Hannah Falls From The Falls!

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Hannah tells Zach all her secrets. Kendall and Greenlee lock Jack and Erica in a closet. JR and Babe make amends. Richie is freed from the psych ward. Annie and Ryan go home.

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Annie comes to see Ryan at the hospital. He asks when she was going to tell him that Richie could live. Annie says she didn't say anything because it doesn't matter; she isn't going to connect herself to Richie in any way. Ryan accepts her explanations. He pulls her to him, talking romantically to her, and kisses her. Ryan gets ready for his release from the hospital. Joe arrives with his meds and calls for a wheelchair so he can be discharged. They return to the penthouse and Ryan finds mistletoe still above the door. He holds it up and they kiss. Annie tells Ryan they are all alone because Rachael has the kiddos for the days. She takes his bag to put things away. Ryan removes the bandage from his temple. When Annie returns Ryan is standing on the terrace wearing only his boxer-briefs and with his arms raised to the sky!


In another part of the hospital Richie meets with his case workers to find out when he can get out of the hospital and back to his life. He tells them how Annie stuck him in prison for a crime he didn't commit but says, though he came to Pine Valley for revenge, he has changed his way of thinking and just wants to live now. The doctors are taken in by him. They ask about friends and Richie tells them all about Babe. He then suggests contacting Dr. Chambers from the prison for more information. The doctors say Dr. Chambers was killed in a prison altercation that morning! Richie pretends to be stunned. The doctors agree to his release. Richie calls a prison buddy of his and thanks him for offing Dr. Chambers!


In the park, Babe and JR are about to kiss when she pulls back and asks what they are doing. JR tells Babe he just wants a shot at a future with her. She isn't sure that is a good idea but listens to his arguments. Finally, she agrees to give JR another shot but says it is friends - no benefits - first and they'll see where things go from there. JR accepts her terms and kisses her on the cheek. JR and Babe return to the condo with little A. Little A asks if JR can stay for a while and Babe agrees. He goes to take a shower. JR is looking for shampoo, clad only in a towel, when Richie stops by! "Is this a bad time?" Richie asks.


Outside the Slater home Aidan refuses to tell Jack Zach's whereabouts and leaves. Jack returns inside to cover Aidan's disappearance. Erica doesn't believe him and asks where Aidan went. Jack tells them Aidan went to help Zach with Hannah and all the women freak out on him. Erica, though, tries to help Jack be the voice of reason for Kendall and Greens when she sees how both girls go on the attack against him. Jack tries to talk but Kendall and Greenlee won't let him get a word in edge-wise so Erica pulls him aside and tells him to let the girls work this out themselves. Kendall throws ideas about Zach and Aidan out and Greenlee backs them up; they decide that the men may know what they are doing. Sean arrives. Before he can tell anyone else about Hannah Jack takes him outside so they can discuss the situation privately. Sean tells him that they just hooked up and as he explains Erica walks out and overhears! She asks for an explanation and Jack fills her in. Seeing that Erica is cold, Jack gives her his jacket. Sean tells them Hannah kept asking about the falls; Jack and Erica wonder if that is where Hannah is now.


Back inside Kendall and Greenlee commiserate with one another. Greenlee has another weak spell but tells Kendall it's just weakness from almost dying. She sits down, though, as they talk some more about Aidan and Zach. Greens tells Kendall about the high fever and hallucinations that Zach had in the bomb shelter; Kendall is stunned because Zach didn't say anything to her. The subject turns to love and Greenlee admits her fears about Aidan to Kendall. "He's not the same with me," Greenlee says, "he won't touch me." Kendall tells Greens Aidan is probably just being very careful. They go outside to see what is keeping Jack and the others. As they come outside they hear talk about the falls; Sean goes to give the police the details he knows. Kendall and Greenlee decide to go help their men! Jack refuses to allow Greenlee to go and Kendall agrees with him. She tells Greens that they should both stay at the house so that they don't get in Zach's or Aidan's way. Erica and Jack love that she is finally seeing the light. Jack takes her jacket and as he is hanging it up, Kendall pushes him and Erica inside the closet - and locks them in! She and Greenlee hurry from the house. In the closet Erica blames Jack for their predicament.


On the rocks Hannah angrily tells Zach she deserves to have the life that Kendall has had! She pulls a gun on him. Zach starts talking, trying to keep Hannah off-balance. He tells her he knows how she was working with Adam and says that is just one more reason they can never be together. "Kendall is the only woman I love," he says. Hannah asks Zach to look past her appearance and his hatred to see the teenager he once loved. Zach says he can't see that girl anywhere. Hannah talks about Alexander taking advantage of her when she was still a desperate, teenage mother. "He thought it was funny that I jumped when he touched me," she says brokenly. Zach is stunned to learn that Alexander raped Hannah over and over. Aidan arrives, and hears the explanation, too. Zach asks why Hannah stayed with Alexander so long and she explains that she was certain that Zach would return for her. "But you never did," she cries, "you never did." She tells Zach that she pulled her life together for a while but that she can't keep up the pretense any longer. Hannah begins listing all of the women that Zach has rescued - Maria, Erica, Julia, Dixie and Greenlee - and wonders why he couldn't come to her rescue all those years ago. With pity in his eyes, Zach says he can still make things right by rescuing her now. Hannah holds the gun on him and begins to cry. He takes a step closer to her and she tells him to back off. Aidan keeps his gun trained on Hannah, just in case. Zach keeps talking, promising to protect her now since he couldn't protect her in the past. Hannah finally lowers the gun and lets Zach hold her close while she cries. Zach says they can make things work for her but as they turn around she sees Aidan and begins backing away. Hannah slips over the edge of the rocks! Greenlee and Kendall come running up at that moment.

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