Ryan Acts Crazier and Crazier

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Hannah slips from Zach's grasp. Ryan acts really weird. Julia saves Jack and Erica from the closet. JR and Richie face off.

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Aidan rushes to the rocks to catch Zach who has gone over the edge with Hannah. Zach holds desperately to Hannah's hand as Greenlee and Kendall urge both men - and Hannah - to hold on. Hannah says she can't do it. Kendall calls out that she loves Zach and he replies that he loves her, too. Aidan is having trouble keeping his grip on Zach strong so Greenlee and Kendall grab his shoulders and begin pulling, too. Zach tells Hannah that he won't let her go this time. She looks down and says she believes him. Zach cries out in pain when they pull on his shoulder again. Hannah says, "Goodbye," and then lets go of Zach's hand! Once back on solid ground Zach wants to run down to find her but Kendall demands that he stay with her. Derek arrives and calls for a water search and rescue team to begin searching for Hannah below the falls. Derek begins asking questions; Aidan takes the lead, saying Hannah slipped by accident and that Zach was trying to save her. Zach can't stop worrying about Hannah, even with Greenlee and Kendall by his side, telling him there was nothing more he could do. Aidan and Derek come back to Zach; Derek calls in more search teams and walks off. Zach apologizes to Kendall for going off on his own. He tells her everything that Hannah said, shocking Kendall. He sits heavily on a rock and asks Kendall how he lost Hannah again. Kendall tells him it wasn't his fault this time because Hannah made the decision to let go. She holds him. Greenlee separates herself from the group and becomes lost in memories of Leo. After a little while Kendall takes Aidan aside to tell him that Greenlee can never know what happened between them or they'll never be able to completely move on. Derek calls off the search until morning. Aidan goes to Greenlee and holds her. Kendall calls Erica to fill her in. Derek promises to keep Zach in the loop; he and Kendall leave.


Jack and Erica, still locked in Kendall's closet, argue. Jack can't believe Erica is being so blasé about the situation and she can't believe he is so overwrought about being locked in. Erica brings up work and the fun they had doing "The New Divorce"; Jack points out that it was a long time ago and then steps on her toes! Erica sticks to her guns, asking Jack why they can work so well together sometimes but can't even agree at others. He suggests they stay locked up forever! Jack's cell phone rings and he realizes their way to get out of the closet has been there all along. He answers and Julia asks a legal question. He asks her to come to Kendall and Zach's, unlock him from the closet and he'll answer the question. When he hangs up Jack sees that Erica is not thrilled that Julia is coming to their rescue - or calling Jack's personal cell phone! Julia arrives a few minutes later and opens the locked closet door. Erica thanks her and asks why she called Jack. Julia says it was just a legal question and Erica pounces, asking Julia why her "legal question" couldn't wait until their family ordeal was over. Julia tries to explain but Erica won't let her speak; she makes a few snide comments about Maria and the rest of Julia's buttinsky family. Erica speaks to Kendall, tells Jack things are fine and leaves. Julia turns to Jack who asks her out on a date!


JR is rude to Richie who has shown up at Babe's unannounced. Babe asks what is going on; Richie says he was released from prison - and the psych ward - and turns to go. Babe asks him to wait. Telling JR to go back inside, Babe goes to the porch with Richie and asks what he really wants. Richie plays the victim - again! - and insists that he just wanted to see her and let her know he was released and found to be perfectly sane. She asks if he has contacted Annie about the donor list but Richie refuses to talk about his sister. Babe tells Richie that he can't have a place in her life because she has to focus on her career and her child for the time being. Richie asks her to hear him out and brings up his life expectancy. He says he wants to be with her, as more than a friend, and he isn't willing to wait any more. Inside, little A asks JR where Babe is. JR says she'll be back inside in a second. JR sees how uncomfortable Babe seems and goes to the porch. Babe hurries inside but JR stays to chat with Richie, telling him to move on. Richie says he isn't finished yet. When JR returns inside, Richie watches the family for a few minutes. "I'll see you around," he says and leaves.


Annie is very surprised to see Ryan, practically naked, on the balcony. She grabs a blanket to warm him and asks what is going on with him. Ryan swears he isn't crazy and that he only wants to feel everything the world has to offer. He asks Annie to make love with him on the terrace! After, they hurry inside because both of them are chilled. Ryan takes Annie to the fireplace so she can get warm. He says he has been very lucky but that he is sad his luck began with Alexander Cambias. Now he wants to change things, with her help. Ryan suggests they give away all of the Cambias money. Annie brings up the hard times but Ryan can only focus on the good. "We'll just open the door and see who needs it the most," he says, suggesting that they bring Jonathan and Zach on board, too.

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