Zach Goes After Hannah

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Sean realizes who he spent the night with; Zach and Hannah agree to meet. Erica apologizes to Kendall and Aidan for her assumptions. Dre and Colby connect.

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Colby brings Dre some pillows, blankets and snacks in the Chandler Tunnel. She also brings him music and postcards. Colby tells him to write his dad a note, telling him that he is fine but not interested in politics, and is continuing his music career in New York. From a distance they hear Adam calling for Colby. Colby shushes Dre until Adam leaves his study. When she is certain that Adam won't hear them talking, Colby tells Dre to start working on his postcard to his father and comes up with a plan to actually get a New York postmark on the postcard so his father's investigators will move on from Pine Valley. Colby tells him a little about her criminal past and asks Dre about his past. Dre says he went along with his father's plans until his mother died on 9/11. "She had an office in the South Tower," Dre says, "I never found her." He searched Ground Zero in the middle of the night when the rescuers wouldn't let him through and burned his arm on a steam pipe. Dre tells Colby that his father used his mother's death to win his first election! Colby tells him not to write anything angry in the note, just to be positive and reassuring.


When little A wakes up, Babe and JR distract him with toys and then cross the room so they can talk. JR tells Babe he wants to go out on a date with her; Babe turns him down flat and JR backtracks. He tells her that he wants to "date" her and little A at the same time. He wants a playdate for the whole family! JR leads her to the window and suggests they go outside and build snowmen. The three of them go to the park and check their supplies, then begin building a snowman. JR starts throwing snowballs as they finish up with the snowman. He and Babe lob snowballs back and forth and little A joins in, too. It's girl against boys! Once the snowman is built and the snowball fight is over, JR asks Babe if they can be friends again. She says yes!


Hannah and Zach set up a meeting place - at Miller's Falls just outside of Pine Valley. Hannah dresses and takes great care with her makeup, all the while remembering conversations she has had with Zach. She takes the small handgun from her bag and stares across the room as Sean continues to sleep. He wakes up and sees the gun! He asks about it and Hannah says it is just for protection. She kisses him again and then leaves. Sean locks all of the door locks behind her! He turns on the television and dresses; a reporter breaks in with an announcement about Hannah Nichols. Sean recognizes her picture!


At home, Kendall is desperately worried that something bad will happen while Zach is out; Erica says he'll be fine. A reporter calls and Erica screens it so Kendall doesn't have to talk to anyone. Kendall can't stop thinking about the night she slept with Aidan. Aidan returns and they begin arguing. Erica walks in and wonders what is going on between them. Kendall hears a noise and Aidan goes outside to check on things. Zach is there and asks how things are going. He tells Aidan that Hannah wants to meet with him and he is going in alone. They argue about it. Kendall calls out to Aidan, asking what is keeping him. Zach hides before Kendall comes outside; Aidan tells her he was just shooing off a dog and orders her to return inside. When she is gone Zach steps out of the bushes. Aidan tells Zach to let him go after Hannah but Zach refuses the offer. Back inside Erica asks Kendall what is really going on with her. Kendall gets angry and calls Erica a cheating wife; Kendall tells her mother she is not a cheater! Kendall apologizes and tells Erica she is just stressed out. Erica apologizes, too, for suggesting that she may have slept with Aidan. Aidan returns; Zach watches them for a moment through the windows. Aidan tells Kendall that all is clear outside; Erica apologizes to him, too. Kendall asks Aidan to return to Greenlee but Aidan says he can't leave his post. Erica and Kendall realize that Zach must have contacted him and begin badgering him to tell them where Zach might be. Erica heads off to the kitchen. Aidan makes himself comfortable.


Jack and Greenlee return to the penthouse and he realizes she is a weak. Jack heads into the kitchen. When he turns Greenlee sways but Jack catches her just before she falls. Joe makes a house call and tells Greens that her pulse and heartbeat are both high. Greenlee begs Joe not to take her back to the hospital and Jack promises to keep Greenlee under lock and key if he must to keep her resting and quiet. Joe receives a page and goes to his car for some notes. Jack tells Greenlee she needs to take a break from the stress of her life. She is already worked up, though, about Ryan, Kendall, Zach and Aidan and can't calm down. Joe returns. He offers Greenlee a vitamin supplement and tells her that she needs to come in for more tests. He and Jack leave the penthouse; Jack asks if there is more to Greenlee's condition. Joe says he isn't sure but that Greenlee could have a virus or she could be having psychological problems because of the ordeal. He leaves. Erica calls Jack and asks about Greens; Jack says his daughter is fine. Erica suggests that he bring Greenlee over to the Slater home because of the extra security Zach has on hand. Greenlee overhears and says she wants to go there right away.


Erica returns to Aidan and Kendall and tells them Jack just called to see if Greenlee could come over for a while. Kendall doesn't buy the explanation and asks Erica what she is really up to. Jack and Greenlee arrive. Aidan focuses on his girlfriend for a while. Kendall and Erica go to get blankets and pillows for Greenlee; Jack receives a call from Sean, who is freaking out. He tells Jack that he spent the night with Hannah! Sean tells Jack about the gun; Jack tells Sean to get to Kendall's ASAP. He calls Aidan (who is just across the room) and asks him to come outside for a few minutes. Aidan makes a few excuses, so does Jack, and the men go outside. Once away from the women Jack tells Aidan about Sean and Hannah. Aidan tells Jack what he knows about Zach and Hannah. He tells Jack to make his excuses because Zach needs help! "I'm gonna make sure he doesn't kill Hannah and Hannah doesn't kill him," Aidan says.

Zach arrives at the falls and begins hiking to the top. Hannah is already there, standing at the top and watching the water.

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