Babe and Josh Make Love!

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Crosscuts of Kendall & Ryan [at Kendall's house] and Babe & Josh [at the Fusion office] kissing passionately.

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Dixie's upcoming trial has Pine Valley on edge.

Josh and Babe continue to kiss. He tells her his wants her, and wants to know if she feels the same. She pulls him closer and tells him she does, and that she wants him to make love to her.

He spreads his jacket on the office floor, they undress and make love.

Ryan tells Kendall that he wants to make love to her.

"I love you, but if we do this you have to understand that I will fight to have you in my life," he tells her. Kendall walks outside to gather her thoughts. She fingers her wedding ring. Ryan stares out the window at her.

"I'm sorry," says Kendall, as she returns. She can't make love with him. She says she does love him, and wanted to be with him. "My head's all over the placeI'm a mess."

Ryan says he completely understands. She says she not sure he does. She's furious at Zach and if this was a year ago she would have made love to Ryanbut now things matter. She can't drag Spike into their dysfunction.

"You and Spike are my family and always will be," says Ryan. Dixie was right, she saysI want and love you both. It's wrong, but part of her still hopes she has a future with Zach. If she gives herself to Ryan, it has to be free and clearbut despite everything, a part of her still loves Zach.

Ryan replies that he wants this to happen not for revenge, but because he loves her. He prepares to leave, and she asks to bring Spike home. They both play with the baby for a moment, then Ryan leaves.

At the Chandler manse, JR is pacing the floor, playing with his cell phone and waiting for Babe to call. He fingers the liquor bottle, but drinks water. Adam calls, and lets him know that the Coast Guard is dragging the ocean for Colby. JR wants to relieve him; Adam refuses, and tells him to be with his own wife and child.

At ConFusion, Dixie and Josh are talking. She insists they did not bury Greg Madden. Tad appears behind her. Jamie and Tad bicker and Jamie stalks off. He's about to take a pull off a beer bottle when JR grabs it out of his hand.

He accuses Jamie of being a hypocrite. Dixie tells Tad he's a liar, and JR walks over to comfort Dixie. She tells him to go home to his wife and baby. When he mentions she's working upstairs, Dixie tells him to go get Babe.

Tad tells Jamie that Dixie is "desperate" and a bad person. Jamie says she's like a mother to him.

Annie comes in and thanks Jonathan for saving her daughter. She says she knows the kind of man he is, and doesn't care what anyone says. She's worried about him; he says he's OK and to leave it alone. They discuss Lily and she assures him that he gave Lily back her lifedespite his feeling that he cannot help her.

Erin is discussing how she can help both herself and her brothers overcome a history of abuse.

Babe and Josh are confiding each other and kissing, post making love. She talks about how she'd like to make love by a waterfall. He leaves for a moment, then returns and carries Babe out of the office, onto the roof and plops her into a filled wading poolthe closest thing that night to her waterfall fantasy.

JR goes up to the office and calls for Babe. He sees their clothes on the floor, picks up Babe's top and wonders "where the hell" she is.

Colby comes out of her hiding place and walks into the living room, then rushes back when she hears Winifred and Sydney discussing that she has to stay in Pine Valley for the school year. After they leave, Colby sneaks out again and sees the Pine Valley Bulletin with the headline "Chandler Daughter Lost at Sea."

Sydney comes back into the living room. There's Colby!


JR walks in on Babe and Josh.
Ryan tells Annie not to leave Pine Valley.
Kendall is startled by a late-night phone call.

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