Someone Has A Secret!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Ryan tells Annie his secrets; Samuel might have ulterior motives. Zach wonders what is in Kendall's bag. Krystal invites Angie to stay over. Jesse is stuck in Tad's basement.

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At Tad's, Angie asks Tad to help her let go of Jesse. Tad hugs her but doesn’t give away Jesse's secret. He says he felt Jesse, too. Krystal walks in and asks Angie to stay for a while. Jesse, still listening, realizes he needs a new place to hide! He returns to the basement but can hear Angie recounting memories. He relives all of those moments as she does. Krystal keeps the stories going. Tad walks to the hall and looks around, wondering if Jesse left the house. Angie keeps talking and relives the days when she gave up Frankie and the fight to get him back. Tad leaves the room to find Jesse. "We had our share of good and bad but we always loved each other," Angie says. Krystal asks about Jesse's death; Angie says that is what is bothering her now. In the basement, Jesse is in a near-panic state from listening to Angie for so long. Tad begs him to let him help but Jesse refuses. He says he'll only hurt Angie and Frankie. Krystal calls Tad back upstairs; Tad promises to help him escape. Back upstairs, Tad makes a few excuses about the boiler shutting off. Krystal says it better work now because they have a houseguest: Angie! Tad tries to get out of the invitation, saying she won't get much rest with Jenny in the house. Krystal says Jenny isn't a problem at night and goes to make tea. Listening in, Jesse begs Tad to get rid of Angie. Upstairs, Tad tells Angie she can say as long as possible. Just then Krystal returns with the Hubbard family photo that was taken from Frankie's room! Tad says a janitor found it in the trash and that he forgot to bring it to the hospital that day. Krystal and Angie go upstairs to get blankets. Tad returns to Jesse, apologizes and says he is stuck there for a while longer. Krystal gets Angie settled on the couch. She checks the house and then locks the basement door - with Jesse inside! Angie cries herself to sleep.


Annie is dressed for a night out with Ryan. He brings up their wedding day and kisses her - and then a knock at the door brings her out of the fantasy! Ryan arrives for their date with a dozen red roses. They go to conFusion. Ryan tries to make things easier by asking about her past. She tells him her likes and dislikes. She asks about his secrets and Ryan says he doesn't always recycle. Then he tells her about meeting Spike and says he felt a connection but didn't recover any memories. He believes the connection is because of Kendall. He goes on about his son and wonders why he doesn't have memories of Emma since she is older than Spike. Annie tells him that both children were the results of Ryan's sperm donations not natural reproduction. He keeps talking about Spike and the more he talks the more uncomfortable Annie becomes. Finally she says she needs a break from the Spike-talk! They return to the penthouse. Ryan says he is attracted to her but that he still doesn't remember her. He kisses her on the cheek and she goes upstairs alone.


Pam comes on the set during a break and fawns over Samuel, telling him how wonderful his political platforms are. Pam and the others hurry off-stage as the interview continues. Erica asks about his constituents and how he wants to change the country. Sam he says the wealth in America isn't divided equally and it is incredibly hard for underprivileged people to break through. Erica notes that he is an exception to the rule. Erica changes tactics and asks about Sam's personal life and the loss of his wife during the 9/11 attacks. Sam talks about becoming a better father and lawyer since losing his wife. She wraps up the interview. Pam returns to the set and continues fawning over Sam; she gets tongue-tied and hurries away. Sam thanks Erica for the interview and she says she might be interested in helping him with his campaign. Sam leaves. Erica asks Pam to set up another interview because Sam is just what her viewers need. Sam returns to his car and asks if his plans are set for the next day. "Make sure there are no mistakes - this is Erica Kane," he says!


Zach is talking on the phone and trying to help Kendall clean up her mess at the same time. Kendall kisses him so he doesn't notice the pregnancy test. Zach wraps up his call and asks Kendall what she is hiding in her purse! Kendall clutches the purse to her chest but insists there is nothing inside. Zach tells her she is carrying around too much stuff and brings up Ryan and all the other difficulties they have had. He takes her to dinner. Kendall asks about Ryan and Zach admits he doesn't trust him. Kendall slips and says she doesn't want to talk about Aidan anymore! She says she just got the name mixed up because of all the craziness the past few days. He gives her an early Valentine's gift: a locket with Ian and Spike's picture inside. There are empty places in the back, he says, in case they have more kids! He says he definitely wants more kids, which makes Kendall happy because she wants kids, too. They pay the bill and hurry back to the hotel to get started on more baby-making. At the hotel, Zach makes love to Kendall. After, Kendall packs up her things and throws out a few things from her purse - including the pregnancy test! They leave for home.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan believes Zach stole his life.

Erica thinks Kendall is pregnant.

Krystal finds Jesse very much alive.

JR confronts Adam about the ring.

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