Josh Is Hannah's Hostage!

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Ryan survives the shooting; Hannah takes Josh hostage. Richie learns he might live. Greenlee and Aidan make love.

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Hannah realizes she shot Ryan instead of Kendall and runs off. Aidan sneaks across the way and looks at the adjoining rooftop. He finds a single rifle casing but nothing more.

In the apartment, Babe calls 9-1-1 for help as the others gather around Ryan. Zach keeps him awake and talking while Greenlee and Kendall hold his hands. "Kendall. . .target," Ryan keeps repeating. Finally he loses consciousness. Babe leads the emergency workers inside; they say it looks bad and hustle Ryan out of the penthouse. Aidan returns, showing Zach the rifle casing. Kendall tries to follow but Zach keeps her inside. Babe leaves to notify Annie. Greenlee wants to go with Ryan but Aidan won't let her leave. Zach realizes Kendall is standing at the window and pulls her out of the line of fire, just in case. He promises to find out who did this. Kendall and Zach leave for the hospital. Greenlee sits on the sofa, staring at the blood-stained pillows and towels. Aidan returns with no news about Ryan. Greens thanks him for staying, then rages about her health and not being able to be with her friends. He gets her to lie down and begins cleaning up the mess. Greens is almost asleep. She screams, "Oh my god, Zach!" Embarrassed, Greenlee hides under the covers and asks if she really just called for Zach. Aidan says yes and she explains that she heard a noise and just called for help. Aidan understands and doesn't feel bad about the mistake at all. He kisses her. Kendall calls and updates them on Ryan. Greenlee and Aidan are both relieved. Once the penthouse is put back together Aidan gets ready to leave. Greens tells him she loves him and asks if he will stay with her. Aidan is afraid that if he stays Greenlee won't get any rest but she convinces him to stay. They make love.


Meanwhile in the psych ward Richie thinks the new doctor is trying to pull one over on him. The doctor says a bone marrow transplant could save his life but Richie won't listen. When the doctor keeps insisting that he could live Richie begins to believe. Annie asks what Richie's chances are; the doctor says 20% to 25%. He suggests that they contact Richie's parents and siblings to find the best match and suggests that Annie be tested right away. Annie isn't sure she wants that. The doctor leaves. Richie faces his sister but before he can say much Babe bursts in and tells Annie about the shooting. Annie hurries out but Babe stays behind. Crying, Richie tells her about the possibility of the bone marrow transplant and how Annie probably won't help him. She tells him to have hope but Richie says he doesn't know how and turns the tears on even harder. Babe hugs him; Richie gets an evil gleam in his eyes. Babe tells him Annie will come around but Richie isn't so sure. She tells him about the Miranda switcheroo and how everyone forgave her, certain that the town can forgive his bad deeds, too. Richie tells her he wants to turn back time, not to fix the past with Annie but to return to the batting cages with her! "It was the greatest day of my life," he says and kisses her! Babe kisses him back but then becomes nervous and pulls away. She quickly leaves the psych ward. When he is alone, Richie takes the switchblade from his pocket, hides it in a magazine and puts it in the trash.


The medics wheel Ryan in to the ER; Joe is on duty and Ryan is unresponsive. Zach and Kendall hurry in. Joe tells them they have stopped the bleeding but they don't know anything else. He asks where Annie is but Zach and Kendall don't know. Joe shuts them out of the treatment room. Kendall and Zach watch from the window and she begins freaking out about Ryan and Spike, Emma and Annie. Zach calms her down and calls a friend to check on Alexander's whereabouts. Annie arrives, nearly hysterical, as Joe comes out of the treatment room. He tells them that Ryan will recover from the shooting. Annie and Kendall are very relieved. Zach's buddy calls with news that Alexander is still in prison. He is relieved but wonders who the shooter could be. Zach returns to Annie and Kendall as Joe tells them they can see Ryan for a minute. Zach and Kendall watch from outside as Annie goes inside. He hugs Kendall and kisses her temple. Zach tries calling Josh but doesn't get an answer.


Inside, Ryan tells Annie he must have died and gone to heaven. She starts to cry and Ryan tells her he'll be fine - because he has her! Zach and Kendall walk in. Ryan and Zach make jokes about his big head and small brain, wondering how a bullet could have had so little effect on him. Ryan becomes serious and asks Zach to keep an eye on Kendall and the family for him. Zach and Kendall leave. Ryan pulls Annie closer to him so he can kiss her.

Back in the hall Zach tells Kendall he has one more stop before going home - Josh's. He says the security detail will take Kendall home but she insists on coming along when Zach tells her he hasn't been able to reach Josh yet.


Josh is in his apartment watching the ambulances when Hannah arrives. He asks what all the commotion is outside. Hannah kisses him passionately and shuts the apartment door! Josh pulls away, wondering what Hannah really wants. She goes on and on about her life and Zach. Josh realizes she is still in love with Zach. Hannah brings up Adam and tells Josh she's been a double-agent for Adam Chandler! "Nothing matters now," she says and Josh becomes very worried. He tries to figure out what Hannah has done and doesn't have to work too hard because Hannah is all too willing to talk. Zach calls but before Josh can answer Hannah hits him over the head, knocking him out cold! She ties him to the chair and then wakes him up, holding a gun on him. Smiling, Hannah sits on his lap and begins kissing him. Josh pulls away as much as he can. Angry, Hannah tells Josh that Zach was supposed to turn to her when Kendall was put away, but since Kendall got off Hannah had to take matters into her own hands. She tells him about Ryan ruining her plans. "And Kendall doesn't know it yet but justice will be served," Hannah says. Josh begins working on the ropes tying him to the chair, hoping he can get them undone without Hannah noticing. She doesn't notice a thing because she is too angry with Zach, Alexander and Kendall. Josh points out that Hannah can't shoot him without drawing the attention of the rest of the apartment building and Hannah says she has no intention of shooting Josh now. She is going to wait for Zach to arrive - and kill them at the same time! Josh tells her it won't work. Seconds later Kendall and Zach knock on the door and ask him to open up. Hannah uses Josh as a shield and orders him to call out to them!

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JR tells Tad about Adam.

Hannah apologizes to Josh for having to shoot him.

Kendall and Zach worry about Josh when he doesn't answer the door.

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