Josh bares his soul to Babe.

Monday, September 25th, 2006

JR admits to Babe what demons keep him from feeling.
Josh is determined to end JR and Babe's marriage.
Colby is discovered.

Josh bares his soul to Babe. image

Kendall says "I love you Ryan" to Spike in his cradle. She realizes she said that to Ryan's faceand admits that she both loves Ryan and Zach. But would she feel that way about Ryan if Zach hadn't let her down?

She falls asleep on the sofa and dreams that Zach is home. They kiss and tell each other that they love each other. Then she has a similar dream about Ryan. Derek appears and says it's "time for justice" and Zach is placed in the electric chair. She awakes upset.

Jonathan and Amanda talks about how they have to run conFusion without Lily. He tells her they can't pretend that what's happened didn't happen. He thanks her for caring.

He asks if the "friends with benefits" offer still stands. She says it does, and they make love.

As Colby sneaks out of the tunnel, Sydney sees her and calls Colby "a lying, cheating witch." Colby asks her to hear her out. Sydney tells her many people were hurt by her actions. Colby says "I'm dead and staying that way." She fears that she'll be sent to prison if people know she's alive.

Colby asks Sydney to get the safe combination so that she can get money and leave Pine Valley. If Sydney helps her, Colby says she can have all her stuff. Sydney refuses to "scam" the Chandler family.

Colby tells her that she thought it would be "amazing" but that the experience was a mistake.

After looking through the empty Fusion office, JR opens the door to the roof and sees Babe, standing naked. She claims the pool is from a photo shoot, and she went to swim out there since the A/C went off in the office. She tells JR that Josh went home hours ago. JR tells her he wants to make loveshe declines. He apologizes for coming on strong and tells her he loves her. She turns away and leaves. Josh, hiding behind some shrubs, witnesses the entire thing.

JR and Babe come in and Colby rushes back to the tunnel. They ask her what's with the stack of food and supplies Colby left on the table. She makes up a convoluted excuse.

JR tells Babe he needs her, but she spurns him, and tells him she's his wife, not someone she can play with when he's in the mood. "You want to know what's changed? It's youyou make me doubt myself."

JR says he can't change who he isshe says it's he doesn't want to change. JR says he "can't feel the pain"if he does, it'll kill him.

She asks what pain? He says it's as if something is living inside him, always ready to pull him under. He says that's why he used drugs and alcohol, and fears it will sometimes take him over. He fears it'll destroy him and everything he cares about.

JR says he'll do whatever it takes to fight this, and keep Babe. He promises not to close her out again and apologizes for hurting her. As he speaks of her trusting him, she has images of making love with Josh. She stands up and tells him to "stop it."

She tells him she needs to be alone right now, and refuses to go to bed with him. He says he knows he messed up and promises to make it right.

Josh comes to Kendall's door in the middle of the night and they talk. He's angry and says "someone has to blow up that marriage." She talks about how much he hates JR and wonders why Babe goes back to him.

He tells Kendall that Zach is going to go to prison and Kendall should jump off this "sinking ship."

Kendall admits she tried to convince Babe to leave JR and go with Josh. She says she knows by the look in his eye--"pure Kane"-- he's going to blow up Babe and JR's marriage.

Ryan and Annie are drinking and flirting in the club. He tells her not to leave Pine Valley, and that Terry's not her fault.

She decides she'll stay and they celebrate.

Di and Jamie discuss the upcoming trial. She tells him Dixie's not as bad as he thinks. Julie interruptsJamie tells her to butt out since they're over. Jamie says he believes Tad is lying, and will do what he can to exonerate Dixie.


Josh and Tad discuss the trial.
Krystal confronts Babe about whether she slept with Josh.

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