to hurry to the show. She asks about Kendall's upset tummy but she assures Greens that everything is fine. Zach returns and Kendall says they have to hurry because she needs to stop by the pharmacy because the chocolate has given her an upset stomach. When they arrive Erica asks about her stomach. Kendall swears she is fine. Greens and Kendall focus on the final details and the missing models while Zach and Aidan go to find drinks. Erica goes off to make a few suggestions to the camera crew and Greenlee goes to find the party planner. Nausea hits Kendall again. At the bar Zach and Aidan chat about the bomb shelter, bringing Aidan back to the night he slept with Kendall. Erica finds Kendall in the bathroom with a damp towel on her head. "Are you pregnant?" Erica asks. Kendall doesn't answer and before Erica can push Ava comes in and takes Kendall away. Greenlee grabs Aidan and begs him to step in for one of the missing male models. Aidan doesn't want to do it but Greenlee bribes him and he agrees. Annie arrives and tells Zach about Ryan. He leaves. Erica tracks down Kendall and asks again about the pregnancy. They go to the restroom to talk. Sadly, Kendall tells Erica about the nausea but that she doesn't know for sure about being pregnant. She finally tells Erica that she was unfaithful with Aidan when Zach and Greenlee were presumed dead. Erica holds Kendall and says things will be okay. She tells Kendall to find out about the pregnancy.


Colby and JR are having breakfast with Adam, talking about the fashion show. Adam agrees to come along with Colby. JR makes a pointed comment about keeping his nose in other people's business. Colby tells JR about a call from the hospital about a donor list. He says he didn't get the message but will call. Colby leaves for the fashion show. Adam tells JR that he took the call and that JR is the bone marrow match that Richie has been looking for. Adam says he turned the hospital down; JR can't believe it. He tells Adam to stop making decisions and then shows him the ring. Adam turns the whole situation around on JR, saying the bugged ring wouldn't have been necessary if JR had just been honest. JR says Adam should have just come forward with whatever he knows about Kate and says his machinations won't help him win Krystal back. Adam throws Babe in JR's face; JR says he now has a way to show Babe how much he has changed - thanks to Richie!

Colby arrives at the fashion show. Babe sees her and asks about JR. She asks Colby to help her convince JR to do the transplant! A couple of tech guys get the big screens ready as Babe tells Colby more about Richie's illness. Colby isn't sure JR will even consider helping. Babe says she has her ways of convincing him! Amanda and Ava grab Annie, trying to distract her from the problems with Ryan. They take her away anyhow and show her the newest Fusion model: Emma! Annie is touched. Emma asks if Ryan will like the outfit and Annie says he will. Babe and the other girls tell Emma how beautiful she is. Erica walks by and sees Aidan getting ready for his fashion debut. Kendall is taking the pregnancy test when Greenlee walks in!


Ryan arrives at Cambias Industries only to find that Zach's name is down as CEO instead of his! A security guard shows Ryan into Zach's office; Ryan angrily asks where his office is! Ryan goes through the office, looking at Zach's photos and going through the drawers. He reads several headlines, all featuring Zach, and then sees the newspaper with Alexander's story! Zach walks in. "How did you steal my life?" Ryan asks!

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Angie sees Jesse on the train!

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