Kendall Confesses!

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Tad & Krystal begin to feel like newlyweds; Dre's got a "family secret"; Aidan & Kendall both struggle with guilt; Erica is optimistic that she'll get Jack back; Kendall confesses to Greenlee...and to Derek!

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“Is it too late to say Merry Christmas?” Bianca asks, bustling into Fusion, where Babe is working. She’s got gifts for Little A. “How are you?” Babe asks. Bianca’s answer: “That’s a complicated question these days.” Babe commiserates. Bianca tells Babe that she and Zoe are not a “thing.” “We’ll be close friends forever,” Bianca says. “but she’s still getting used to the idea of being Zoe.” Again, Babe commiserates, this time by telling Bianca about her relationship with Richie. She then confesses about her fling with JR. “It’s weird isn’t it, us talking to each other like friends?” Babe says. Bianca tells Babe that she's grateful for all the hard work that Babe did to keep Kendall from losing Fusion.

In Erica's office at New Beginnings, Adam is agitated and breaks it to Erica that Tad and Krystal have gotten married. Erica advises that Adam should just wait it out, betting that the marriage won't last. “Tad deserves better,” she says. Adam, wanting company in his misery, points fingers at Erica's and Jack’s relationship, which is hardly peachy. Erica won't let Adam be her downer, though. She says she’s optimistic – a reconciliation with Jack is her New Year's resolution. What Erica doesn't know is that at the same time, at the hospital, Julia’s being both nurse and therapist to Jack, taking his blood, while at the same time giving advice on how to handle everything that’s happened between him and Erica. Meanwhile, at New Beginnings, Erica tells Adam to just let Krystal go. When he says he can't do that, she wishes him luck. "Luck has nothing to do with it," Adam growls as he storms out of the office.

The newlyweds arrive at The Comeback. Tad tries to get Krsytal to take some time off, but she's not interested. They enter the bar, which is packed with cheering supporters. The crowd eggs Tad on to give Krystal a kiss, and he obliges. The crowd cheers and throws confetti on the "lovers." The bar patrons go back to partying and Tad and Krystal get down to business as usual. Tad tries flirting, but falls flat when the unimpressed girl mentions his wife. At the same time, Krystal’s getting all gushy sentimental about a bottle of moonshine, thinking about her wedding night with Adam. Tad pours the ‘shine down the drain. “I just don’t know how to pour Adam Chandler out of my heart,” Krystal says.


In Greenlee’s hospital room, Kendall confesses: "It was all me, I set you up." She tells Greenlee all about her plot to set her up to “kidnap” Spike. “I wanted you to pay for what I thought you did to my son. I’m sorry,” Kendall says. Greenlee looks extremely ticked, but says, “It’s not your fault. Not completely. …I was such a fool.” They play the blame game a little bit, but Kendall stays the apologetic course and explains that she thought Greenlee was trying to steal Spike again. “We were wrong, both of us,” Kendall says, then promises that she will make it up to Greenlee. She vows to get Greenlee out of the trouble she's in with the police. Greenlee says she won’t let Kendall fight the fight alone. She wants to be a team again. Kendall is doubtful that they can be friends again, but Greenlee is insistent. “We can win this one together,” she says.


In Zach’s room, Aidan and Zach talk about getting the girls out of their colossal legal mess. A skeptical Aidan wants Zach to promise that he’s going to work to get Greenlee off the hook as well as Kendall. Zach promises that he’ll protect both women. First, though, he wants to find Kendall and make sure she doesn’t open her mouth and condemn herself. Aidan still suspects that Zach won’t protect Greenlee, but Zach reassures him over and over again: “I’m not gonna let her hang…”

Colby, Sean, and the gang are hanging out, eating popcorn, and talking about New Year's Eve. Corrina and Ren are ready for their New Year's gig, but Dre says he can’t go. He says he’s got “family stuff.” Corrina and Ren are disappointed and in his face about it, and Dre blows up, telling them it’s got nothing to do with them, so "back the hell off!" Colby tries to get Dre to spill, but before he can say anything, the doorbell rings. Sean opens the door to a very serious-looking guy, who says he’s looking for Andre Woods.


