Hannah's Nuts!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Kendall and Greenlee talk about the future. Richie tries to take his revenge on Annie. Josh thinks something isn't right with the Chandler Enterprises deal. Hannah tries to kill Kendall!

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At Cambias, Josh surprises Hannah who didn't realize he was back from a business trip. He brings up Kendall and Hannah pretends to be happy about the judge's decision. The conversation turns back to business but Josh can't stop talking about Kendall and her close call with prison. Hannah wonders if Kendall's complete honesty could hurt her later. Josh turns back to business, asking about the latest on the Chandler portfolio. Hannah surprises Josh by saying she sold it all off. She shows him the paperwork but Josh is still uneasy with what she has done, especially when he realizes he doesn't recognize any of the company names. Hannah tries to get Josh to leave but he sticks around, talking about Zach and Kendall non-stop. Hannah can't get over how committed Zach is to Kendall and wonders if she could have that someday. Josh believes Hannah is still hung up on Zach but Hannah insists she isn't. He brings up Tad and Hannah tells him about Tad's marriage. Josh invites her out for a drink but she begs off and leaves the office alone. Josh goes back to his office and keeps going over Hannah's papers. The more he digs into the deal the less he likes it.


Ryan, Zach and Kendall accompany Greenlee and Aidan home. Ryan tries to call Annie but can't get through. Kendall brings up the future; she and Greenlee are both excited about what could happen next. Aidan breaks out the bubbly but the girls both prefer fizzy water. Ryan calls for pizza. Kendall asks about Annie and Ryan assures her Annie will be by later. Greenlee and Zach start in on their silly, bomb shelter jokes. They all make plans for a weekend outing with the kiddos; Aidan and Greenlee are glad to be included. Zach and Kendall get amorous and so do Aidan and Greenlee, leaving Ryan to tell them all to get a room. They all wonder what is keeping Annie. Zach brings up the love letters they found in the shelter; Kendall mentions that while Zach was missing she began writing, too, to keep her mind off of the situation. Greenlee tells them more about the letters. Ryan pulls Aidan aside and thanks him for standing by Greens. He believes Greenlee and Aidan have a shot at real, deep love. Aidan asks about Richie and Ryan fills him in on the latest happenings. Ryan tries calling Annie again but she doesn't answer. Greenlee and Kendall start talking about Fusion and ideas for their next big campaign. Kendall gets a little teary because it seems like they really are moving on from all the drama. Across the room Aidan asks Zach if he needs to know about anything traumatic that happened in the bomb shelter. Zach tells him Greenlee was great in the shelter. Ryan and Zach decide it is time for Greenlee and Aidan to have some alone time but Greens asks them all to stay a little while longer. The guys begin giving Greenlee a hard time and teasing her unmercifully. Greenlee loves it. Kendall and Aidan are across the room, chatting and becoming more uneasy with each other by the moment. Finally Kendall brings up Zach and Greenlee; Aidan tells her to leave all of that in the past and returns to the group. Ryan comes over to Kendall to make sure she is okay. She wonders what her community service will entail and the gathering begins giving her a hard time about being a member of the fashion police or having to live without 4-inch heels.


Hannah checks her reflection in a mirror at her Yacht Club room and likes what she sees. Dressed only in her underwear she picks up a high-powered rifle and takes aim! Satisfied with her gun, she gets dressed. Hannah arrives at the rooftop across from Greenlee's penthouse! She sets up the gun and takes aim! Through the viewfinder Hannah watches Ryan, then Aidan, Greenlee and Zach and finally focuses on Kendall!


At the hospital, Babe tries to run interference between the siblings, telling Richie she just wanted to see him again. "I don't want you here, Babe," Richie says! Then he reaches out to her and asks her to remember him the way he was at her condo. One of the patients, the same one who called Annie, comes over and repeats Richie's "diagnosis". When the patient begins to shake an orderly takes him away. Annie and Babe realize they've been had. Annie angrily tells Babe not to believe anything Richie says, insisting that this was all a set up to hurt her. Richie tells Babe that he just wanted a few more minutes with his sister and she begins to believe him! He begs her to leave and not come back ever again. Babe walks out, crying. Annie turns to Richie and asks what he really wants. Richie won't say so Annie turns away. Slowly Richie stands and reaches in to his pocket, telling Annie he wants things to be different. When Annie steps close to him he apologizes for hurting her in the past. "I want to make things right," Richie says and asks Annie to be his sister again. Annie still doesn't trust him. Richie confesses that he turned Walter against her. He pulls a letter of confession from his pocket and asks Annie to take it to Walter, but not to read it right away. He says not reading it will be a favor for Babe. He tells her he is afraid of death and that is why he wants to make things right before he dies. Finally Annie tries to take the paper but Richie reaches out and scratches her. She backs away, ready to leave. Richie begs her not to go. He asks her to take the paper and when she reaches out, he reaches in to his pocket. Annie pulls away from him, seeing something strange in his eyes. He grabs her but his doctor comes in and breaks them up before Richie can follow through on his plan. Annie turns to go but the doctor asks her to stay. "You might live to a ripe old age after all," he says!


Babe arrives at Greenlee's apartment as Ryan tries to reach Annie once more on the phone. She tells him about Richie dying and says Annie is with him; Ryan doesn't like that turn of events. Outside on the rooftop Hannah takes aim again but Kendall moves before she can get the shot off. Ryan turns to the group and sees the red dot from Hannah's gun on Kendall's forehead. He runs for Kendall and is shot in the head!

Next on All My Children:

Kendall realizes she was the intended victim.

Annie hurries to the hospital to see Ryan.

Hannah ties up Josh!

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