Kendall & Ryan and Josh & Babe declare their love.

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Kendall to Ryan: "I want to love youhow can I make it any simpler?"

Josh to Babe: "I love you Babecompletely."

Kendall & Ryan and Josh & Babe declare their love. image

As they stand under the stars, Ryan tells Kendall that love can't be simple. "I'm giving you an out." "What if I don't want an out," she replies.

Kendall is feeling giddy, flirting with Ryan. Then she gets serious and tells Ryan he's always been her "rock" and she wants to be his. "You are noble and honorable and trueI want to devote myself to you and give my heart to you.

Ryan is in tears, says she doesn't love him though, and takes her home. As she's about to open a bottle of wine, Dixie arrives. "You're spying on me??" an angry Kendall cries. "You're a sick freak." Dixie claims she's there to get a few of Zach's things.

They bicker and Dixie tells Kendall that it's not possible to have "two husbands"and that's what Kendall wants. Kendall demands she leave, and says Dixie can have Zachshe doesn't care about him any more.

Ryan assures Dixie that Kendall's been 100% faithful to Zach, and says this game stops now

Babe and Josh are kissing passionately in the Fusion office. "My heart is yours," says Josh. Babe turns away from Joshthen gets into the elevator and leaves.

At the club, JR is yelling on the phone to the rescuers, and pretty much admits to Jamie that he wants to drink. Jamie says if he does, it will be a good thing if Josh takes Babe away. JR tells Jamie that he doesn't need his or anyone else's advice, and angrily leaves the club. He runs into Josh at the stairs and there's a stare-downand JR leaves.

Josh and Julia commiserate on loving someone who doesn't love you back.

Di approaches Jamie and insists that Tad is wrong-- Dixie is innocent.

Erin asks Jonathan how he is, and he admits he's only as good as can be expected. He declines her suggestion he take a few days off, and asks her just to be his friend, not his worrying-about-him sister.

Krystal and the maid are checking out the sounds behind the wallsand decide it's probably mice. Colby is seen hovering in her hiding space and listening to her family talk about her.

Babe come in and Krystal asks why she's so "flushed." Babe deflects her question and says she's going upstairs to see JR. Krystal says he's not home. JR checks and house and is agitated that JR's not home.

Colby listens to Krystal tell Babe how much Adam loves and values Colby, Babe tells her that Adam trusts her with all his heart.

Adam calls and lets them know that Colby is still missing, and that JR isn't there. Babe leaves when Krystal's back is turned. She goes to the club, where she and Amanda talk about how hard it is to get men to communicate.

Sydney comes in and asks Krystal why Colby has been so cruel to her. Krystal assure Sydney it's not her fault, but that Colby can't trust her apparent good fortune.

JR returns home, changes and plans to rush off to the recovery site. Krystal tells him they have to talk. He angrily tells her he's fine and doesn't need a babysitter. "Need is pointlessone big waste of time."

Krystal tells JR that Babe needs him and gave him her heart when the metthe only thing she had to offer. JR calls it "psychobabble"; Krystal tells her that it's not and the truth.

Later, Josh returns to the empty Fusion office and packs up his desk. As he's about to leave, the elevator open and it's Babe. They embrace and kiss.

Kendall and Ryan are drinking wine before the fire. She tells him he was wrongshe does feel love for him, and they kiss.


Ryan tells Kendall he'll fight for her. Babe assures Josh that he's who she wants.

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