Back in Greenlee’s room, things are lighter now, and Greenlee tells Kendall how amazing Zach was while they were trapped in the shelter. She tells Kendall how her opinion of Zach has changed. "You guys got really close when you were down there," Kendall says. But Greenlee says she didn’t take advantage of him while they were down there. Kendall flashes back to her roll in the hay with Aidan. Greenlee notices that Kendall looks "white as a sheet." Kendall lies and says she was just freaked out, thinking about the two of them in that hole. Greenlee asks about how Aidan handled things while she was in the hole. Kendall responds nervously, talking about how much Aidan loves Greenlee. Greenlee gets all dreamy-eyed about the four of them having double dates and taking trips together, and all Kendall can think about is her indiscretion with Aidan. "No, Greenlee, no," she says. "We can’t just be best friends again like none of this ever happened.” She goes on to try to convince Greenlee to not forgive her.


Aidan is satisfied with Zach’s promise to protect Greenlee. Zach picks up the phone and asks for Dr. Martin in his room ASAP. Zach makes an apology of sorts to Aidan about what he and Kendall did to Greenlee. Aidan tells Zach, "You did a really good job in there, keeping Greenlee alive.” But Zach insists that Greenlee kept him alive and declares them now "even.” Zach gets a little too close for Aidan’s comfort when he starts questioning what Aidan and Kendall did to find him and Greenlee. Aidan, too, flashes back to his and Kendall’s moment in bed. Aidan tries to play it off, starts talking about blueprints and maps. Zach tells Aidan how grateful he is that he kept Kendall from being alone while Zach was trapped. Aidan looks very uncomfortable, but is saved by Dr. Joe who comes in just in time.

Back at PV General, Jack reassures Julia that despite the Christmas gathering he and Erica won’t be getting back together, now or ever. Julia tells Jack that Erica had made it clear that she wasn’t a big fan of Jack and Julia spending time together. Julia says she’s still waiting for that special guy to come into her life. Jack says whoever it is will be a lucky guy.


Back at Fusion, Bianca and Babe worry that the many things their children have been through will "mess them up." Babe tells Bianca about Tad & Krystal’s wedding. Bianca admires their commitment to their child, and surmises that the reason it didn't work between her and Zoe was because Zoe loved Miranda, but not as a parent would love their child. It's time for Bianca and Miranda to catch their flight back home. She and Babe hug and say their goodbyes.

Back at Colby’s house, the gang pretends they’ve never heard of anyone named Andre. The guy at the door is no-nonsense, saying this is “family business.” They tell him that Dre took off and they don’t see him anymore and don't know where he went. The scary-looking guy says that Dre's father is looking for him. He hands them a card and they realize he's a private investigator. After he leaves, they yell at Dre to come out of hiding. But Dre is gone...


With the moonshine down the drain, things lighten up a little at The Comeback, and Tad and Krystal commiserate about their frustrations over lack of action in the bedroom. Krystal tells Tad to “eat through it,” shoving a sandwich in his mouth, but it doesn't work. Things get a little thick between the two of them and they get giggly. Krystal mentions a big giant pink elephant in the room. Tad suggests they shoot the sucker. Krystal has other ideas and they kiss, a long slow, hot kiss. “I want you to make love to me,” Krystal says.

In the hospital corridor, Kendall runs into Hannah, who is bearing gifts for Zach. Kendall tells her to “get the hell out,” and threatens to call security. Hannah tells Kendall she’s making a big mistake, but she leaves. With Hannah gone, Kendall heads to Zach’s room and tells him and Aidan to join her in Greenlee’s room. Zach wants to know what’s going on, but Kendall won’t tell him, asking him to just trust her.

Back at New Beginnings, Bianca and Miranda show up to tell Erica goodbye. Not long after they’ve left, Erica receives a note. She reads it and smiles. At the same time, in the hospital, Jack receives a note as well. He reads his aloud: "Meet me at the yacht club tonight."

Hannah does a u-turn and drops off her gift for Zach at the reception desk. She indulges in a daydream where she and Zach are kissing and he’s thanking her for getting Kendall out of his life.


In Greenlee’s room, Kendall won’t listen to anything anyone says. Despite Zach’s and Aidan’s pleas, Kendall won’t shut up. Derek enters the room just in time to hear Kendall say, "I'm the one who's guilty."

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