Adam Knows About Krystal's Plans!

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Adam eavesdrops on Krystal and JR. Greenlee undergoes the new treatment. Jesse and Angie nearly meet. Erica helps Jack forget his troubles.

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JR is headed out for the day when he runs into Adam. They say their goodbyes and then JR calls Krystal to say he is on his way. Adam is listening in! When JR arrives at Krystal's and they begin to talk, Adam continues to listen to their conversation. Adam angrily wonders what Krystal and JR have in mind and as the conversation turns to Kate, he believes he knows. Frustrated, he kicks his desk! Adam picks up the adoption record he found for Kathy/Kate and burns it in the fireplace!

Erica and Pam are chatting about Sam Woods; Erica isn't interested in Sam coming on the show until she learns that he is already booked on "The View". She sends Pam back to focus on today's show so she can decide what to do about Sam. Her accountants arrive with papers for her to sign; they are very pushy but Erica insists on reading the papers before signing. When they leave she calls Jack but he doesn't answer his phone. Sam Woods calls and tells Erica he isn't interested in her show! He hangs up and Erica tells Pam to book him as soon as possible! Erica leaves for the hospital.

Joe tells Angie that Greenlee wants the new treatment. Angie goes to Greens' room, where she is talking to Aidan, Zach and Kendall about her options. Greenlee asks what her chances are. "It's a long shot," Angie admits. Greenlee thanks her for being honest and Angie leaves. Greenlee tells the others that she will win. Kendall kisses Greenlee, reminding her that she needs a second in command on the book tour. Kendall and Zach leave. Greens tries to get rid of Aidan, too, but he won't go. Jack arrives with Lily. She is uncomfortable but offers Greenlee a picture of them. Greenlee is touched by the gesture. Kendall and Zach return with Spike; they let Greens hold him for a few minutes and then Joe returns to get Greenlee ready for the injections.


Jesse is visiting Frankie in his hospital room. Jesse tells Frankie to keep fighting and to be strong. "I love you," he whispers and then hurries away before Angie comes back. When Angie returns to Frankie's room she can feel a presence there but she doesn't see Jesse, hiding around the corner. Angie begins to pray again, mentioning Jesse and asking for strength. A nurse comes in, asking Angie to come to Greenlee's room for the treatment. When they are alone again, Jesse sits down with Frankie, telling him that he won't leave again.


Angie and Joe inject Greenlee with the treatment as Aidan looks on. He watches over Greens intently. The next morning Angie notices something strange on Greenlee's hands and that her lips are turning blue. She orders Aidan out of the room and calls for Joe. "She's not responding, we need a vent," Angie says! Joe pages the other doctors. Aidan calls Kendall and Zach, telling them that they need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. He calls Jack next. Back in the room, Angie and Joe work frantically to open Greenlee's airway.

Jack is pacing the hall when Erica arrives. She asks how Greenlee is but Jack doesn't know. Erica leads him down the hall. She takes him to the boathouse where they spend the night talking under a blanket. The next morning, Erica and Jack wake to a beautiful sunrise. She tells him to have faith in Greenlee.

Ryan and Annie call Richie over to the penthouse to confront him about Emma. Annie goes to get Emma and Ryan demands that he tell the girl the truth! Richie turns to Emma and says he is very sorry that he upset her but he didn't know that little girls couldn't be donors. He says he will find another person to help him. Richie leaves. Ryan and Annie settle in for the night. They put Emma in to bed with them and go to sleep. Ryan has an uncomfortable night. The next morning Emma is jumping on the bed and wakes Ryan - who doesn't remember Emma or Annie at all! She sends Emma out of the bedroom and tells Ryan he isn't being funny. "I don't know what happened here," Ryan says, "But I have never seen you before in my life."


Tad and Kathy are playing Candy Land at his home when JR and Krystal come in. Krystal asks JR to help her with a project in another room; when they are away from Tad, Krystal tells JR that she is really worried about his safety. She admits that she's been talking to Babe, which annoys JR immensely. She begs JR to think twice. JR tells Krystal that he can handle Adam and that he will find Kate for Tad! Just then Tad walks into the room. Tad asks what is going on; JR gives him a pared down version of events, leaving out any talk about Kate, and says he knows he is strong enough to live with Adam now. Tad, Krystal and JR go back to play Kathy's game. JR leaves. The next morning Julia stops by to pick up Kathy.

The next morning Adam comes downstairs to find JR asleep on the couch. Adam tells the sleeping JR that he'll be sorry.

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