More Questions Than Answers

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Erica questions Sam. Zach wants answers from Kendall. Greenlee is worried that Aidan won't like the "new" Greens. Babe and Krystal hack into Joe's computer. Angie believes she is losing her mind; Tad wants Jesse to come clean.

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Erica is meeting with her financial team at New Beginnings to figure out why her accounts have been frozen. She grabs a hunk of ice from a dish and tosses it to the table, demanding answers! They admit that her assets are frozen because of a routing investigation into their firm. She can't believe it. Erica fires them all on the spot. She calls in Val and asks him to check on a new accountant for her and then she calls Jack to get more information on the SEC investigation. Pam walks in with Samuel Woods! Erica is blown away by Sam and tries to rearrange her schedule to fit in an interview. Unfortunately she can't. Sam leaves but is back in about 10 seconds! He says he can rearrange his schedule. Pam sets up the interview and Erica begins questioning Sam about his political ambitions.


Angie wakes in her own hospital bed, with Frankie by her side. She tries to get up but Frankie tells her to rest. He asks what happened but Angie will only say she was overtired. He brings up Jesse's grave, wondering if she really saw Jesse. Angie insists it was only a hallucination; Frankie isn't so sure and says he could smell Jesse's aftershave. Angie admits that she could feel Jesse's arms around her but when she opened her eyes it was a medic. "But who called the paramedics?" Frankie asks. Angie tells Frankie to stop thinking that way because it isn't helping him - or her! She cries, saying Jesse can't come back from the dead. Frankie apologizes. He leaves Angie's room. When she is alone, Angie wonders just what she saw at the cemetery.

Jesse is asleep in Tad's basement. He dreams of being held captive, hearing Angie's screams but not being able to get to her! He wakes and says he'll never let anyone hurt her. Tad comes down with breakfast. He tells Jesse that Angie is resting at the hospital. Jesse grabs his things to leave but Tad says he has to stay. He pushes and pushes but Jesse won't give him any answers. Tad gives him a bag of clothes and money, telling Jesse that he needs help. Jesse asks about those last moments with Dixie, comparing them to his last moments with Angie in the cemetery. "But what could I say after 20 years?" he wonders. Tad doesn't know. He packs up a few more things and Jesse is preparing to leave when Angie arrives!

Meanwhile Aidan is helping Greenlee pack up her hospital room so she can return home. She wants to focus on her career and have adventures with Aidan and have her old friends back. She is very worried and Aidan tries to reassure her by asking what she wants first. She says she just wants to be happy and giving and a better woman than she has been in the past. "You already are," Aidan says! He advises her to grab what she wants and never let go; Greens says she is ready to go. They finish packing and Greenlee tells Aidan she wants one more thing: him! He says she already has him and kisses her tenderly. Joe comes in to officially dismiss Greens. She refuses the wheelchair and walks out; Aidan follows.


Kendall is signing books in Chicago when Zach walks in the door! He asks her to sign it "To the love of my life". She is very distracted, making Zach wonder what is wrong. She says everything is just moving so quickly that it is hard to keep up. An older woman comes to the table and compares Kendall's real life to her fiction book, which she doesn't like at all. Zach goes to grab coffee. Greenlee calls to tell Kendall she is going home with Aidan. Kendall is happy for her but still worried someone will learn of the affair. She hangs up and sits down, distracted. Zach is helping some new customers "find" the perfect book - he sends them all to the Charm rack. When he returns to Kendall's table she grabs her purse and runs for the bathroom. Zach finds her in a back room a few minutes later and asks how long she has been feeling sick. He says he knows she isn't just physically sick and asks her what is going on. Kendall isn't sure where to begin and tells him that she is just missing him. She asks him to stay in Chicago with her. Zach likes the idea. He changes his plans. As he is talking on the phone, Kendall drops her purse and the pregnancy test falls out!


Babe is talking with Krystal at conFusion about Tad's behavior lately. Krystal thinks he is having an affair! Babe asks if they are really together now; Krystal evades answering by asking Babe about her love life. Babe tries to change the subject but then they spot Richie across the room. He waves. Krystal sends Babe over and she asks about his treatments. Richie says they found a donor but the donor isn't interested in giving marrow. He asks if she can help him get the donor information so he can talk to them himself. Babe doesn't like the direction he is going and Richie backs off quickly. He leaves as Krystal returns. Babe asks Krystal to help her save Richie's life! She tells Krystal about the donor match, hoping that Krystal could talk to Joe and Tad and then asks Krystal to help her break in to Joe's office!


Adam is in the sitting room at the manse when JR walks in. Adam asks about the "family" ring and JR admits that he lost it! Adam is very upset and tells JR they'll just get another from all of the family heirlooms he has sitting around. He stands up and the listening device falls from his newspaper! Adam grabs it before JR can, saying it is just a security measure. He goes to the kitchen to get some space. JR calls a friend. A while later Adam returns to go over some paperwork. Colby arrives from school with college applications. Adam offers to help. He and JR finish up their dealings and then Adam goes upstairs. When they are alone, Colby grabs the ring - the real ring, not the fake one - from her pocket. She managed to rescue it from beneath Krystal sink. Colby goes upstairs. JR looks closely at the ring and realizes there is a microphone in it!

Babe and Krystal make it into Joe's office and Babe hacks into his computer using Joe's grandchildren's names. Krystal keeps a lookout as Babe actually gets into the patient files! She learns that JR is Richie's bone marrow match!

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