Hannah Escapes!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Zach chases Hannah; Hannah seduces Sean. Colby shows Dre the Chandler Tunnels. Ryan recovers from the shooting. Babe worries about Richie; Tad counsels JR.

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JR walks into Tad's office, annoyed. He goes straight to the video games and begins playing. Tad asks what the problem is, thinking it must be Adam. JR tells Tad about Adam's $50 million offer, saying he feels stupid for even considering it, but that he can't forget about it either. Tad tells JR to tune Adam out but JR doesn’t think he can. Tad racks up the balls and they begin to play a game of pool as they talk about JR's life. He describes a beautiful yacht and tells Tad he wants to be the captain of the ship, a respected person and the kind of person a child can look up to. Tad asks about other passengers on his ship and JR says the only person he wants to sail away with is Babe!


At the hospital Ryan is ready to go home or at least get a little kissing in but Annie tells him they have to take it easy and follow doctors orders. He asks about Kendall and Zach; Annie assures him they are fine. Julia walks in to check on Ryan. He asks if she can grease the wheels so Annie can stay with him tonight. Julia says that is out of the question. Another nurse comes in to change Ryan's bandages. Julia and Annie go outside and Annie begins to cry. Julia hugs her. Annie won't discuss what is really bothering her but thanks Julia for being a friend. She returns to Ryan, who is joking with the nurse. They ask Annie if Ryan looks like the guy from the "dancing show" and she says no - Ryan is much better looking! Annie sits with him a while longer, holding his hand and talking about the future. Ryan sees she is distracted and asks what is going on. Annie doesn't want to worry him and swears she is just worried about him. Unable to wait any longer for news on the shooting Ryan asks Annie for the phone so he can call Derek. Reluctantly Annie brings the phone to him. She leaves to get Ryan some water and check in on the kids. When Annie returns, Ryan has taped an "I'm Alive" message to his forehead. It makes Annie laugh.


Babe goes to see Krystal and rambles about life and funny things happening. Krystal realizes she isn't talking about Kendall or the shooting and asks what Richie has done now. Babe tells her about Richie's diagnosis, saying she doesn't know what to do about him. Krystal brings up JR. Babe insists that JR isn't part of the problem but Krystal thinks he is. She tells Babe that she could be transferring her feelings for JR and ending her marriage to Richie so she won't have to deal with any of it. Babe doesn't believe that is the case and Krystal doesn't push the issue. She goes to check on Jenny and Babe lies down to rest. She dreams of being seduced - by Richie! Babe wakes and goes home. Tad arrives home and Krystal holds him close, thanking him for giving her a second chance.


Babe returns to the condo with little A. She has just put little A down for a nap when JR arrives. He sees how distracted Babe is and asks what is going on. She says she had a terrible nightmare and then asks if he would like to stay with them for the night!


Colby is alone at the park, looking for Sean. Dre walks up. Colby asks where he has been but Dre is very secretive and will only say he had to leave for a while. Colby keeps questioning him and Dre admits he is hiding from "the family". Colby thinks he is talking about the mob; Dre laughs at her. They grab some hot chocolate and Dre tells Colby a little about his family: his father is Samuel Woods, a politician running for a senator position for the state. Dre says his father doesn't understand his music and only wants to turn him into a carbon copy of himself. "Sounds a lot like mine," Colby says. She promises to keep Dre's father's identity from the guys in the group. Dre asks about Sean; Colby isn't sure where Sean is. She asks Dre about his love life and learns he isn't seeing anyone. Colby asks him about Corrinna, letting Dre know Corrinna likes him; Dre says that doesn't matter because he won't mess up their band relationship with a romance. She asks if Dre has a place to stay; he doesn't. Colby offers to put him up for a while! She takes him to the Chandler Tunnels, telling him a little about the place.


Zach calls out to Josh but he doesn't answer. Hannah moves to the door and Josh keeps working on untying the ropes. With Hannah distracted by Zach and Kendall's arrival Josh calls out for them both to get out of there. Hannah tells them Josh is dead if they leave. Zach sends Kendall to call the cops and tries to reason with Hannah but she is too far gone to listen. Zach doesn't speak for a while so Hannah turns the gun on Josh, threatening to kill him. Zach, still outside the apartment, realizes Hannah has switched her focus and begins talking to her again. Josh finally frees himself from one of the rope knots. Zach begins to agree with anything and everything Hannah says. Kendall returns. Josh sneaks up on Hannah and they struggle over the gun. It goes off! Zach and Kendall burst inside and find Josh on the floor and Hannah nowhere to be found. Josh says Hannah has the gun and points Zach in the right direction. Kendall tries to follow but Josh holds her back. Kendall stays with Josh, getting him an icepack for his head. Josh asks what is going on but Kendall isn't sure. Zach returns, angry because he couldn't find Hannah. He blames Josh for all of this! Kendall steps in, reminding Zach that keeping Hannah on at Cambias was her idea. Zach backs off. He sends Josh off with orders for the security detail - to kill Hannah if they have to! Josh leaves. Kendall can't believe the order Zach just gave. Josh accompanies Zach and Kendall home, telling them that there is no news about Hannah. Josh tells Zach what he knows about Hannah's deal with Adam and then leaves. Kendall asks Zach to be careful, especially around Hannah.


Sean has just arrived at the park and is texting Colby, apologizing for being late. Hannah literally runs into him, knocking him to the ground. "What is your problem?" Hannah asks angrily. They get back to their feet. Sean is worried about Hannah because she was running so fast; he asks if someone was after her and Hannah reaches for her gun! Sean doesn't see the gun but backtracks, telling Hannah he really doesn't care what is going on. Hannah asks Sean how old he is - and then comes on to him! She kisses him! Sean is completely seduced by Hannah and they leave the park together.

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