Greenlee's Still Sick!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Zach goes in search of Hannah. Aidan and Kendall are uncomfortable with each other. Julia and Ryan talk about life. Annie finally says goodbye to Richie. Greenlee has a dizzy spell in the park with Jack.

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Aidan arrives at the Slater home to tell Zach there is no news about Hannah's whereabouts. Zach asks Aidan to stay at the house, watching and protecting Kendall, while he goes out to join the search. Aidan has a bag of food and offers to start breakfast once Zach is gone. Kendall picks a fight with him about the food, telling him that they need to talk about the night they slept together. Aidan tells her to stop distracting herself from Hannah and Ryan by focusing on their night together because that night didn't mean anything. She realizes he is right. Aidan tells her they don't need to keep bringing up that night because he loves Greenlee and she loves Zach; he says that is all they need to focus on. Kendall quickly becomes very worried about Zach. He tries to hug her, to calm her down and Kendall backs away. She overreacts and tells Aidan this is exactly what happened last time - he tried to comfort her and things went too far. She says she won't risk that again. Aidan tells her she is being stupid and he was only trying to be a friend. They argue and Erica walks in! She senses the tension in the room immediately and asks what is going on. Aidan tells her about the shooting and Zach's request. Erica doesn't completely believe him, though. He leaves, saying Kendall is safe enough with Erica around. When they are alone Kendall tries to head Erica off at the pass by asking about Jack. Erica tells Kendall that she isn't to blame for the split between them; she blames herself a little but mostly Jack!


Ryan wakes in the hospital when Annie walks in the room. Erica arrives, too, and thanks him for saving Kendall's life. Annie leaves. Ryan gets out of bed and begins to walk around which throws Erica for a loop. When he starts dancing with her she is even more flummoxed. Erica tells him he has one minute to dance and then it is back to bed; they begin waltzing around the room, being silly with each other. Julia walks in and asks Ryan how much medication he is on to be dancing with Erica. They laugh at her joke but then Erica makes a few snide comments about Julia. Erica leaves and Julia brings over equipment to check Ryan's blood pressure and other vital signs. Ryan asks what the deal is between Julia and Erica and is startled to learn that Julia has been spending time with Jack. She says they are just friends but Erica doesn't seem to realize that. Ryan points out that he and Annie started out as "just friends", too.


In the hall Annie runs into Richie who is there for tests regarding the cancer and the bone marrow transplant. He tells her about the transplant list, saying there isn't much hope the doctors will find a match. He says he won't even bother asking her but that he is hoping for a miracle - just like the miracle Ryan received! When Annie turns to go Richie tells her that Walter isn't a match for the transplant so he can play on her guilt. Annie refuses to play head games with Richie and he realizes that. To get her attention Richie tells Annie that he was planning to set her up for murder the day he called her to come to the psych ward. Annie can't believe it. She asks him what was really in the letter he tried to give her. Richie reluctantly hands over the letter and Annie sees that the pages are all blank! He emotionally tells her he is sorry and that she knows all of his secrets now. He asks for a second chance! He says this time he'll be a good brother and he will never hurt her again. "But guess what? That is exactly what will happen if you die," Annie says and walks away. She returns to Ryan's room. He is sleeping and she sits down beside him and lays her head on his shoulder. She promises to be there 100% from now on and not to let anyone or anything else get in their way.


At the penthouse Greenlee wakes from a bad dream with a scream. Jack hurries to her side, reminds her that she is out of the bomb shelter and that Ryan is okay and that everyone is standing by her. Greenlee hugs him but doesn't believe him. Jack promises her that she is safe. Greens tries to look on the bright side but all of the trauma and drama of the past few weeks has finally caught up with her. She tells Jack about the changes between both she and Zach while they were in the shelter. She finally tells Jack what is really wrong - that she is having a lot of panic attacks and keeps calling out for Zach. She wonders if this will cause problems with Aidan but Jack assures her that Aidan understands where she is now. They go to the park for some fresh air. Greenlee gets tired very easily so Jack has her sit down for a while; she admits to Jack that Joe wants to run more tests on her. To distract Jack Greenlee asks about Erica; he tells her things are over with Erica, for good this time. He says Erica deliberately tried to put Greens in danger and that was the last straw for him. Things take a lighter turn and Greenlee makes a wish for better days. "Like right now," she says. Jack goes to order coffees. Greenlee has a dizzy spell and begins to have trouble hearing things distinctly.


Zach finds Adam at the Yacht Club and tosses his cell phone in an orange juice carafe! He demands to know what Adam knows about Hannah's whereabouts. Adam plays dumb until Zach says the jig is up. He sits down with Adam and tells him that Hannah tried to kill Kendall last night. Adam swears he didn't have anything to do with Hannah's hit and tells Zach that Hannah returned to Pine Valley for him - and only for him! Zach realizes he isn't going to get anywhere and leaves. Adam calls his financial advisor and tells him to start buying any stock related to any of Zach's companies! While he is at it he calls in extra security for the house and asks for pictures of Hannah to be distributed throughout Chandler Enterprises!

Zach is leaving the Yacht Club when Hannah calls him! She asks how he is faring now but doesn't wait for an answer. Sean is asleep beside her when she asks to see Zach as soon as possible.

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