Tad + Krystal = Love?!?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Tad and Krystal plan a honeymoon. Colby is suckered in by Adam. Aidan and Greenlee make love; Kendall and Zach make up. Erica meets a new man. Jack and Julia make plans.

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Adam asks Colby to meet him at the Yacht Club and asks her to help him plan a wedding reception for Krystal and Tad! Colby doesn't believe Adam's motives are clear cut and questions why he is doing this. Adam swears to Colby that he just wants to bury the hatchet with Tad and Krystal so that they can all move forward. He says it will be a big party so the whole town will know where things stand and asks her to help him out. Colby leaves and Adam begins planning his big event.


At the Martin home Krystal returns home from work to find Tad working on his computer. When he shuts the laptop she asks what he is working on and won't take no for an answer when he says she doesn't really want to know. They fight over the laptop and Krystal wonders if Tad is looking at porn! When he says no she begins chasing him around the living room but Tad manages to keep the laptop away from her. Krystal begins to tickle him and Tad gives in and hands over the computer. She realizes he is researching travel destinations. "I was planning our honeymoon," Tad says! Krystal says she can't go on a honeymoon because of work and the baby; Tad says Kyle and Babe can take care of The Comeback and Jenny can have a 24-hour nanny. Tad goes upstairs for a few minutes and when he returns Krystal is decked out in a Hawaiian girl costume and tells him it's time to make their marriage real - in every sense of the word. Tad tumbles her to the sofa as Colby walks in! She tells them they are "cute" but asks if she can talk to them for a few minutes. She asks them to come to dinner with her at the Valley Inn the next night for a belated wedding celebration. Tad and Krystal love the idea but don't want Colby to spend her own money. Finally they give in and Colby hurries upstairs to make the reservations. Krystal returns to Tad on the couch and they kiss.

Colby calls Adam, tells him Tad and Krystal are in and asks him not to disappoint her. Adam promises. Then he calls his own people to make sure Zach will be invited, too. The party planner arrives and Adam finishes up a few last minutes details. "This will be a night Pine Valley will never forget," he says.


Erica is talking to a masseuse in her room at the Yacht Club as she undresses. She talks about Jack, the troubles with her family and her "crazy" ex-stepdaughter. Sven, the masseuse, goes to work on Erica's stressed out muscles. She goes on about being too out of touch with what she really wants and wondering where she goes from here. "I survived my father, the death of my mother and all of my husbands," she says, "I'm not giving up on love." She becomes distracted, talking about love, and begins to wonder what is going on between Jack and Julia. Sven just listens and says, "Yaaah," every few minutes. Erica decides Jack is just distracting himself because he can't get over her! With the massage over Erica has a manicure. A handsome man named Marshall steps in to introduce himself and asks Erica to join him for dinner! She accepts and he gives her a business card so that she can call him sometime. Colby calls Erica to invite her to the wedding reception and Erica accepts; she asks if she can bring a guest and decides Marshall would be the perfect dinner date!

Jack and Julia are having drinks at the Yacht Club when a client calls him. Julia asks about Erica and tells Jack he just needs to learn to turn Erica out. "Just don't take anything she says personally," Julia says and tells Jack she still thinks of him as being with Erica. Jack tells her that while they were in the closet he and Erica connected again and Julia isn't surprised. Jack changes the subject and asks Julia what is new with her. Julia presents her plan for a health center to pair up with the Miranda Center, and Jack offers to help. Julia toasts their new partnership.


At the Slater home Kendall tries to draw out Zach but he refuses to talk to her about Hannah. Kendall keeps at him, bringing up the bomb shelter and Hannah. Angry Zach says, "I failed Hannah the same way I failed Ethan," and asks her to let him deal with things alone. Kendall finally gives up and says she'll stand by him, even if he refuses to talk. They return from a walk outside and sit on the sofa to cuddle. Zach thanks her for giving him what he needed - peace, quiet and her. Zach kisses her and Kendall says that won't shut her up, making Zach laugh. He kisses her passionately and they make love. Afterward Kendall is headed to the kitchen for snacks when the phone rings. Colby invites Kendall and Zach to the Valley Inn party; they accept but wonder what it's all about. Kendall goes into the kitchen and by the time she returns Zach is sound asleep. She decides it will be best if Zach never knows about Aidan. Zach, dreaming, can't forget about Hannah but in his dream Kendall slips from his grasp and not Hannah!


Still at the falls, Greenlee tells Aidan she has never gotten over losing Leo and she believes Zach will never get over losing Hannah! Greens explains that Leo was her first love and Ryan was her champion. "You are my hero," she cries, telling Aidan that Leo would be happy for her this time around. They return to her penthouse and Greenlee begs Aidan to kiss her like he used to and stop treating her like an invalid. Aidan sets up a seduction scene complete with flowers, candlelight and a roaring fire. He kisses her and then begins to massage her back. Greenlee turns the tables, kisses him and they make love. Afterward they talk and Greenlee tells Aidan she trusts him. He kisses her again.

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